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Friday, December 10, 2010

Naiknavare's Dwarka at Chakan Talegaon Road - property prices of Row House & 3 BHK, 2 BHK & 1 BHK Flats

Heard and Overheard in Sakal Vastu 2010 and Times Property Showcase 2010 - Pune property exhibitions:

Naiknavare's Dwarka Chakan

Naiknavare's Dwarka, 130 Acre Township of 6000 Flats,
Opposite Chakan MIDC on Talegaon Road:
All inclusive property prices - Agreement Cost + Stamp Duty + Registration + Miscellaneous Expenses + Maintenance & Water Charges for 2 Years:

1) Row House - 1392 sq.ft. Carpet - (Approx) Rs. 35.70 Lakhs + Service Tax + VAT

2) 3 BHK Flat - 944 sq.ft. Carpet - (Approx) Rs. 24.84 Lakhs + Service Tax + VAT

3) 2 BHK Flat - Under Construction - 596 sq.ft. Carpet - (Approx) Rs. 16.12 Lakhs + Service Tax + VAT

4) 2 BHK Flat - Under Construction - 681 sq.ft. Carpet - (Approx) Rs. 18.67 Lakhs + Service Tax + VAT

5) 2 BHK Flat - Ready Possession - 596 sq.ft. Carpet - (Approx) Rs. 15.87 Lakhs + Service Tax + VAT

6) 2 BHK Flat - Ready Possession - 681 sq.ft. Carpet - (Approx) Rs. 17.97 Lakhs + Service Tax + VAT

7) 1 BHK Flat - 453 sq.ft. Carpet - (Approx) Rs. 11.32 Lakhs + Service Tax + VAT

8) 1 BHK Flat - 465 sq.ft. Carpet - (Approx) Rs. 12.20 Lakhs + Service Tax + VAT

1) Extra charges for club house and garden facing 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats
2) Extra charges for Corner Row Houses
3) Offer valid upto 15-12-2010
4) Contact:
1) Vishal Nakhate 91 99229 67678
2) Site: Ajay Chavan 91 98500 53249 / Mehboob Ali 91 88050 31222
3) Pune Office: 020 2553 1525 / 2553 3700
4) Email: sales@naiknavare.com
5)Website: www.naiknavare.com

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  1. ravi how much do you know of naiknavare to promote them since years i have paid them money for dwarka and there is no progress in theri construction the employees will never answer your phone calls or email too please dont promote such unprofessional builders

  2. yes i too have booked a 2 BR flat with them and should have got possession this year in june but there is not even a 10% construction done there for the building booked by me and despite repeatedly sending them email and fax for the status they never ever reply to customers emails, my question to me is if you cannot handle international clients dont go international or train your staff to intl standards of business courtesy which is of replying and keeping customers updated on the consturction schedule -REALLY DISSAPOINTED WITH NAIKNAVE GROUP

  3. Hello Vilina and Barkkha!

    Thanks for sharing your experience! This would be very useful for those who are planning to invest in Naiknavare projects.

    I hope, now you can understand the benefits of sharing information about any project!

  4. http://www.consumercourtforum.in/f55/complaint-against-m-s-naiknavare-developers-pvt-ltd-pune-5924/

  5. thanks ravi for replying surprised to see that the comments are there i thought you would delete them since they say hard truths about a so called reputed company, what do you suggest we do in such cases where we dont get any response and the construction is delayed

  6. Hello Vilina!

    You should form a group of the investors - buyers in your project. Schedule a monthly meeting on a particular day of the month at site. Tell the builder to send his official representative to present the construction report and answer / take action on your issues.

    Builder provides you service. To provide the service you pay him. So, you have a right to ask for the report. And terminate his contract if his service is not up to the mark.

  7. Ravi all this is easier said than done and the builder is aware of this when none of them come on the phone nor reply to your emails and fax queries then how do you get them to meet you. I have met Mr. Ranjit the owner personally twice and put this problem in front of him but his staff does not bother at all to send updates on construction when you meet them they give you another set of dates and then go back to sleep.

  8. Ravi how do i go about if i want to terminate this contract i have paid first two installments and have registered the flat and paid the registration fee. This is in the year 2008, any help will be appreciates since i am fed up of being ignored by them. i do not live in india

  9. Hello Barkkha!
    Collective action!
    Visit these links and plan:

    2) https://groups.google.com/group/lake-district-kondhava?hl=en

  10. Hello Barkkha!

    Ref: "i want to terminate this contract"

    Consult the lawyer and take a legal action!

  11. you can suggest some one good professional honest

  12. Ravi,

    The problem mentioned by Barkkha and Vilina are the common problem faced by everybody who has booked flat in Dwarka scheme. I have similar expirience....
    I have paid them entire amount based on the assurance given to me that the possession would be given in the month of March 09, however till date the same is pending. Over and above this the builder is asking us to pay maintainance charges of two years in advance, these charges includes charges for club house and garden etc which till date they have not even started constructing.

  13. I have the exact same issues that everyone here posted. I called Naiknavare offices in Pune, at least 50 times in the last 4 years. I booked two apartments in Oct 2007. This morning, I left a message on their US number in Georgia (1-404-610-1830). I had sent several emails in the past, in vain. Finally, I spoke to one Vishal Nakhate. I got the cell phone number (91 99229 67678) on Ravi's page here. He tells me that their own Architects are not issuing the completion certificate because work is either pending or substandard and that is the reason why they are unable to handover the apartments. Sounds weird and very unprofessional. I am tired of waiting on them. If there is a collective action we need to take, I am in. Please let me know and I will join in.

    Mohan Naidu

  14. Mohan,
    Its time all the buyers should come together and deal with the builder.
    pls contact me on 9820529400

  15. I have a same problem with this Project.The possession is delayed for more than 2 years and I am paying interest to the bank.

  16. Hi All,

    Thanks for letting me know about the details.
    I was also thinking of investing there ,but let me know any one has booked recently.

    I am in a fix whether to book or not?


  17. Thanks guys.. was planning on investing in a 2 bed flat in Naiknavare's Dwarka but will look elsewhere now..

    Any views about the Lakeshore residency project in Talegaon by the same builder ?

  18. Hi All,

    Thanks for your valuable suggestions.
    Actually I am planning to buy 1/2 BHK Apartment in Dwarka, just because its closer to my next job which is @ Talawade IT park and also it has a school which is operating.

    Kindly let me know whether its a good option as recent property exhibition they told me that they are having ready possession 1 & 2 BHK property available.

    In case any one staying there please do let me know about whether shall I go for it or not.

    Do reply.

    Rohit Sharma.

  19. Just to update every one....

    I talked to one representative few days back in their Shivajinagar offic.

    They are quoting 2200 sqrft for 1740 SQFT 3 bhk row house and promising to give possestion in july 2012.

  20. thanks all for the inputs, i was seriously thinking to go for one of the rowhouse... now will have to look elsewhere..

  21. Replies
    1. Yes You should show the truth to every one those planed to buy property

  22. Dear all,

    I am also planning for booking in Dwarka, but now i have to rethink. please update me on latest situation.

  23. Hi Ravi
    Please help me to find suitable 2/3 bhk flat/rowhouse in West, North & North-West of pune.

  24. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences regarding dwarka township. I saw a promotional ad on television for this project and was thinking of buying a flat over there. However I Will now rethink about this project. Can I know where can I get a flat in around 14-15lakhs in pune or pimpri chinchwad area??

  25. I dont really know why these comments are there, when most of the buyers are living and also rented out the property. In the present scenarios of market, i have seen more worst developers than NN. I definitely think this is an negative publicity by employees of other firms.

  26. This is just negative publicity by other companies employees. No such issues found with we people living here. Though yes they have delayed the project. Taking into consideration the market considerations they are much professional than rest. Sorry i defer from the above views. Project is a nice township