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Thursday, March 28, 2019

The pleasant surprise near Pancard Club at Baner, Pune

Should I review El-Homes near Pancard Club at Baner?:

Dinesh Jahagirdar at El-Homes, 2 / 3 BHK Flats near Pancard Club, Baner, Pune

Those who know me as Pune real estate blogger will assume that - "Ravi Karandeekar is talking about some housing project near Pancard Club at Baner, Pune". So let me make it clear that I am not talking about a property. I am talking about the people who are developing and marketing that property. I am talking about Mr. R. D. Deshpanday and Mr. Dinesh Jahagirdar. Both of them want me to review their project El-Homes - Entry Level 2 BHK / 3 BHK Homes - MahaRERA Registration No. P52100016546 - between Pancard Club and Kalpataru Jade Residences!

"Really!? They wanted me to write a review! Are you sure?," I asked Vaibhav, my cousin, who is friends with Dinesh.

"Yes! This is Dinesh's first project in PMC. He is new in this market and believes that your review will help a lot," Vaibhav said.

"I am flattered! But flattery from a novice means nothing to me," I said.

"Dinesh is experienced and well established. In the last 10 - 11 years Dinesh was mainly working in PCMC. Mantra Vastu Pvt. Ltd. - Dinesh's sole selling company has marketed more than 20 projects in PCMC," Vaibhav said.

"If he is so experienced then how can he assume that I will write a good review! I am famous for ridicule and harsh criticism. Doesn't he know?" I asked.

"He considers you honest and truthful!," Vaibhav said.

"Flat buyers think so. Not many real estate salespersons or builders!," I said.

"You visit the site and if you feel that it's not worth reviewing - don't write. But at least visit. For me. Dinesh is my friend," Vaibhav said.

"For you - I can visit any project - Don't you know this? Fix an appointment! By the way - who is the builder?" I said.

"R. D. Deshpanday Developers Pvt. Ltd.," Vaibhav said.

"Are Kulkarnis and Deshpandes still in this business?" I said.

"See for yourself!" Vaibhav said.

As per the plan, Dinesh came to collect me. I made it clear to him that I am visiting the site only because he is Vaibhav's friend and I will review only if I felt it worth writing about.

"What makes a project worth writing about? How do you decide?" Dinesh asked.

"Good question! There are 2 parameters - 1) If the concept is good and if I am convinced that the builder is capable of completing the project as planned - I not only write a good review but I suggest that project to the flat buyers who seek my advice. Of course, this rarely happens. In recent times Pethkar Projects' Siyona at Punawale and Little Earth - Masulkar City at Kiwale are the only two examples. 2) If I find that the concept of the project is stupid and harmful - I believe that it's my duty to write a review and warn the flat buyers to avoid that project," I said.

"And when you do that - the builder of that project - takes serious action against you. Right?' Dinesh said.

"Glad to know that you have done your homework!" I said.

"Is it the reason you are not writing much these days?" Dinesh asked.

"No. I was too busy in DSK fraud - so couldn't write much. But now I have relieved myself from it - mainly to concentre on my blog," I said.

"I have tested the project. The flat buyers' response was quite positive. Actually, that gave me the confidence to invite you to write about it," Dinesh said.

"What did you do?" I asked.

"I did a hoarding campaign in Baner. Ran a teaser campaign and then introduced the project. Got a good number of site visits and bookings," Dinesh said.

"Good for you! Is selling the toughest challenge in the sole selling business?" I asked.

"No! Selling happens. Getting a good project of a trustworthy builder who will deliver is the toughest challenge. I take a project only if I am sure that the builder will complete the project, " Dinesh said.

"It means that every project you have taken for the sole selling is complete - not a single project is stalled or left incomplete?," I asked.

"Yes! Some projects are delayed - but the delay was reasonable - in some projects, some flat buyers are less satisfied - but every builder has delivered. I have never failed in my judgment in selecting the project," Dinesh said.

"And all these builders were small - not a single well-known big name," I asked.

"Some were - are - known in their niche - in their neighborhood - who have done or are doing multiple projects - but not a big brand," Dinesh said.

"Mostly at Chikhali - Moshi...." I said.

"And at Chakan, Charholi, Dighi, Thergaon, Ravet, Punawale, Kiwale, Kudalwadi, Dehuroad ..." Dinesh said.

"I know.. I have visited your website. But, what made you sure that this Deshpaday builder will complete the project?," I said.

"I am not a flat buyer to assume that every launched project will be completed. Neither I am a channel partner or a broker to get my commission after the flat buyer registers the agreement. I am there with the flat buyers till they get possession of flats. So, the builder needs to convince me that he has a litigation-free property, enough financial resources and honest intention to complete the project. Mr. Deshpanday did that," Dinesh said.

"Litigation free property - financial resources and intention - rare commodities in Pune real estate market - mostly found in the small local builders - that's why channel partners are in thousands but sole selling companies are not even a hundred," I said.

"And they are on the verge of extinction - aren't they?" Dinesh said.

"Yes! You know? That is the main reason I said yes to visit. In this month - most of the Pune builders have told me that because of these so-called big corporate brands and government policies their survival is in serious danger," I said.

"And the majority of the flat buyers believe that small builders are crooks and big brands are saints," Dinesh said.

"Wealthy saints - despite the fact that their balance sheets don't show profits and though they openly take MahaRERA for a ride," I said.

"Survival of the fittest - brutal reality - to survive a small builder has to become competitive - offer a property which no big brand can offer - says Mr. Deshpanday," Dinesh said.

"Sounds good," I said.

"The concept of El-Homes is like that! The housing solution for the buyers who are in their 30s - which no big brand is offering - at this point of time - at Baner. The initial response from the flat buyers proves this," Dinesh said.

"If it is so - then what is the point in visiting the site and writing the review! Take a U-turn and drop me home," I said.

"Mr. Deshpanday is waiting for you at the site," Dinesh said.

"Your Deshpanday is daring baaz," I said.

"Because he is not just a promoter and developer - Mr. Deshpande is a landlord, an architect, and a builder," Dinesh said.

"I am curious to meet him. Very rarely do I come across a builder who can actually build!," I said.

"Here he is," parking at the site, Dinesh said.

"Welcome, Ravi Karandeekar! I am R. G. Deshpanday. Remember me? A couple of years ago, when I bought a property, I took your advice. Ever since, on and off, we are in touch over the phone," Mr. Deshpanday said.

"Wait a minute," I said and called R. D. Deshpande on my mobile.

Showing his ringing mobile, Mr. Deshpanday said, "I told you all about myself except this - that I am a builder - only because - I was waiting for the right time - and today is that time!"

"Sure, it is," I said and asked Dinesh and Vaibhav, "Did you know that we were phone friends?"

"No! He just expressed his wish to show you the project. That's all. The project review was Vaibhav's idea," Dinesh said.

No one realized how the next couple of hours passed by.. Mr. Deshpaday and Dinesh told me all about El-Homes. Showed me the sample flat and all other things.

"There isn't anything like meeting in person! To celebrate this moment, let me take a photo of both of you, " I said.

But Mr. Deshpanday refused. "I am just a गवंडी - a mason, " he said.

But Dinesh Jahagirdar couldn't avoid me. After all, selling El-Homes at Baner is his job.

When he dropped me home, I said, "Considering the location and property prices - I don't think - there is any need to write a review. Am I right?"

"Didn't you find the concept interesting - flexible - customizable plan of a 2 BHK? Considering the size and the budget - Isn't my 3 BHK the best deal in Baner?," Dinesh asked.

"Spot on! What all I have to do is type what you just said and give your company's phone number 7447 766 766," I said.

(This post was first published on Facebook and Linkedin)