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Thursday, November 1, 2018

What is so great about Metro Jazz, Baner annex, Mahalunge?

Upgrade to Metro Jazz:

Swapnil and Soumita, proud flat buyers with Karan Sharma, Sales Manager at Metro Jazz

I wrote a long review of Metro Jazz when it was launched in 2014. I interviewed Mr. Vikas Achalkar, the architect of the project, who claimed that Metro Jazz is for the people who want to upgrade to a better flat than their current ones at Wakad, Baner, Balewadi, and even at Kothrud. Mainly because Metro Jazz offers:
1) More carpet area
2) Bigger room size
3) Better space layout & space utilization
4) Better light, ventilation & privacy
5) Better specifications & amenities & enough parking
6) Better infrastructural services & safety
7) Contemporary elevation.

So, when I heard that the first phase of Metro Jazz has received O. C. (Occupation Certificate) and has started giving possession, I decided to visit it, talk to the flat buyers and check how it has shaped up. Here are my findings:

1) Property Centric Decision:

Generally, first time home buyers in Pune take a location-centric decision.
IT Engineers working in Hinjewadi look for a flat at Hinjewadi, Maan, Marunji, Sus, Mahalunge.
IT engineers working in Eon IT Park Kharadi look for a property at Keshav Nagar, Wagholi.
Someone who has relatives in Kothrud goes for Bavdhan, Bhugaon.

First, they decide their preferred location and then choose the project of their choice which, of course, fits in their budget.

At Metro Jazz, I met a couple of IT Engineers who's preference was not 'a flat near their office'! Not only that! They stretched their budgets to book a flat in Metro Jazz!!


Because their decision was property centric. They were looking for a good property.

For example, Chetan Sontakke is working in Kharadi but he booked a flat in Metro Jazz. He said -
1) Today, I am working in Kharadi. But who knows? Tomorrow I may join a company in Hinjewadi. Switching jobs is very common in IT.
2) At this point in time, I am 'single' but tomorrow, I may marry a girl who is working in Hinjewadi!
3) If I continue working in Kharadi - in near future - the traveling time may be substantially less because of Metro. Balewadi Stop of Hinjewadi Shivaji Nagar Metro is near to Metro Jazz.
4) Those who are born & brought up in Pune - do they refuse to take a job because the company is far away from their home? No! People from Kothrud join a company in Kharadi - someone born & brought up in Hadapsar joins a company in Hinjewadi. Isn't it?

You may ask - what is so good about the flats in Metro Jazz?
The answer is
1) The flats in Metro Jazz are spacious -
A) 4.5 BHK Flat - 1972 Sq.ft Carpet
B) 3.5 BHK Flat - 1557 Sq.ft. Carpet
C) 3 BHK Flat - 1207 to 1365 Sq.ft. Carpet
D) 2.5 BHK Flat - 1207 Sq.ft. Carpet
E) 2 BHK Flat - 827 to 933 Sq.ft. Carpet

2) The layout of the flat is efficient

3) Specification are top of the line

4) Good light & ventilation in every room

5) Scenic view from the flat

Because of these reasons, flat buyers like Chetan had stretched their budgets.

On any weekend around 30 families visit Metro Jazz.

Frankly, I was surprised to see such a good response to a project which offers properties in this price range -
A) 2 BHK Flat - Rs. 85 Lakhs to 1.02 Crores
B) 2.5 BHK Flat - Rs. 1.12 Crores
C) 3 BHK Flat - Rs. 1.28 to 1.51 Crores
D) 3.5 BHK Flat - Rs. Rs. 1.71 Crores
E) 4.5 BHK Flat - Rs. 2.30 Crores

But when I talked to Abhishek & Binny, who are the first one to take possession and move in Metro Jazz, I realized that Metro Jazz is far better than the others in this price range.

Plus, the progress of the construction and options of ready possession, early possession and under construction makes Metro Jazz more attractive than others in the same league.

2) Construction Quality is as Good as Kasturi Apostrophe:

In their candid video interview, Abhishek and Binny had compared Metro Jazz with the other projects they have visited in the vicinity of Wakad, Baner & Balewadi.

You know why did they decide to book a flat in Metro Jazz?

Because Metro Jazz is as good as Kasturi Apostrophe at Wakad - where they were renting a 3 BHK flat for nearly 4 years!

Because of Kasturi Apostrophe, their expectations about the specifications, flat design, & finishing were quite high. That's why they went on rejecting projects. Till they found Metro Jazz!

Metro Jazz was comfortably fitting in their budget but there was one serious problem. They wanted 'ready to move in' flat. And at Metro Jazz, they had to wait for nearly a year.

Still, they went for Metro Jazz and went on paying rent plus EMI for one year.

Now, they wonder - 'why didn't we go for a 4 BHK. No problem! Eventually, if we feel like going for it - we can get it in Metro Jazz itself!'

3) Good Customer Care:

When these guys praised Metro Jazz, they didn't only talk about property. They talk about the builder and his staff too.

Abhishek very candidly said that this builder 'listens'!

Both of them have Mr. Nitin Chitodkar's - the builder's - phone number. Whenever they have called the builder, the builder has taken their call. Met them at the site office and resolved the issues.

Same about the staff!

'One evening I realized that one street light was off - I called Arjun - He took care of it' said Abhishek.

This builder is approachable and responsible. That's why though we are the first and only residents - our stay is quite comfortable. Said Abhishek.

We wanted some minor modifications - either the builder did it or helped us to get it done. Said Binny.

The first time home buyers who have stretched their budgets to book a flat in Metro Jazz said that the builder is quite considerate about payment terms & schedule.

No wonder, when I told Arjun Mane, the project engineer, that I want to interview a family who has taken possession, he confidently took me to Abhishek & Binny!

4) Good Water Management:

Since there were so many visitors, Karan Sharma (99230 22163), the sales manager, couldn't spare time for me. So, the project engineer showed me all types of flats and clubhouse. At the end of the tour, I told him that - "Arjun, I am Pune real estate blogger. Not a flat buyer. If you really want to impress me, show the infrastructure services in Metro Jazz - mainly water processing system"

"Sure!," Arjun said and took me to the water filtration and R O Plant in the lower parking of the under-construction B building and explained it.

"Metro Jazz is in Mahalunge - not in PMC - but you know what? - the flat owners in Metro Jazz will feel that they are living in PMC!", Arjun said.

"How is it possible?," I asked.

Because of 2 things. 1 - Road. 2 - Water.

We are constructing - at our own cost - the cement concrete approach road and installing street lights.

We have 10 borewells which supply nearly 5 lakh liter water every day - which is more than enough for the 230 flats in Metro Jazz.

Plus because of this filtration & R O Plant, the quality of the water is as good as PMC water - in fact, a little better.

Now, tell me, if there is a proper approach road and ample good quality water - how come anyone can feel that he is not staying in PMC limits?" Arjun asked.

Certainly, this shows that the builder of Metro Jazz is serious about customer comfort!

To know more about Metro Jazz, please, contact Karan Sharma on +919923022163.

I told you these 4 findings because these are useful to you.
But there is a 5th too. Which is mainly useful for me.
That finding is - Most of the flat buyers who have booked flats in Metro Jazz - nearly 70 % of them - have read my review and found it helpful to make the decision!

This has hugely motivated me to write reviews of the ongoing projects in Pune real estate market.
Otherwise, you know, for a while, my focus was more on my YouTube Channel than on my blog.
So, keep visiting!

Photowalk of Metro Jazz:

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