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Friday, December 24, 2010

Who is Bryan Adams?

Visit to Amanora Park Town to know more about Amanora Future Towers - India's Iconic Vertical City!

Bryan Adams in Pune by Amanora Park Town
Bryan Adams in Pune by Amanora Park Town

It was Sunday afternoon. I was waiting for more than an hour in an exclusive site office for Amanora Future Towers in Amanora Park Town, on Hadapsar Kharadi Bypass, near Mundhwa Flyover, at Hadapsar, Pune 411 028.

I had read the colorful 56 page booklet explaining the concept of Amanora Future Towers. I had seen the 3D animation film on Amanora Future Towers. I had almost understood - what is Amanora Future Towers, I thought. But, i hadn't understood - out of those 5 guys on that big display board on the lawn - who is Bryan Adams?

About the Trees and Fruits!

I looked around. Silence was pin-drop. Everyone was seriously browsing the same booklet on Amanora Future Towers. Except, the half asleep baby in the lap of another half asleep 9 year old maid. As if, we were all waiting in the Doctor's Office.

"What are they doing inside?," pointing at the people sitting around many tables behind the glass wall, i asked the receptionist.

"They are booking flats!," said the receptionist.

"Flats? Like 1 BHK Flat...2 BHK Flat...3 BHK Flat.... Where are the flats?," i asked.

"Where means? In Future Towers!," she said and took the booklet from me, opened it, putting her finger on a page, she added, "Look here, there are more than 35 different types of apartments in Future Towers! Look at these pictures of the apartment..."

"Yes! You have a Flat! A flat with a big window!! Then why in this book and in that film you talk so much about trees - when you are actually selling fruits?" i asked her.

"That i don't know. When you go in - you ask them," she said.

"But, i am sure, you know who is the Bryan Adams out of those 5 on that hoarding on the lawn. Can you show me?," i asked.

Back to the Future:

While i was with the receptionist, a couple with two kids came out of the theater. Kids straight went out of the glass entrance door of the office, stopped, turned and slowly walked towards the glass door which opened automatically when the kids were at a certain distance.

Again the kids went out, this time a little further, walked a little faster, and came in through the automatic door.

Excited with the performance of the door, kids went much further - nearly 20 feet - stood on the lawns and ran in through the automatic glass doors. "Good sensors!," they clapped each other and again ran outside. This time, their father also followed them!

Expecting to see three of them running through the door, i took a good position. But, i think, the father must have persuaded the kids to stop playing with the automatic glass doors. Mother came to me and asked, "Are you investing?"

"May be! If i understood exactly how it is!! I am not as future ready citizen as your kids. Looks like they enjoy the new technology!," I said.

"Yes! More than their father!!" the mother said.

"What about you? You look quite future ready to me! In fact all of you look like from the future - who are too eager to go back to the future!," looking at her in jeans and top, i said.

"Thanks! We are just back from US!!," the mother said.

"Thought so. Good! Means, you must be knowing - who is Bryan Adams out of those five?," pointing to the poster i asked.

Future is in the Past:

"Future is nothing but past," keeping aside the booklet of Amanora Future Towers, the gentleman in white said. Like me he was the only 'lonely one' waiting at the site office.

"You look like a doctor but sound like a philosopher! What is this about "past and future"?," i asked.

"I am here to book a 2 BHK or 2.5 BHK Flat in these Amanora Future Towers for my son. He is doing his post graduation in Medicine. After the post graduation, he may go to UK and specialize in blood related diseases. Five years from now, he will come back and settle down in Pune. Not like me. In Mumbai. But, in reality, he will start his life - exactly like me - in a "Chawl". In a "modern Chawl!" Where each "Kholi" will have it's own toilet!! Future is nothing but revised past!," the Doctor said.

"Are you upset with your son's decision? Calling Amanora Future Towers - 'Modern Chawl' is nothing but bitter sarcasm!," I said.

"Not at all! It's Criticism! You people read and believe in what is written on the package of a health drink. I read the formula!," the Doctor said and asked,"Are you from Pune? Born is some Wada in Shaniwar Peth? If you had been born and brought up in a Chawl in Parel - you would have understood what i mean by 'Chawl'!"

"Yes! You are right. I am born and brought up in a Wada in Shaniwar Peth in Pune! How are Amanora Future Towers 'Modern Chawl'?," i asked.

"Amanora Future Towers is a mass housing project of 3,000 to 3,500 homes - in 18 to 29 story buildings - on a long and narrow strip of a plot. Logically, a long building in hexagon shape is more cost effective to construct and can accommodate more number of flats than a square or a pentagon shape building. What was "Chawl"? Cost effective mass housing with shared facilities! Here in Future Towers, except toilets, everything is common in 3500 homes! Because of this type of high rise - long building - mass housing model, you can construct flats in many sizes - even in small sizes - in big numbers. By adding little sophisticated design elements and glamor you can sell these 1 BHK - 1.5 BHK Flats for 32 - 39 lakhs or 2 BHK - 2.5 BHK Flats for 40 to 65 lakhs!" pointing at the pages in the booklet, Doctor said and asked, "Generally what is the price of a 1 BHK & 2 BHK Flat in this type of a mass housing township in Pune?"

"At Nanded City Pune you can get a 1 BHK Flat for approx 25 lakhs. In Megapolis Smart Homes 2 in Hinjewadi you can get a 2 BHK - 2.5 BHK Flat in 32 to 42 lakhs!," i said.

"Really? It only means to me that these builders don't know that future is nothing but past. They haven't recycled old successful - iconic - mass housing model - Chaw!," the Doctor said.

"Doctor, you are spot on! Impressed. Completely. Only you can tell me, for sure, out of those five - who is Bryan Adams?," I asked.

About Amanora Future Towers:

Amanora Future Towers Brief (Click the Image to Enlarge) 

Amanora Future Towers - long & tall building - housing 3,500 flats - on a narrow & long strip of a plot

Hexagon is better than Square or Pentagon - Amanora Future Towers

Location of Amanora Future Towers in Amanora Park Town (Click the Image to Enlarge)

Layout Plan of 3 Phases of Amanora Future Towers - Phase 1 is open for booking.

Layout Plan of the first phase of Amanora Future Towers
Layout Plan of the 1st phase of Amanora Future Towers

Amanora Future Towers 1 st Phase Elevation

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