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Monday, December 6, 2010

Palladion, "Well-Connected" 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats at Balewadi Pune

Heard and Overheard in Sakal Vastu 2010 and Times Property Showcase 2010 - Pune property exhibitions:

"Smart" Palladion Balewadi Pune (click the ad to enlarge) 

Who is 'smart'? You or the builder of Palladion Balewadi Pune?

Palladion (www.palladionpune.com) is near Aditya Comfortzone and Vascon Willows in Balewadi Pune.

Like many projects in Balewadi and Wakad in Pune real estate market, Palladion has 3 wings on a long strip of plot - just like railway train bogies. In these 12 story buildings, Palladion offers 2 BHK and 3 BHK Flats.

All inclusive property price of 'Non Garden facing' 2 BHK Flat, on 1st to 4th floor, (Living + Dining 11 feet x 22 feet, Kitchen 8 feet 6 inches x 9 feet, Bedroom with attached toilet 10 feet 6 inches x 13 feet, 2nd bedroom 10 feet x 10 feet 6 inches and a terrace) is Rs. 41 lakhs + Service Tax 2.58% + VAT 1% + 1 year's maintenance @ Rs. 2 per sq.ft.

Where as the same 'Non Garden Facing' 2 BHK Flat on 12th floor costs Rs. 43 lakhs + Service Tax 2.58% + VAT 1% + 1 year's maintenance @ Rs. 2 per sq.ft.

3 BHK Flat in Palladion Balewadi has 17 feet x 11 feet living with an attached terrace and 17 feet x 8 feet Kitchen cum Dining with 9 feet x 3 feet 6 inches Dry Balcony. 2 Master Bedrooms with attached toilets are 10 feet x 13 feet in size. 3rd Bedroom is 10 feet x 11 feet. Common toilet is 4 feet 6 inches x 8 feet.

All inclusive property price of this 3 BHK Flat on 1st and 3rd floor is Rs. 53.81 lakhs + Service Tax 2.58% + VAT 1% + 1 year's maintenance @ Rs. 2 per sq.ft.

The same 3 BHK Flat on the 2nd floor costs Rs. 57.93 lakhs + Service Tax 2.58% + VAT 1% + 1 year's maintenance @ Rs. 2 per sq.ft.

And real estate price of the same 3 BHK Flat on the 11th floor is Rs. 56.08 lakhs + Service Tax 2.58% + VAT 1% + 1 year's maintenance @ Rs. 2 per sq.ft. and on the 12th floor - Rs. 62.02 lakhs + Service Tax 2.58% + VAT 1% + 1 year's maintenance @ Rs. 2 per sq.ft.

All this because of the floor rise and the terrace. In Palladion Balewadi, a 3 BHK Flat on even floors has 15 feet x 13 feet terrace. Which is bigger than the living-room!

Now, tell me, who is 'smart'? You or the builder of Palladion Balewadi (www.palladionpune.com)?

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    I came across blogs crying about insecurity in the Balewadi area. As per the blog, there were 7 thefts in Aditya Comfort Zone 2-3 years back.
    Do you have any idea if this location is 'now' safe to live in?

    There were others (2 year old blogs) crying about water supply problem. Is water supply still a problem in this region?


  2. I quite liked the planning of the Palladion Project but since they do not have any completed project yet is it trustworthy to invest in this property. Would love to know your opinion.

  3. Dear Chaoticvibes,

    1) It's builders' job to convince you that he can deliver.

    No builder does that because they feel that you are desperate and needy.

    Builders in Pune believe that property buyer are beggars have no choice.

    So, first, tell the builder that he is just a contractor whom you pay in advance.

    As a master, you have the right to decided whether he is capable or not.

    1. Dear Ravi,

      Whats your view on Mittal Group's Sun Horizon close to Nandan prospera in Baner Balewadi. Please post your views.


  4. Palladion is actually by KBD Group who have completed multiple projects across Pune. I know it because I live in one of the row house projects known as Shradha in Baner. They haven't propagated well about their projects but this issue is quite common with most of their builders. I have been living in Shradha for quite some time now and I feel that I have been given all the necessary amenities by the builder.