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Friday, May 30, 2008

Nanded City Rocks....

Almost 2000 flats have already been booked before this project was made public.
RD's Rocking Updates: Nanded City @ Pune had a grand opening

But, i have heard more.....what about you?
Please, share your "exclusive Pune real estate market news" with all in the comments!

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Satish Magar announces the launch of Nanded City - Pune, 700-acre mega township on Sinhagad Road

Satish Magar announces the launch of Nanded City - Pune, 700-acre mega township on Sinhagad Road

The township will boast an animation and gaming park spread over 40 acres. It will consist of four zones — a commercial district, residential district, amenity district and destination center.
Magarpatta launches its Nanded township

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What are you going to do on June 2, 2008?

2) Launching of Nanded City, Pune - A farewell to India!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Magarpatta's Nanded City on Sinhagad road in Pune - an exclusive slide show gives complete idea about 700 acre mega township

What are you going to do on June 2, 2008?

1) Mr. Satish Magar, Chairman and Managing Director of Magarpatta, made this power point presentation of Nanded City, Pune to the press on the evening of May 28, 2008.

2) I am blogging the complete presentation which you can download and share with your friends.

3) I am going to blog all the features of Nanded City so if you are here for the first time, please, subscribe to my blog and then see the slide show full screen.

4) Nanded City will be launched on June 1, 2008. You know, launch of Nanded City is not a commercial event. I know what i am going to do on June 2, 2008. What about you? Please let me know in the comments.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Launching of Nanded City, Pune - A farewell to India!

As i told you in my last post, i left the venue of the launch of Nanded City with a new perspective. 1st of June 2008, the day of the launch of Nanded City, will be the turning point in the life of farmers of Nanded Village.

It means, as per Vishwasrao, chief engineer of Magarpatta City, there is a huge difference between the launch of this 700 acre integrated township, Nanded City, and the launch of Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge or Kumar Properties and Avinash Bhosale Group's Megapolis at Hinjewadi. Ownership of the farmers of Nanded Village and the role of Satish Magar are the differentiating factors.

In the last week itself I had met Satish Magar, so i thought why not meet the farmers of Nanded village. This was not my first visit to Nanded Village. I have been here before. Do not know why, i had shot few photos of important places in Nanded Village. You can have a look at these photos. But do not ask me why i consider 'crematorium' as one of the important places. Because you can not understand it. For that you have to born in Shaniwar Peth of seventies Pune.

For me, Nanded Village is a typical 'fringe village' of Pune. Leave aside few occasions, like Ganapati Visarjan, as a typical Punekar, i never bothered much about these villages. True, in my college days, i had done social work in some of these villages, not because i believed in my professor's philosophy of considering these villagers as my poor distant relatives. But only because, i was more interested in developing relations with the maximum number of girls in over night camps.

I have also grown up looking at these villages as a romantic getaway from over crowded city life of Pune. As every Puneri young couple, i have tested the metal of my friends on Sinhagad road.

One day, at Khadakwasala dam, looking at children bathing in nude, my girl friend said, "Ravi, i wonder what life i would have had, if i had born in a family 10 kms away from my maternity home on Deccan Gymkhana."

I started unbuttoning my shirt and said, "Don't worry! Even now we can swim in our birthday suits!" It was disappointing to know that she was talking about social-economic divide created by the capitalistic society! I let her complete her lecture and told her that when she is with me she should shut her brains off, keep her heart open and enjoy the life. I always had a doubt, she was a socialist - communist type of a person.

But why a convent educated son of a rich farmer, Satish Magar bothers so much for these Nanded villagers? Magarpatta was a different story. It was his extended family. Here at Nanded, Satish Magar could have simply given a token amount and promising rest of the payment in installments, could have taken a possession of the land.

When i reached Nanded Phata, I said let me have a cup of tea and give few minutes of rest to my paining knee joint. While looking around for a tea stall, i saw the hoarding of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena which presented one more question.

How could you, the farmers in a fringe village of Nanded, come together, form a company, and plan to develop a township better than Pune?

Look, at the villagers of Shivane, Uttamnagar, Kondhave and Kopre, they request for the drinking water. Once in while they get angry, but for years these villages have accepted the privileges of Pune City.

These villagers know, we Punekars are kind people. Problem is with the system. Some call it political system, some say it's eco-system. Whatever may be the label, but for sure, problem is "system".

With this self sufficient township of yours, Nanded City, you villagers of Nanded, you are opting out from this system. Liberating yourself from this system. Living your distant relatives, Punekars to survive on their own. We don't even know how to play dhol and lezim!
How could you do this to us?

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Launch of Nanded City, Pune - visit to the venue of Magarpatta's upcoming mega township on Sinhagad road

Sharad Pawar's program:

My unfriendly co-passenger nearly slapped on my hand and woke me up. "Has Nanded phata come?" i asked him in Marathi and looked out of the window of the bus.

You know, i cycle2work. But for the last couple of days my knee joint is continuously paining. Forget about cycling, walking has become painful. That's why i was going to Nanded City by PMT. (Yes, thought i am pachvi pass se tez, i prefer to call it PMT.)

Without me asking anything, he pointed out of the window and said, "Big preparations for Sharad Pawar's company's program!" Without bothering whether he was sarcastic or proud, i got up to get down.

Nanded City, Pune - Larger than life:

Every thing about Nanded City is huge. They are expecting 2 lakh guests will attained the function. Out of that, 29 will be ministers. All arrangements are done as per the norms of the "z security". Of course, helipad will be there.

Keeping in mind it can rain, main fire proof pandal, where the main function will take place, is covered. I have seen such a huge pandal only at Savai Gandharva Music Festival.

From cutting trees, leveling the land, putting up compound, fixing 30' x 90' sign board to laying the roads all works is going on in full swing.

No wonder, every vehicle passing by stops to have a look.

Details of Nanded City:

I met chief engineer of Magarpatta City at the venue. I could not talk to him much because he was busy. But i have realized one thing, Mr. Vishwasrao knows the entire layout of 700 acre mega township as we know our flat. As comfortably we can move around in our home, even in the dark, he can describe the layout. After all, he is with Magarpatta City since it was a farm land. I wonder, how come so many key people are with Magarpatta for so long.

View Larger Map

Let me try to give you brief idea of Nanded City by referring to my Google map. Roughly, Expressway, Khadakwasala Dam, Sinhagad road and Mutha river are the four boundaries of Nanded City.

Of course, not exactly, roughly. For example, new 8 lane Pune ring road will come on the expressway side, plus there is a canal too.

Nanded City is divided into sectors. At present there are 3 sectors. The venue of this function, around 10 acres, is a small part of the SEZ sector of Nanded City. Yes, there will be more than one bridge on the river which will connect it to Kothrud side of Pune. Nanded City will have 125 acre landscaped garden. Residential towers will be high rise - 11 to 22 stories.

The agenda of the launching function:

I was curious to find out what is the exact program of the function. You must have understood what i mean by this. What will happen after the inauguration? Would booking open?!

"On 1 st of June, there will be a function. A family function. Celebration of Nanded village. This project, Nanded City is the turning point, moment of transformation, in the life of 400 families of Nanded Village." Mr. Vishwasrao did his best to explain how launching of Nanded City is not a commercial event but a historic moment. For few minutes, both of us remained in silence. I nodded him a good bye and left.

In a confused state, i started walking in the direction of the bus stop. This visit has taken an unexpected turn. I had come here to the see the preparation of the launch of a big residential and commercial development. I had not given much thought to this "people" aspect.

I know many types of people. There are property buyers, IT professionals, television viewers, cine goers, shoppers, credit card holders, income tax payers, voters and yes, NRIs. But Vishwasrao, chief engineer of Nanded City was talking about some different type of people. About which, i knew nothing. Once, someone was trying to tell me the difference between INDIA and BHARAT. May be he was talking about this type of people. Whatever!

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Magarpatta's Nanded City on Sinhagad Road will be launched on June 1, 2008

Magarpatta's Nanded City on Sinhagad Road will be launched on June 1, 2008

Exclusive News!

This is an exclusive news.
A 'breaking news', which everyone knows in Pune.
Still, it is an exclusive.
Because anybody who can read is "reading" this for the first time.
For the last few months, you know, everybody in Pune, was talking about Magarpatta's upcoming 700 acre mega township "Nanded City" on Sinhagad road. But from, Akshay Tritiya, the day Magarpatta released the ad "Coming soon.." and for the first time, officially declared the name of the project "Nanded City", suddenly people have stopped "talking".
Now everybody only "whispers" about Nanded City.

Exclusive details about Nanded City, Pune:

Generally, you know, we whisper very short sentences. For example, my favorite whispers are "I love you!" and "Yes, tonight" But when people whisper about Nanded City, they whisper in detail. They talk about property rates, type of flats - 1 bhk, 2 bhk, 2.5 bhk, 3 bhk.. , no of stories building will have, all details! Including the most important "How many residents of Magarpatta have applied for Nanded City!" I wonder, how come people know all these details when nothing is there on the Nanded City's website or anywhere in the print!

Launching Nanded City on 1st of June:

Even Mr. Satish Magar whispers!
When i was with him on the last weekend, i was hoping, not really hoping - i was prying, he will give me some exclusive info about Nanded City. But he only said, "Ravi, wait for the 1st of June", I said fine and we went on talking about other important topics! Yes, other important topics! After all, Satish Magar is lot more than Magarpatta City and Nanded City, we all know. For example, after that meeting, i am asking myself "what am i besides my job?"

Sorry, i will stop here.
I need a break.
Rest of the details in the next post. Since most of you have subscribed to this blog, i am sure, you will not miss a single detail!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Aniruddha Deshpande, of Amanora Park Town, to offer flats in 10 to 20 lakhs in his upcoming township in Pune

Hot Pune real estate market news:

Though i knew City Group's mission is to build housing for classes and masses in and around Pune, I never thought Aniruddha Deshpande, Managing Director, City Corporation Ltd. really mean it.

No, not that i do not trust Aniruddha Deshpande. But tell me, how can i believe in any builder in Pune when recently at Wakad, Mont Vert took a credit of "shattering real estate price barrier" and offered flats at Rs.3,000 per sq.ft.! According to Mont Vert "affordable homes" means - 2 bhk flat in 32 lakhs and 3 bhk flat in 42 lakhs.

Which means, considering you get 85% loan and your EMI is around 50% of your monthly salary, person earning Rs. 50,000 per month is consider in "masses" in Pune real estate market, i assumed.

On the other hand, Aniruddh Deshpande is the pioneer of Class Housing in Pune! Along with Rohan Builders he developed "1 Modibaug" on University Road which is considered as a bench mark of class housing in Pune.

True, 1 Modibaug improved the quality of housing in Pune. Rohan Builders incorporated many features of 1 Modibaug and developed the concept of PLUS HOMES. Vishwas Kulkarni, Architect of 1 Modibaug, developed the concept of social and environment friendly architecture which goes beyond space utilization, comfort and convenience and plays important role in developing wellness in the family. Today, even small projects like "Mirabel" on Baner road is developed on this concept!

But at the same time, 1Modibaug started the trend of unaffordable housing in Pune! 1 Modibaug increased the expectations of the flat buyers. We all went on demanding better planning, specifications and amenities. As per the popular assumption, Pune builders took dis-advantage of this. They added specifications which increased the construction cost by Rs. 10 per sq.ft. but hiked the property rate by Rs. 100 per sq.ft.

Initially, flat buyers were happy to pay the higher rate till it went out of control. I used to wonder when people did not mind paying 700 to 800 rupees more at Kool Homes at Balewadi only for the "digital" specifications. Forget about the past projects, Kool Homes was a new builder, who has not proved that he can construct. Not even a mock flat! Why? I used to blame Aniruddha Deshpande. Like Marlboro, world famous cigarette brand, he created the desire and let the Pune real estate developers exploit it!

Aniruddha Deshpande has not only "spoiled" the property buyers, he has spoiled the Pune real estate developers too. Today, Marvel Realtors specializes in building flats only in 1.5 crore and above budget. I had a shock of my life when one of my old clients, whom i consider the most rational and the professional builder in Pune, Sanjay Runwal of Runwal Housing, told me very proudly about his project in Bhosale Nagar where a flat is above 1.5 crore. Look at Atul Chordia of Panchshil, Aniruddha's old friend in pioneering car racing in Pune, he is constructing 1,250,000 sq ft. project YOOPUNE by Philippe Starck at Hadapsar where a one bhk would cost 5 crore!

Of course, i know Anirudha Deshpande as Megalopolis Developers has developed Kelewadi slum at Paud Phata under Slum Rehabilitation, but i always thought it as his passing fancy. With handing over rest of the project to Kumar Builders he has come out of it. So i did not believe when i read on SuchetaDalalDotCom about his next project which will have flats in 10 to 20 lakh budget! See what Sucheta Dalal writes in her article "Dream Houses":
Apart from Amanora, Deshpande has planned two other townships. The next one is at a lower price point (between Rs10 lakh-20 lakh), deploys a new fabrication technology (consumes less of cement and uses a chemical that expands) to lower the cost and will come up in less than 1,200 days. The township will have all basic facilities including and a transport hub to connect Pune.
On this back ground, Aniruddha Deshpande himself is developing a township of flats in 10 to 20 lakh budget was a shocking news to me. MOU with CMC - Tata group company and NEC - Japanese IT giant for Digital Amanora Park Township - Yes! Possible. Housing for masses - only a politically right statement. Action, not expected form Aniruddha Deshpande.

I was expecting something like this from Mr. Satish Magar of Magarpatta City. After all, he is one of us. For him FDI means farmer's direct investment. But when i was with him on last weekend, he simply refused to talk about Nanded City on Sinhagad road. Still i have not given up hopes.

Aniruddha Deshpande, this is as shocking as your way to express your love for your parents. You not only redeveloped their old bungalow. But you build an apartment with an indoor swimming pool for them to enjoy! You are awesome!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

City Corporation, promoters of Amanora Park Town, to build 50,000 houses in 5 townships for various income groups in and around Pune

Fully approved, 400 acres, Amanora Park Town at Hadapsar in Pune, is the first. All these townships will have common a data management center at Amanora Park Town and will benefit for Digital technology which they are developing along with CMC and NEC.

Digital Amanora Park Township:

You know that, NEC Corporation, world's leading provider of internet, broadband network and enterprise business solutions along with CMC, a global IT solutions and Services - Tata Group company, and City corporation Ltd., promoters of India's first futuristic and Digital 'Amanora Park Town', have signed an Understanding to collaborate in developing Digital Amanora Park Township.

CCL & CMC have chosen NEC to provide relevant technology and CMC will bring in it's support for integration of IT solutions.

Community living experience:

Mr.Tomohiro Yagi, Managing Director, NEC India Ltd., made a special visit to Amanora Park Town at Hadapsar. He was very impressed by the master plan and the technology savvy-ness of the project.

"We are happy to be associated with such an advanced digital township concept by City Corporation Ltd. We at NEC have been striving to provide total solutions to the various challenges faced by human lives, and are happy that our technology will form the backbone of such an ambitious real estate project for the citizens that would bring a community living experience in their lives." said Mr. Yagi.

Enriching the quality of life:

According to Mr. Prasad Rangnekar, Executive Vice President - Emerging Technologies, CMC Ltd., Amanora Park Town is an excellent model which showcases the technological applications being used for the extreme convenience, benefit and comfort of citizens of the townships.

"At CMC," Mr. Ranganekar said, "we are very happy to be catalysts in simplifying livelihood in a way that will enrich the quality of life of Amanora Citizens"

e-Commerce and e-Governance:

According to Dr. Arvind at puneScoop, Amanora would be a proof of concept for digital townships.

It will transcend the limits of access-control mechanism or video-cameras for safety to create an all-pervasive transaction system which will encompass e-commerce and e-governance.

"A single smart card based system will enable the residents to access different segments of the township, pay bills, or purchases items of daily needs online," he said.

The process will involve back-end integration with banks, retailers and government agencies, he added.

Rangnekar, of CMC, said the company has done similar integration for offices, hospitality, healthcare or scientific research organisations, though this was the first residential real estate project it would be doing.

Easy, Comfortable and Secure Living experience:

Mr. Aniruddha Deshpande, Managing Director, City Corporation Ltd. said, "Our customer, whom we call the citizen of Amanora is the focal point in the township for him we, will be offering ultra-modern technology to the service & support of the citizens ensuring an Easy, Comfortable and Secure Living experience."

CMC is our integrated partner in providing Integrated solutions, provided by CMC, will bring in convenience and comfort to the citizens. Highly advanced technology from NEC will enable making routine tasks and activities extremely simple, user friendly.

Subscribe to Pune real estate market news:

Subscribe to my blog for the updates on Amanora Park Town and City Group's upcoming 'digital townships for masses and classes' and never miss a single hot Pune real estate market news.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Indian middle class salaried families turning naxalite?

"How far can Indian real estate market rise?"

Arun blogged "How far can Indian real estate market rise?" on November 4th, 2007. He says "I am amazed at the way Indian real estate market is rising" and Arun tries to find out "What are the reasons for such multifold rise? and how long is this run going to continue?" He also gives his views.

Track in - India Business Blog:

For the last six months many people have shared their views on 'rising real estate prices' in the comments on his blogs. Day by day, you can see, we all are getting more and more angry.

You have expressed your anger on my blogs on PBAP's price hike and Pethkar Projects' Samrajya - Balwantpuram.

I am sure, you will agree with Dave. In his comment on May 16th, Dave says,
"Has anyone thought about socio-economic fallout? Middle class salaried families turning naxalites? When you can’t even buy a decent house when the economy is booming, would you not want social justice?"

Politics of Housing:

I do not find 'Indian middle class salaried families turning naxalite' difficult to believe.

Because housing has always played an important role in democratic politics, in British as well as US politics. Margaret Thacher coined the term "Home Owning Democracy" and came to power. President Bush had launched "Hope Now" for the victims of sub-prime crisis. Singapore boasts about home ownership. Except 45 individuals everybody owns a home in Singapore!

What about us, India? Honorary Secretory of PBAP, Mr. Nitin Nyati of Nyati Group has declared that housing schemes for the lower or middle classes are not feasible without government concessions!

What are you going do? Are you going to give up your right of "owning your home"? Are you happily opting out for 'renting'? or Are you going to fight for the "property ownership right"? Democratically or otherwise? Please, let me know in the comments. "EMAIL THIS" to all your friends and ask them what are they going to do? Subscribe to my blog and do not miss a single news and share your views about Pune real estate market.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Welcome to Nanded City Pune - Have you visited the website of Magarpatta City's upcoming integrated township on Sinhagad Road?

Website launched!

Actually there is no info on the website "Welcome to Nanded City Pune" but still it is worth visiting.

First page has the same visual and the copy of the press ad - "After the successful creation of Magarpatta City...Await more news from us..".

When you click the link "click here", first you see the Flash dance and when it settles down, below the well known visual, you find an inquiry form with the heading -
If you want us to get in touch with you, please give us your details!

Have you been to "Magarpatta City"?

Recently, I was at Magarpatta City. As soon as we entered, my friend shut off the car A/C and opened the windows. I was there for not more than 4 hours. But when we left and came on the main road, i felt like coming out of the movie theater. It is too good to be true. What is your experience? Please, share in the comments!

Please, "EMAIL THIS" hot Pune real estate market news to all your friends and subscribe to my blog!

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4) "Magarpatta City in Pune could be the model for a land acquisition and rehabilitation policy of The Confederation of Indian Industry ", Sunil Mittal

5) FDI: Farmers' Direct Investment

How to differentiate between a good builder from the bad?

Answer: “One should look at the builder’s track record and ask him for certificates. You should get value for your hard earned money,” - Nitin Nyati, Nyati Group.

Which Certificates?
CIDC-CQRA Construction Quality Certificate!?

or PBAP Membership Certificate?

Why are there no housing schemes for the lower or middle classes?

Answer: “Even though as a developer, everybody would like to do that, it is not feasible due to the constraints of the land availability and the cost of construction. Hence, there should be special residential zones made available at affordable rates to lower classes and the government should give concessions for that.” - Nitin Nyati, Nyati Group.

Oh my god, Mr. Nyati doesn't know! Without any government concessions, someone is constructing "affordable housing" at Wakad and he has shattered "real estate price barrier" in Pune!

To read the valuable bits of advice dispensed by experts in the field of construction and property, visit-
"Be practical, get value for your money, say experts"

Monday, May 19, 2008

Kolte Patil Developers' to launch integrated townships and SEZs at Hinjewadi, Wagholi and Kharadi in Pune

1) 400-acre integrated township at Hinjewadi:

Kolte-Patil Developers Limited (KPDL) has formed a Joint Venture with ICICI Venture Funds Management Co. Ltd. (ICICI Ventures), the largest venture capital fund, promoted by largest private sector bank of the country to develop a 400-acre integrated township project near Hinjewadi.

Phase I of 168 acres of this project has been approved by the Government of Maharashtra, and is designed by the renowned architect B V Doshi.

Residential and Commercial: The project will be a mix of residential and commercial spaces with a total investment of Rs 2000 crore.

Launch: The 1st phase of the project is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of FY '09.

2) 70 acre IT-SEZ Hinjewadi, Phase III:

KPDL also plans to launch an IT-SEZ close to Phase III of Hinjewadi IT Park by the end of this calendar year. The SEZ will be spread over an area of 70 acres with a total investment of Rs. 1000 crore.

3) Coming Soon - Mini Township at Wagholi:

KPDL is soon launching 1st Phase (53 acres) of total 80 acres Community Mini Township at Wagholi, Pune with an investment of Rs 400 crores.

4) Office park at Kharadi:

KPDL has plans to launch an ultra modern office park complex at Kharadi, Pune. The project will have a total saleable area of 8.50 lakh sq. ft. with an investment of Rs 250 crores.
Moneycontrol India

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mont Vert Seville, Wakad launched - 2bhk flat starting at Rs.29 lakhs, 3 BHK flat starting at Rs.38 lakhs, plus other charges!

An honest attempt!

Mont Vert Seville will have about 450 flats with ten 12-storeyed towers, a podium garden throughout the scheme, making it a complete vehicle-free zone, with a sprawling two-level of parking below the podium to accommodate 1000 cars. In fact, there will be 100 amenities and specifications provided to the buyer.

An apartment + lifestyle at a very affordable price:

“What’s more – every buyer of Mont Vert Seville will get a free lifetime membership to Club 29. So we are providing an apartment + lifestyle at a very affordable price”, adds Manish Kaneria, Director, Mont Vert Homes.
- Indiapages

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Digital Amanora Park Town at Hadapsar in Pune

Leading IT communications provider, Japan-based NEC Corporation today signed an agreement with IT solutions and service provider CMC and City Corporation Limited (CCL) to collaborate in developing ''Digital Amanora Park Town'' at Hadapsar in Pune.

NEC will provide the relevant technology and CMC will bring in support for integration of IT solutions for the 400-acre township, Amanora Park.

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2) Congrats Pune real estate investors, for thinking irrationally and paying illogically high price for the newly launched property

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Magarpatta's Nanded City may be on Sinhagad Road but it is an extension of Warje, Kothrud annex!

Do you know anything about Nanded?

Yesterday evening, Sangita called me to ask about Nanded. When you search Google, it suggests Nanded City, Nanded University and Nanded Gurudwara, she said. But she found out my blogs on Nanded City, Magarpatta City's upcoming project on Sinhagad road and called me on my mobile 91 98600 44110.

I enjoyed talking to her. Yes, you know, i enjoy reading your comments and talking to you as much as writing this Pune real estate market news blog. You also know, i do not charge for first 15 minutes.

However recently, we are talking more than 15 minutes because current hot topics are Nanded City, Megapolis and Lavasa, big integrated townships of Pune.

Should i invest in Magarpatta's Nanded City?

Sangita wanted to know about Nanded because she was in two minds about investing in Nanded City. Actually, she was asking this question to a wrong person, me.

Because, i am associated with Pune real estate for more than 10 years and i am proud of it. You may have noticed, i never say do not invest in this project. For the simple reason, i know, sooner or later, some day every flat is booked. As a real estate salesman and blogger, i believe in presenting any real estate project in the right perspective. Result is you have a clear idea what you are getting into and you can make up your mind about booking a flat.

Before i asked, Sangita told me she stays in Kothurd, already has one flat in Magarpatta City and she has received a letter about Nanded City. This made my job very easy. When i told her how Nanded City is an extension of Warje; Warje - Kothrud annex as per SRK Developer's OvalNest or Warje - adjoining Kothrud as per Aditya's A Garden City , i do not have to talk much. She said, it means Nanded City is better than Blue Ridge and Megapolis!

View Larger Map

Bookings at Crossover County and OvalNest:

From the Google map you can immediately come to know two things.
1) A bridge in place of the causeway will make Nanded City just other side of Kothrud's Karve Nagar and Warje area.

Nanded Village - cause-way to Shivane, Kothrud (by Ravi Karandeekar)

2) When Kothrud along with the residents of Sinhagad road appreciate any project, you know what happens. Even in this Pune real estate slow down, Darode Jog's Crossover County and SRK Developers' OvalNest were booked faster and at a higher rate than any project in Baner and Wakad!

Where is Kivale?

Nanded City took only 5 minutes, in the rest of the 10 minutes we, Sangita and me, talked about her experience with Magarpatta, Pethkar Projects' Samrajya - Balwantapuram and my upcoming project based on 'swim to work' concept. She thinks Lavas will make hot air balloon, the most popular mode of transport.

But when Sangita asked me 'where is Kivale?' I said, first use "EMAIL THIS" link to forward this blog to your 10 friends, subscribe to my blog's Free RSS or get a free email in your mailbox and then i will tell you where is Kivale.

By the way, can anybody tell me, where is Kivale?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

What are your views on living in a gated community, townships like Amanora Park Town or Kumar Properties' Megapolis?

Recently, you know, Kumar Properties and Avinash Bhosale Group launched Megapolis, a 150 acre township in the 3rd phase of Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park. It is built under Special Township Act. But this is not the first gated community, a township totally cut off from the Pune City. Amanora Park Town and Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge are already launched. Very soon, Magarpatta City is launching 700 acres township "Nanded City" on Sinhagad road.

How is life..good?

You may know or may have lived in this kind of a township. It may be of a smaller size. It may belong to some industry - say sugar or fertilizer, institution - IIT Powai or a defense establishment. If you have lived in this type of a gated community, please, share your experience in the comments. Some of you may not have actually lived in this type of a township, but still you may have your views about life in the gated community. You can also express your view and opinion in the comments. Your views will help all those who are interested in investing in these townships.

It is in the Development Plan!

Besides the quality of life, before you book a flat you want to know about the infrastructure and conveniences. When you visit a project in Pune or Pimpri - Chinchwad Municipal Corporation and ask about a road, you get a pet answer "it is there in the development plan!".

But integrated township has to provide and manage the infrastructure. Obviously, the promoter of the township has to answer all your questions. Read what property buyers want to know about Kumar Properties' Megapolis and if can't find your question in the list, please, add it in the comments.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Magarpatta's Nanded City on Sinhagad road - coming soon - how soon?...in a couple of weeks?...everybody wants to know....

Most popular Google Search:

I called my contacts at Magarpatta City to find out when they are going to launch "Nanded City" on Sinhgad road. Of course, before asking this, i thanked him too. Till last month, everybody in Pune was talking about it. But now, even Magarpatta has started talking about it! Plans of Nanded City are ready since long, i knew. Now, they have finalised the name and the logo. Which means website and brochure must be in the final stage of designing. So why wait? Monsoon will be here in a couple of weeks!

On the occasion of Gudi Padawa, April 6, 2008, for the first time Magarpatta City said "Await a 700 acre Mega Township on Pune Sinhagad Road" From that day, i have noticed, everyday Google search for Magarpatta and Nanded City is multiplying.

Ad released on Akshay Tritiya, May 7, 2008 says, "coming soon.." and yes, now it's officially "Nanded City - in tune with nature...A project by Magarpatta Cty...The pride of Pune" Soon is fine. But when?

Do you know what to do to receive latest news about Nanded City? Subscribe to my blog's RSS or emails. Yes, to tell your friends and relatives about Nanded City email this, there is a link bellow the post.

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4) Hike the development charges for townships!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

DSK Durgamata is the most fascinating tower of Mumbai says Humayunn N A Peerzaada

© All rights reserved. Visit to see the original size.

Humayunn N A Peerzaada:

Humayunn, a professional model, actor, short film maker & photographer has photographed all most all skyscrapers, towers & hotels in Mumabi. He has invested lot of time, energy & hard work in shooting under construction and completed buildings. Humayunn brings out the best in the architecture of the building and presents it in a dramatic way. His colors and treatment is awesome.

In the looks and styling ... DSK Durgamata Tower beats everyone:

© All rights reserved. Visit to see the original size.

"I know how much time, money, energy, thought, ideas, creativity which must have gone into making this kind of gigantic tower and the most beautiful tower of Mumbai ...Shooting landmarks and towers is a hobby for me .. i have shot mostly all towers of South Mumbai and I say this without any doubt that DSK is the most fascinating tower of Mumbai. In the looks and styling ... DSK Durgamata Tower beats everyone" says Humayunn. Do visit his set Skyscrapers of Mumbai on Flickr.

© All rights reserved. Visit to see the original size.

Beauty, Science and Technology:

"We have captured the beauty, mastered the science and harnessed the technology to create such a magnificent masterpiece" say D.S.Kulkarni Developers' handing over ceremony ad. No wonder, Sharan Lund, Senior Architect (Building and Environment) at P&T Consultants - Singapore, cherishes the experience of working on this project at F.T. Khareghat and Associates, architects of DSK Durgamata Towers.

"DSK" you are not only the first, you are also the best Pune real estate developer. Pune is proud of you!