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  1. Dear Ravi, read ur blog write up for anantshilp,though havent met u in person but know u thru kedar & we have some interactions thru FB, do drop in over cup of tea some time, just general. Now days we are in such a era that no one visits any one without cause, i am a bit old fashion on that front, may be due to roots are from vilage in vidarbha where my childhood has spent & where people still visits each other without any cause just for sake of meeting :)
    Sanjay deshpande
    M 98220371019

  2. Hello Ravi,
    What are your views regarding Lodha builders' new scheme Belmondo

  3. Dear Ravi,
    I browse ur blog very regularly.I am a medical doctor by profession & have special interest in pune realty market.
    Yes the thought process is right -- You are a good critic.you give all sides of the project.
    My suggestion would be you may write about the project in a broader spectrum.people still go with the fancy promises ( free kitchen trolly,A/C in bedroom,jaquezee,automation ,video door phone etc.)instead of thinking @ LOCATION..LOCATION ..& LOCATION.
    You surely should educate people about the right investment.
    Today what is happening is that somebody ( rather many ..) having to park extra money choses to invest in pune realty..And Many timesgets traped in badly..
    Seeing to meet u in person..
    Chandrashekhar Tamane..

    1. I completely agree with you, Chandrashekhar. Yes, I will focus more on educating - explaining - what is good about a project.

  4. Investors, Right, Their training should be considered first to save 'FIRST TIME' buyers... First time buyers as well as invertors should buy it properly, without mad rush (RAT Race)... FOR THEIR OWN, as well as other's benefit... Investers buying at higher rates are fools. c.....

    1. I agree with you, Sushil. Informed decision is always a better decision - safe decision - for both.

  5. Dear Ravi,
    First of all thanks for your good work. Keep It Up !!!
    Regarding educating the buyers I will say it is must.As without any appreciable changes in structure,land prices,construction material prices ( I am talking about basic material not high fandu add-ons ) in last 2- 2.5 years property prices are going north at rate more than imaginable. 2003-2007 price developments were majorly once in decade. But what is happening there after is just shows how some Second time buyers jacking up / helping builders for jacking up the prices. These days it is very hard to buy a "HOME" for common man ( Read earning less than 30K per month )in Pune. One solution apart from educating buyers which comes to my mind is that property buying should be linked to PAN number and individuals should be only allowed to by 1 house. If he intend to purchase second home / upgrade/ new location there needs to be compulsion to sell first. This will help in reduction of investment buying which is actually leading to non-occupancy and in-turn pushing others in mad rush

    1. Dear Sudhir,
      Communism - socialism is dead.
      Now, we are living in 'market economy'.
      Where common man is only a fuel of economic engine.
      His role is to consume, everything.
      Not to own, anything.

    2. If you try to control .. black market will grow and some more equal people will benefit out of that none else

  6. Dear Ravi,
    if supply of housing is more why is it not reflected in prices?we see property prices going only in up direction over last decade.I personally feel that I had missed many opportunities on this front.so do you see. any other way than to invest as early as possible. we feel that if we do not act now we will again miss the train & in future age willl not allow me to take big risk? what is your view on this?

  7. I visited Kul Nation.looking at price for 2 bhk (925) price is around 46 lacs.Area is totally underdevelpment and U will get possession in 2016.
    I think it is better to buy ready possession home in kharadi in 55 lac rather than investing Kul nation and waiting for 3 years.

  8. Hello
    I really appreciate your writing. I would like to suggest you to please scrutinize Tirupati Vasantam and Kashi Ganga Projects at Dhanori.
    or a bit comparison of adjecent projects at Dhanori road.

  9. dear Ravi
    thanks for the continuous writings on property matters, it is of tremendous help. i am from mumbai and had plans of buying a flat at goa, Zeroed on a small project of two buildings of 6 flats each. the society is rarely formed in goa... the agreement is totally in favor of the builder to the extent that the builder will use the additional FSIif approved lateron, sell the parking, change the plans, give way of rights to adjoining plots etct etc... i got out.. NO we cannot pay the price of the flat and still be tenents of the builder... in that case it is better to be just a tenent and have the funds at your disposal...
    deepak satam

  10. Sir, i wanted to know is there any rule for loading in residential by PBAP/credai? If yes, how max a builder charge loading on carpet area?
    I heard, there would be increament in stamp Duty effective from 1st April'2013, is it right?

    1. Dear Praveen,

      1) in Maharashtra property is sold on carpet area.

      2) Yes, 1 per cent increase in PMC & PCMC (means 5 + 1 = 6 %) from 1st of April 2013.

  11. Hello Ravi,
    1) Can you please explain how the buyer can avoid VAT and Sales Tax by purchasing a fully constructed flat?
    2) How about the cost benefit the buyer gets by booking a flat rather than ready-possession flat? The flat prices rise faster than inflation and interest rate.
    3) How can buyer be assured that he will get the flat he wants by the time it's construction is ready? Somebody else may have already purchased it.
    4) How can you be so sure that this particular Asabe builder has not secretly soft-launched the project at construction, allowed investors and then selling the blown-up price as Ready-possession flat? The Lake-Vista prices quoted are really blown-up compared to the remote and disadvantaged location it has at JambhulWadi lake. It's the farthest point of Pune from any Industrial Area of location of employment.
    5) Also remember that the buyer by booking a flat is not only buying a flat, but also purchasing a dream, something similar to the challenge of growing a tree or bringing-up a child. This 'Dream' is not a 'Fantacy' of being in bed with the builder.

    1. Dear Sanjay,

      1) VAT & Service Tax is not applicable for the flat with completion certificate.

      2) Do not only consider the cost benefit. Consider the risk factor!

      3) This is self deafening idea.

      4) The blog is about the sale deed. Builder is free to quote. Buyer has a privilege to negotiate.

      "Good location" is a personal choice. Every one has his own ideas.

      5) Better be realistic. Buying a home is 100 per cent financial decision.

  12. Visited Atlanticaeast in Mundhwa Keshavnagar , as you mentioned didn't inquired about the NA Certificate & approvals ,will it be okay to invest in this property , or wait and watch.

  13. This Chapekar guy was the flag bearer of buiders against property buyers on VAT issue..>Let's boycott all his projects!!!! non Cooperation movement!!!!

  14. This is side effect of
    1. unplanned development.
    2. unplanned cities
    3. too much attention to few cities instead of creating many cities. India needs atleast 50 cities like pune.

  15. Replies
    1. Nice Post.Giving valuable information about affordable properties.One more builder which offers Affordable property in lucknow.

  16. It is high time that developers/builders shift to smaller cities. And their focus should be quality buildings with low prices. www.facebook.com/nkrealtors1987

  17. http://visonoflife.blogspot.in/2013/09/financing-home.html
    plz go thru the link & my views !

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  20. Your views on R. B. Chaphalkar Homes' Anandam - Guhagar, were note worthy.

    I strongly believe that land owners from Konkan track try to extract premium prices from buyers in places like Pune/Mumbai. This may be one of the main reasons why bookings for such schemes go on for years. They like to match the real estate prices of cities like Pune with hardly 10% of the township infrastructure. Whenever I come across such schemes I try to ask the promoters how many local people have booked in your scheme? The answer will be uncertain. No local person will buy these properties at these exorbitant prices and knowing that buyers in Pune & Mumbai are rich and can be fooled by saying "Sea Facing", Hill View", "Beach Touch", etc. .

    If I'm wrong please correct me.

  21. This is w.r.t. "Ivy Estate Wagholi to Start Giving Possession of Flats"

    I am sorry Ravi but it seems you had put this post in a hurry. It would have helped your image not destroy had you been a bit judicious in reading details before writing this bolg.
    There are many loopholes in this story like:

    1) As you mentioned in Point 6 that "From this you can understand that it took more than 4 months for the verification and approval from the Town Planning even-though the project was constructed as per the norms and guidelines of Town Planning." If you read the report it clearly says that the changed plan in cub house is not as per the plan sanctioned.
    Who knows this is the cause of the delay as the approved plan by TPA is different than what was constructed.

    2) Water Supply issue i still not resolved. They are charging the resident for the water tanker and not taking the hit on their pocket. They are not doing us any favor by making such arrangements, instead they sold the flat committing for the fresh water from the river and now they are not providing us the same. They have charged us already for the Water Treatment Plant then why should we bear the cost of tankers? If they had told that they do not commit water we could have gone to some other area and booked the flat.
    Who knows their inability to get water to the apartments delayed the possession?

    By the way the so called caring builder did not give us possession and asked us to move in because of Supreme Court ruling and has nothing to do with our well being. If KP was so caring then why and how did they give possession to the residents of Umag Primo without the Completion certificate?

    I am not even sure that you will post this comment on your blog or not but obviously I will share my comments on different mediums to ensure that people know about the missing details in this blog.

    Our Struggle towards what we deserve is still on and we will fight tooth and nail to get it.


  22. Ravi

    We are thankful to you for your prolonged support. We hope that you would be fare to all

  23. I am so happy for you Ravi that you were welcomed by Kote-Patil as friend of IVY Estate. In the joy of the gesture shown :

    Did you happen to notice the objection point in the Part-Completion-Certificate? shared by the Kote-Patil for IVY Estate, Wagholi.

    The Part-Completion-Certificate from Town-Planning Office was delayed due to the unauthorized construction of the 2nd Club room, which is yet to be regularized?

    The delay in possession may solely be due to the bad planning and execution on part of KP as

    the Request for Inspection was placed : on 25.07.2013
    Order for inspection given on 05/08/2013
    Inspection actually happened on 28/11/2013
    Certificate issued on 18/01/2013
    The conclusion I would draw:

    Now see the calculation as per Town-Planning process takes 45 Days

    Request for Inspection 28/11/2013 +
    Inspection time process 45 days =
    Completion Certificate given on 18th January 2014 (approx) = Date of Part-Completion-Certificate

    Since, there is a (announced/ Turn Around Time) process of issuing a certificate 45 days after Inspection, which is confirmed in the Emails from Kolte Patil' Office.

    1. Town Planning Office took only the stipulated time of 45 Days which is known to every builder. Thus are at no fault whatsoever.

    2. This means this is Kolte Patil's 1st project (novice)

    3. their office is full of people who are not aware of the process and timelines of the Town-Planning Office Pune ( the managemnt should take a call on such people)

    4. The delay is actually for the fault of the Kolte Patil as they failed to apply 45 Days ahead of the announce/promised/agreed possession dates

    Kolte Patil should muster the courage and come out and accept that the delay in the Request for Inspection to the Town Planning's Office happened because of the reasons best know to them.

    By providing the Part Completion Certificate they actually shot themselves in the foot. and now they have to show their face with foot-in-mouth.



  24. Hi Ravi,
    I am regular reader of your blog. Please give your opinion about Konark Orchid. Why the project is in such a delay and how come other builders are able to give possesion. Karia developers say they are fighting for environmental clearance. Is it good to stay invested in the project. Please suggest.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. I am planning to buy property in Tirupati vasatan. please suggest ..how is this investment ?
    and also please suggest what would be the adequate PSq FT rate.
    Thanks -

  27. I am from dubai & I just wanted to share my bad experience with VTP group. I got a deal from them here in dubai which they promised was the best deal but on the other side thru a broker in Pune I got a deal for similar flat which was less by 2 .5 lakhs. Instead of accepting their mistake they cancelled by booking for which I paid the advance & 1st 20 % on site. I think you share this case on your blog to create awareness in the buyers.

  28. i had booked my flat in palava in 2012 and gave all the money believing in builder and now my flat is ready and they have called me for site visit.