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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2 BHK Flat for 35 lakhs in Wakad Pune - one more real estate project coming soon!

On Wakad Dange Chowk Thergaon Road:

Wakad Pune

Looks like "Tower" has become a lucky word for the builders in Wakad Pune! Particularly after the huge response to the recently launched project, Shonest Tower, opposite Costa Rica and next to Omega Paradise, on Wakad Dange Chowk road!

One more upcoming project on the same Wakad Dange Chowk Road, i have heard, may have the lucky word "Tower"! The other day, when i dropped in to check the progress of the project, Rohit Arbuj (91 99239 22211), sales manger, said that the name isn't yet finalized. But, today he says, "We may call it Capital Towers Wakad Pune"!

Capital Towers Wakad Pune:

Site of the project

It was Rohit's first day at the site but he gave me a rough idea about his upcoming project. Capital Towers is promoted by Chandraranga Developers (of 10 Elite at Pimple Gurav) and their joint venture partners. The project will have around 194 flats. Mostly 2 BHK Flats. Approximately - 172 - 2 BHK Flats and, only, 22 - 3 BHK Flats! Property rate of Capital Towers would be as per the current market trend, Rs. 2800 to 2900 per sq.ft.. At this rate, 2 BHK Flat would fit in the budget of 34 - 35 lakhs and 3 BHK Flat in 42 - 43 lakhs.

2 BHK Flat with 2 Master Bedrooms!

Rohit told me about the planning of the project. Designed by one of the joint venture partner of the project, "2 master bedrooms" is the unique feature of his 2 BHK Flats! It means that both bedrooms will have attached toilets. Not only that, both bedrooms will be approximately of the same size too. Now, you will ask about the wash basin, right? Yes, the wash basin will be located at a convenient place near the dinning area of the flat. Sounds interesting! Isn't it?

Property Price Appreciation at Wakad Pune!:



View "Take the first left turn as you drive down the Hinjewadi flyover!" in a larger map

When i was at Capital Towers, which is located between Mont Vert Seville and recently launched, Reflections on Wakad Dange Chowk Road, someone came in and asked about the plan to remove the adjoining slum. He said that some talks were going on about the shifting of this slum and wanted to know about the decision. Someone at the site office said if that happens - if the slum is shifted - property rates of the project would go up!

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  1. 35L for a flat in a shitty place like Dange chowk. Why would anyone want to spend so much to live amidst slums??

  2. I Dont think so go for this property,This place are surrounded by the slum area ,

    I went to visit this property yesterday and i feel dirty when i came out from gate after 7 pm.

    if anywant to expereice then visit after the 6 pm and see for what pupose native peoples are using this location(all the surrouding place including the road)

    as per the project 'reflection' cocern its some what good compared to 'captital towers'

    also the rate rs 2800-2900 is not worth to buy this propert (mainreason is location)

    also there are follwing cons

    1.quality of windows are very poort
    2.kichen are very small
    3.not having the good ventilation
    4.small open space
    5.and builder havnt reputed
    6.cancellation charges of popert are 50%

    there are lots of project in wakad are
    i think following porject location are good .

    1.malapani greens
    2.park royak
    4.rama gorup
    5.om group
    6.aishvarm green

    above project are not having any slum area and ventilation are good.

    Think serouly before finalizing this property.

  3. Thanks Rahul/ravi,
    its very useful information ,
    I also visited the site and my experience are same,this project is not worth at all

  4. i am agree with,
    as per the photo shown by the ravi sir in above blog are enough to tell about the location.

  5. i have visited this site during prelaunch offer.

    Sales person was not very clear/sure on following points.

    #1 Built up area is 1072 and carpet is less than 800 ?

    #2 Terrece would be charged 50% or 100% ?

    #3 Enough space for providing the amenities ?

    #4 34 - 35 laks for 2 BHK ; includes all charges ? what is flat size (Carpet area) ?

  6. Did anyone check the plan-layout from PCMC? Would like to know about development in this area in coming 2 yrs

  7. I saw this site and checked its docs from PCMC, i really don't understand why this hulla around this project. I learn't that Ravi K had some tussle with Capital Tower guys (money matter i suppose). Hi Ravi kindly be professional, though i am aware its ur business after all. This blog might be free for u to scrap anything, but you are really losing credibility.

    I booked a 3BHK flat @ Capital Towers recently and i must say this place holds great potential in coming future.

    Those who believe Ravi K must wait till he becomes builder. Rest must visit this place again and check the future development plan from PCMC.

    One more thing, Few famous actress from Marathi Film industry have also booked flat here.... :)

  8. Hi Guys
    i have booked the flat too.
    i liked design of the flat its quit spacious... i liked this plan more then costa rica.
    Rooms are really nice and i like the dry balcony.
    its huge and nice.

  9. hi,
    Ravi as we are talking @bt infra i dont thing in 21 st trend it will be use for resale in future.
    im looking for investment purpose so any other option for investment.

  10. Hi Guys,
    I also heard lots of negative things about this project.
    I agree that slum is there but it help to fulfill primary requirement of home easily.
    I booked 2BHK just by referring the layout of flat; I loved the layout of Capital Tower.
    Hope builder will deliver all the things as he promised.
    Please join all member of Capital Tower at http://groups.google.com/group/capital-tower

  11. Really you do not know that what will happen, by the time the projet is completed. The plan of the floors are far better than other builders.
    Hope the up coming projects will come on slum area and not after demolishing a mall / posh area.

  12. Hi This is Amey Nevrekar (ameynevrekar@gmail.com) and i have booked a Flat at Capital Towers. First of all i would like to state that i have really invested in a very good Project as if you see the pricing of this Project to any other in the entire area, you will know that you must have missed an oppurtunity (if you havent booked a flat yet). Secondly with regards to the Slum, i believe sooner or later the slum shall be developed into a nice Project and people shall come in for this place. At that time the Value of Capital towers shall also increase more. Thereby you will rue the missed opportunity even more. More ever the Interior and the Exterior of the Building is extremely well planned out in accordance to the Vaastu. Even the construction type is very good with the Bricks being used that of Cement, which are tseady and strong. the fittings and the interior accessories provided are also very good and of the same standard as mentioned in the other projects in the blog.

    So do not buy a flat in Capital Towers at your own risk.

    Besides this, the people in the administration and the sales team are very nice and co-operative. This is what prompted me to go for the Project. They really listened well and helped me in the booking of the flat.

  13. Planning to buy a resale flat in Capital Tower. How do you folks find the society now after 3 years of completion?