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Friday, March 5, 2010

Mont Vert Belrose, Pashan Baner link road, to open booking of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats on 6TH March 2010

2 BHK Flat - 740 Carpet + Terrace - for Rs. 43.52 & 44.75 Lakhs

3 BHK Flat - 1027 Carpet + Terrace - for Rs. 58.76 & 58.91 Lakhs

To know more about Mont Vert Belrose, please, visit www.montverthomes.com

Manishbhai and Jayantbhai Kaneria, Directors, Mont Vert Luxury Homes

I am happy to know that Mont Vert Luxury Homes is launching a new project tomorrow, 6TH March 2010. Mont Vert Belrose at Pashan Baner link road! Besides, you know, I am a big fan of Mont Vert, there is one more reason for me to be so happy about the launch of Mont Vert Belrose. Mont Vert is back in Pashan Baner!

Mont Vert is back in Pashan Baner!

Quality builder like Mont Vert, i insist, should focus on building properties for the middle class homeowners who want to settle down in Pune.

Wakad - Pimple Saudagar are transit camps for young IT professionals. In Aundh annex, there are enough new-bees who can earn and learn, and become big builders by developing schemes for these first time home buyers.

"Manish-saheb, in Pune real estate market, there are few builders like you, who can build quality homes for the middle class. Please, don't waste your time and energy in developing budget flats for the young global gypsies in Wakad Pune!," i used to tell Mr. Manish Kaneria, Director of Mont Vert Luxury Homes.

So for me, Mont Vert Belrose means an opportunity for you to settle down in a developed area of Pashan Baner in Pune, by investing in a quality 2 BHK / 3 BHK Flat, build by the experienced Pune builder!

Well-done and Well-come home Mont Vert!

Location of Mont Vert Belrose:

View Mont Vert Belrose in a larger map

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  1. Hi Ravi:
    I liked the project but a little bit on higher side. The elevation looks dull compared to their own project Mont Vert Biarritz 1 and 2.
    However specs are better than their past projects. I am helping a friend buy a home in that neighborhood. Very nice and quite area but needs DP roads soon. Any thoughts.

  2. Ok here is what I got from their cost sheet for 3BHK
    sale area=1432 x 3666/- = 5249712
    + 225000 infra charges (i guess parking)
    + stamp and reg = 291510
    + Development charges =125000
    total = 5891222
    if on floor 5,6,7,8,9 rate increases to 3666+50

    This is based on cost sheet I picked up today.

  3. As per Daily SAKAL Dt:-3/4/10, VAT & Service Tax @ 1% & 4-5% will be applicable wef 1/4/10 for On Going Projects (Resi Flats). However it should not be imposed on Buyers who have already booked their flats by paying 15% Amt in advance. If it is imposed, the Budget of Common Buyer may collapse leading them to withdraw or cancel their booking. Also as per recent Court Verdict Buyers are neither Material supplier nor service providers & therefore such Taxes can not be recovered or imposed on them. Builders, Developers & Involved Govt Agencies, VIPS should sit together to think to avoid such foolish Taxes on such essential commodities.

    Looking to the way and one after another new ideas of taxation since independence, it is felt that A DAY WILL COME IN INDIA WHEN AIR ALSO WILL NOT BE FREE FROM TAXATION WHICH WOULD BE ONLY BECAUSE OF OPEN HIGH LEVEL CORRUPTION.

  4. Dear Prospective Buyers,
    I am sure almost every property Investor/First time home buyer does a lot of research over the Internet. As did I before getting into my housing contract with Mont Vert Builders for my apartment in Seville. At that time everything seemed bright and the builder had mostly positive reviews. But to tell you the truth. this builder the good reputation of this builder is a thing of the distant past. Even after paying much more than the market rate for this particular builder i am left high and dry with money flowing out of my pocket as the possession is delayed and the builder (Mostly his associates are unsympathetic to the plight of the house owners)

    My observation of the project are as follows:

    1. The builder even though made promises of prompt delivery before entering into the agreement, delays the possession and refuses to pay any sort of compensation stating that every single of his projects are delayed. Which is never mentioned at the time of booking.

    2. Quality of the interior fittings are compromised under the name of "Equivalent Fittings" which the builder in the end gets to decide what is "Equivalent".

    3. Builder's Marketing employees are extremely rude once the project nears completion and the sweet talking people will SHOCK you by their rude behaviour "Very Unprofessional" no commitments once 95 Percent of the payment has been done by the bank. "Do not call us, we will call you once the flat is ready."

    Do you really need to pay someone not trustworthy to build your flat?

    Think before you book with this builder.

    from a Montvert customer to future montvert customers...