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Friday, April 5, 2019

Pethkar Projects Opens Booking of Phase 2 of Siyona at Punawale

All inclusive property prices in Phase 2 of Siyona at Punawale in PCMC:
2 BHK Flat for Rs. 61 to 67 Lakhs & 3 BHK Flats for Rs. 79 to 85 Lakhs!

Pethkar Projects Opens Booking of Phase 2 of Siyona at Punawale

Mr. Jitendra Pethkar of Pethkar Projects had already told me that he is going to open booking of phase 2 of Siyona on the same date he had opened the booking of phase 1. The date may be the same - 4th April - but a lot of things have changed between 4th April 2014 and 4th April 2019.

Yeah. You know all about the slowdown in Pune real estate market, demonetization, MahaRERA, GST. But I am not talking about these things and their effects. I am talking about the much more serious problem I was facing.

Since the Siyona was launched in 2014, I was recommending it. Initially, everyone used to thank me for it. Because at the time of launch, 2 BHK Flats were available for Rs. 55 to 60 Lakhs, 2.5 BHK for 64 to 70 Lakhs and 3 BHK for 72 to 79 Lakhs.

But as the construction progressed, the property prices of Siyona went on increasing. Today the ready possession 2 BHK flats in Siyona are available for 74 - 87 Lakhs and 3 BHK for 1.01 - 1.05 Crore.

Obviously, those who needed a ready possession flat or were smart enough to understand the benefits of buying a ready to move in flat could go for Siyona. Only if they have that much budget!

"I liked the project but the price is beyond my budget. Can you suggest some other project which is as good as Siyona?" buyer used to ask me.

"I am offering advice about buying a flat in Pune since 2007. But very very rarely have I ever recommended a project so strongly. Siyona is an exception. I am recommending it from day one. I am always searching for a worth recommending project. As soon as, I find one, for sure, I will write about it. But at this point in time, I am very sorry. I don't know any other project as good as Siyona," I used to say.

That's why I was eagerly waiting for the launch of the 2nd phase of Siyona. The 2nd phase will save me from feeling sorry. It will give me an opportunity to help the buyers to make the right decision. I can do my job well.

I have discussed this concern with Jitu Sir - Jitendra Pethkar. I am tired of saying - "This project is not safe for booking at under construction stage". I want to say - "Yes! This project is safe to book at under construction stage!!" I want to be positive. I want to be helpful."

Jitu Sir had assured me that he will address my concern when he will launch the 2nd phase. That's why yesterday, on the first day of the launch of the 2nd phase of Siyona, I visited the site. And I was glad to see the property prices and plans!

Do you know how Jitu Sir has managed to do it?

He has optimized the size of the flat!

The result is, now, you know that whatever price you are paying is the right price!

For example,

1) Look at the areas and room dimensions of a 2 BHK Flat in the 2nd Phase -

a 2 BHK Flat in the 1st Phase of Siyona at Punawale, PCMC

Carpet Area (MahaRERA Carpet area + Enclosed Balcony): 70.47 Sq.mt. / 759 Sq.ft. + Terrace: 7.24 Sq.mt. / 78 Sq.ft.

1) Entrance Lobby - 4' x 5'1" 2) Living - Dining - 18' x 12'6" 3) Kitchen - 9'6" x 8' 4) Bedroom 1 - 10'6" x 11' 5) Master Bedroom - 11' x 12'6"

All inclusive price is Rs. 60,50,422

2) Now, look at the areas and room dimensions of a ready possession 2 BHK Flat in the 1st Phase -

a 2 BHK Flat in the 2nd Phase -

Carpet Area (MahaRERA Carpet area + Enclosed Balcony): 76.85 Sq.mt. / 827 Sq.ft. + Terrace: 7.54 Sq.mt. / 81 Sq.ft.

1) Entrance Lobby - 4'3" x 8'6" 2) Living - Dining - 18'6" x 13'5" 3) Kitchen - 9'8" x 8'6" 4) Bedroom 1 - 10'6" x 11' 5) Master Bedroom - 11' x 13'5"

All inclusive price is Rs. 74,07,000

What it means?

It means that now, the budget is no more concern. You have an option.

If buying a ready possession 75 lakhs rupees 2 BHK Flat is out of your budget - you can book an under construction 2 BHK Flat in the price range of 61 to 67 Lakhs!

If buying a ready possession 1.05 crore rupees 3 BHK Flat is out of your budget - you can book an under construction 3 BHK Flat in the price range of 79 to 85 Lakhs!

It means that, now, for sure, you can own a property in Siyona.

And own it with full on confidence. Because the first phase is ready. You can actually see what you will get. You can ring a bell and talk with the residents.

Ready possession लो या under construction Siyona मे आपका मन सदैव शांत रहेगा।

(Actually this मन:शान्ति की बात - was not for you. It was about me. When the first phase was launched, my confidence was based on the principles and practices Jitu Sir follows. Now, at the launch of the 2nd phase, there is proof. The 1st phase of Siyona! Which you can touch and see. So, now, you don't have to rely on my opinion. This has made my job easy. That's why while writing this blog I realized that my mind is एकदम शान्त.)

Here are some photos of Siyona, I shot yesterday evening.

For the prices of the flats opened for booking, please, click here.

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