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Friday, December 17, 2010

Amanora Future Towers launched!

Special Launch Property Price for the first 100 Flats in Amanora Future Towers: Rs. 4,200 per sq.ft. for the saleable area!

Amanora Future Towers Launch Ad 17-12-2010 (Click to Enlarge)

Amanora Future Towers – India’s first vertical city promises a life of the future:

Amanora Future Towers - Idea born out of hexagon! 

(Press Release) Inspired by the shape of the hexagon, Amanora Future Towers has a design resembling a landscape full of peaks and valleys, canyons and bays, grottos and caves – all incorporated into a spectacular silhouette, at Kharadi , Pune.

Each building, is raised on a two level plinth, enabling parking and associated facilities to co-exist synchronously. Vast open expanses embraced by all buildings allow citizens re-visit the Indian concept of courtyards .The unique design and planning of each apartment and a 26- acre central greenland ensure optimized illumination and ventilation.

Amanora Future Towers Central Courtyard

Future Towers boasts of being India’s first residential project with the tallest- 100 meter Atrium that houses waiting lounges for guests, a grand reception area and basic amenities like washrooms, in its lobby. The Atrium iconize the towers emphasizing the feeling of space and light.

AzZ Kid's Scoop in Amanora Future Towers

Another first among many firsts are the radically innovative Scoops- wide open spaces at varied altitudes. Each scoop hosts an amenity area like coffee shops, amphi-theatre, children’s play area, or a senior citizens zone. You can indulge in the luxury of the spa or sculpt yourself at the ultra-modern gym-its all there at Future Towers. This world-class city of tomorrow has superstores to provide the essentials and a plethora of options for relaxation at the refreshing pools or at the Sky-lounge. The Sky Lounge is a multi-utility hub on the roof-top where you can leaf through the classics or just gaze at the stars.

The vertical city is superbly planned to cater to every need of its citizens and more. Schools, Gaming zones, Learn-n-Play courtyards- all rolled into a complete experience of living life to the fullest at- Amanora Future Towers.

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  1. Let me clear first from my side that I am not criticizing amanora, I am just trying to put forward my points as a customer.
    I have already purchased a 3BHK in amanora and its possession is after 3years(2013-end).
    I booked this flat as I was amazed with the gardens which are built for “so called” amanora citizens.
    The common gardens which are inside this township are supposed to be for “amanora citizens” this is what my common sense tells me and that’s why the owners of the flats inside amanora township are paying one time maintenance and as well as monthly maintenance. One for common gardens and roads and other for cluster specific gardens.
    (the one time maintenance cost is almost 3.5 lacs and monthly maintenance per flat is 4K)

    Now when I see the progress of the site after 6months, the common gardens are getting used for weddings, receptions, shows and similar events.
    It seems that the garden is going to be used by “close relatives/contacts” of city group authorities or by the rich people who can afford 5 to 10 lacs per day.
    There are at least 6K families are going to live in amanora township and if those many people don’t have access to a common garden even after paying for and which is actually built for them then it’s useless.

    Ravi, could you please pass your valuable comments on this issue and also please suggest how a flat owner should deal with such situation?

  2. Hmm... Mr. Karandeekar conveniently ignores your comment. That's so typical of him. His blog is merely ad space for builders launching new projects.

    Care to comment on this one Mr. Karandeekar?

  3. Dear MrSherlock, comments is not a dialog between someone who posts first and me. You are free to participate in the conversation and use this platform.

  4. Dear Sameer, sorry. I missed your comment. This is my take on your situation:

    1) Read your agreement.

    2) I don't know the business model of Amanora.

    Do you know how Amanora is going to generate revenue to "privately manage" the township?

    Is Market City 'generation engine'?

    Before booking, you must have saw the A/V in which the director talks about the sustainability of the 400 acre township.

    Have you asked "How is Amanora going to sustain?"

  5. Mr. Ravi,

    Sameer does indeed have some valid points and I can understand his pain being in the same boat (Even I've booked a 3BHK recently in Amanora).

    Looking at the time you took to respond, it certainly feels like you were really not interested in replying or avoiding the discussion which is contradicting to the interests you've mentioned.

    Leaving the prejudice aside, I was actually expecting that you would provide some constructive feedback to the queries posted by Sameer. To be honest, I'm surprised that your response is more Pro-Amanora and does not help Sameer in any way's at all.

  6. Dear SG,

    I may be or may not be "Pro-Amanora" but i know well that you have signed the "999 years lease agreement" in a "privately managed township"

    While signing the "999 lease agreement" you haven't considered the sustainability of Amonora.

    You haven't asked how Amanora is going to generate revenue to maintain 400 acres.

    If you haven't considered whether the maintenance charges you pay would be enough to maintain the infrastructure.

    You haven't considered what is your role, your responsibilities and your rights as a 'citizen' of Amanora. For example, Co-op Housing Soceity has well defined rules and regulations. India has a constitution. What about Amanora?

    Your complaints are the result of your confused mind, your unrealistic expectations form Amanora and your uninformed decision.

    Obviously, what else can you do but to blame others?

    Soon, who knows - the 'digital city' will have the record of your DNA!

    Have you ever considered whether your "privacy" would be at risk because of 'the digital solutions' Amanora plans to offer to its residents?

    Which includes e-governance, e-commerce, utility management, safety and security system in Amanora!

    Point is - understand what you have got yourself into. Take responsibly. Stop blaming others.

  7. Dear Ravi,

    I think you've mis-understood my point. What makes you think that I am complaining about Amanora? I know the people who are building this township and I am aware of the concept of township. I know where am throwing my money and what to expect in return.

    "Readers of your blog ask queries since you pose to have a expertise on real-estate. Readers expect you to provide constructive feedback, not counter-questions". Thats all what I wanted to say...

  8. Dear SG, sorry. I mis-understood you. I also didn't realize that this is Q & A. I thought it's conversation. Both of you share info and views. It's OK.

    Now, let us discuss the revenue generation model and sustainability of Amanora.

    You must have considered this point, before investing. Right? Can you share your info?

  9. Hi Ravi,
    I would like to know some of the ponts.
    I might not have the complete knowledge of the township maintenance cost but I do understand how to use calculator.
    lets consider there are 21(floors) x 8(flats per floor) x 3(lacs maitenance per flat ... tht too avg cost) = 5Cr
    Now I guess there must be atleast 20 towers like this. So one time maintenance cost should be atleast 100Cr. (This is minimum I m considering over here)
    I'm sure it must be 200Cr atleast.

    With the current bant interest rate i.e. 8% per year .. it comes around 16Cr per year.

    Do you really think this much amount is not enough for a year maintaing only the common amenities? Because there is separate maitenance charge for each cluster so cluster specific securities and amenities dont come in to it.

  10. Hi Ravi,

    Could you please share some points which any customer should ask to a builder for such a township?

    This information would be really helpful for others and they can take preventive actions in such case. Also it will be helpful to me as well as in future.

    Also do you really think that customer can change the sale agreement for 1 customer or can change the rules of township if a customer raises these points?
    Or you are suggesting that not to consider such townships while searching for flat?
    OR dont expect anything from the builder other than flat even paying for it?

    I posted my comment here bcaz I thought this is the best blog where I can get good feed back.. but after reading your response it feels like I have made biggest mistake by booking a flat in Amanora as I cant change anything ... and builder has all rights to do anything.

  11. Hello All - I am living here in Aspire 10 towers and the " 999 year lease pain" has started - IT IS A LIVING HELL

    1. Aspire ten towers sector is still incomplete, dogs roaming around etc

    2. We paid a one time maintenance and pay an annual infrastructure charge, they have built a pond size swimming pool for 600+ flats and a club house which cannot accomodate more than 15 people at a time and want us to pay 10000/yr for a family of four

    3. We forcibly pay Rs 75/month for their shabby battery operated vehcle from the main gate to the sector

    4. We are paying Rs 565/month as water charges !

    5. Cannot put your own TV sattelite disc, they provide a really bad cable owned by one of their family or friends

    6. They mentioned in my contract to pay 9% penalty if the possesion was delayed beyond Sept 2009, I got my apartment 13 months late and they refuse to pay a single paise as penalty

    Icing on the cake is that they do not have a Occupation Certificate or a Completion Certificate from the collector and people have been given possesion.....fire hydrants etc do not function....



  12. HI Ravi sir,

    I have booked 2 BHK in Trendy apartment at Amanora. Initially I could not visualize the square feet area but after visiting under construction flat I felt 2 BHK is not enough specious (650 sqt.ft carpet). I want to upgrade it to 2.5 BHK (823 sqt.ft carpet) within same tower. They have added two floors on the top of 20 floors. 2.5 BHK will cost me approx 58 lacs.

    Now my question is as follows:-

    1> Is it worth to buy 2.5 BHK within same tower for 58 lacs on 21 or 22 floor?

    2> Should I go for resale flat with ready possession for 60 lacs (829 sqt.ft carpet) in near by tower?

    3> Is there any option for me with ready possession? I want to live in township only.

    4> I heard that upper story flats have some disadvantages like a) Heating b) Less oxygen

    Please advice

  13. You should go for resale flat with ready possession for 60 lacs immediately this i am saying from my experience in Trendy Towers.

  14. Hi, just been reading the posts on this blog. I am Indian living in Sydney(have worked in australia in 5 star hotels and also construction,sales etc) Firstly,can I say the Amanora design looks fantastic! kudos to builders and the New Zealand Architect. Its seems as good as best in world. But I dont know the ground reality of finished construction. Anyway from reviews I have learnt Amanora is a township that has extensive facilites including big mall. Exactly what everyone in India wants, a residence with a mall close by! These builders should build all over India...Terrific style and inclusion of amenities.
    Coming to the posters, Now its always a problem in India, between brochure guarantees and actual realities. I am with the above posters...they should be able to use the gardens in front of their properties. Why dosent Amanora build a wedding mandap at some other place of property?It should be quite easy.
    Now the clubhouse being suited for 15 people ! thats a big problem. Amanora would be taken to court for such a problem. You wouldnt get away with such stuff in a western country.
    What Im trying to say is to improve maintenance and follow written guarantees. This is the Indian problem..which keeps us mired in 3rd world. In western country Amanora would be taken to court and have to pay for breach of contract
    Finally, I am saying this because I think the builders of Amanora have big potential and possibly could build anywhere in world. I can tell you in Australia, there is a shortage of such quality builders and such a project in Australia would have success ( should be smaller projects in western countries because that is more desired )

  15. The point Mr. Ravi is not sustainability for not having enough funds to manage this project for 999 years. With the kind of money Amanora has generated by selling/one time maintenance/monthly maintenance fees from the buyers of their flats, they can even manage this township for next 10,000 years.
    But considering that the hard earned money of the residents now lies in the hands on these crooks (management), yes there are huge questions whether this township will even sustain for 20 years and the chances are more that it will become constant source of irritation and hellish experience for the residents who would always be bled to death by the Mafia minded management authorities of this Amanora township who would find ways to constantly increase their monthly collections.