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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Fellas in Wakad Pune

Other day, i couldn't stop myself from entering Nandan Inspera at Wakad. From Wakad Dange Chowk road, I could see the casting of entrance road, the construction of flowerbeds, compound wall going on in full swing. This had left little space for walking in. But, at the same time, it was inviting. The quality of these simple utilities was tempting enough to have a look at the site.

Wakad Railway Station:

View Nandan Inspera, 2 BHK Flats at Wakad Pune in a larger map

At the site, i was happy to see the marking for the first two buildings - A1 & A2. Which was enough for me to visualize all six buildings of Nandan Inspera. Like the neighboring projects Costa Rica and Palash 2.0, Nandan Inspera also has a long strip of a land. So, like these projects, ultimately, all six buildings of Nandan Inspera would be looking like a train. Only difference is Nandan Inspera will look like Deccan Queen, whereas other projects would look like Passenger trains. For a moment i enjoyed the visual of all these trains at the Wakad Railway Station!

Sample Flat of Nandan Inspera Wakad, Pune:

"We are almost done with the site office!," said Mr. Shinde, site in-charge of Nandan Inspera Wakad. "Yes! It is looking elegant. I am impressed," i said pulling the chair.

"We have cancelled the sample flat. Means, we are making it in the building. Actual flat, like we did in Nandan Prospera!," said the gentleman sitting next to Mr. Shinde. "Meet our landlord, Mr. Kalate!," Mr. Shinde introduced him. Before i opened my mouth to introduce myself, Mr. Kalate said that he knew me well because he reads my blog! "Landlord of Wakad is my reader!," i said and thanked Mr. Kalate.

"We are bringing Daffodils School here!," said Mr. Kalate. That was one more news for me. But it was not the last one. Mr. Kalate went on talking passionately about Nandan Inspera. I was surprised with his interest and knowledge about the construction of the project. "Are you involved in the development of the project?," i asked him. "I am very much involved! But only as a landlord. I am into distribution of medical and pharmaceutical products," Mr. Kalate said. "Oh! Great! Everybody who is associated with Nandan Inspera looks happy and involved!," I said.

Property Rates of Nandan Inspera Wakad, Pune:

I can understand the happiness of the property buyers of Nandan Inspera -
1) They got an opportunity to get involved in the finalization of the planning, specifications and amenities of Nandan Inspera.
2) Before the actual construction begins, they must be happy to see the property rates of Nandan Inspera going up to the current rate of Rs. 3,500 up to 5TH floor and Rs. 3,700 per sq.ft. for 6TH to 9TH floor!
3) More than 70% booking at a pre-launch stage of Nandan Inspera must be a comforting experience for them.
4) These property buyers may be looking at every booking of a 2 BHK Flat in Nandan Inspera, fitting in the budget range of Rs. 40 to 47 lakhs in Wakad, as one more step towards better neighborhood.

I can understand all this. But why the landlord of Nandan Inspera was so happy? I have never seen a happy landlord. I only know that those who haven't yet sold their lands are the only happy fellas in Wakad Pune!

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