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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rahul Park Warje News - Available! A few ready possession 3 BHK Flats for Rs. 59 lakhs

Property Rates at Warje, Kothrud annexe, Pune:

The other day, after visiting Oval Nest, i stopped at Rahul Park, Warje, to chat with Sunil Marathe (91 99218 26807). Obviously, i wanted to update myself about the availability and property price at Rahul Park.

Like all 'on site real estate salesmen' in Pune, Sunil wanted me to tell him news and gossip about Pune real estate market. Particularly, on that day, about Oval Nest Warje (www.srkdevelopers.in), which had opened bookings of their 2nd phase at the property rate of Rs.3,750 per sq.ft.

Oval Nest, Warje - Kothrud annexe- Pune:

Reviewing Oval Nest in brief, i started the conversation and felt like asking him to take "Oval Nest Challenge". But i controlled myself. We real estate salespersons, you wont believe - but it is a fact, give more importance to the "type of a customer" than the specification, amenities and property price of the project we sell.

In marketing terminology it is called "psychographic profile of a buyer". A real estate salesmen knows that a certain "type of a property buyer" would only buy his property. That's why, every real estate salesman develops a sense of guessing, in a few minutes, whether you are his "type of a customer" or not - would buy his flat or not!

Between us - Sunil and i, we immediately agreed that, the property buyers of Rahul Park and Oval Nest, are not of the same type! They may have the same budget, may prefer the same location - Warje, but are entirely of different types.

Oval Nest, Aditya Garden City and Rahul Park at Warje Pune on Google Maps:

View Warje Pune in a larger map

Certainly, it was my responsibility to define the type of buyer of Oval Nest. Thanks to my Canon Power Shot A480! I showed Sunil the photograph, (given below), i had shot a few minutes earlier at Oval Nest.

"Now, Mr. Sunil Marathe, tell me about a "type of property buyer" who pays the property rate of Rs.3,700 per sq.ft. and purchases ready possession 3 BHK Flat, which has 2 master bedrooms of 11'x14', and a carpet area of 1043 sq.ft. + 2 Terraces for Rs. 59 lakhs at Rahul Park, Warje in Pune?," reading the floor plans of A1 & A2 Buildings, (given below), I asked.

Ready Possession 3 BHK Flat for Rs. 59 lakhs at Rahul Park, Warje:

1) Click for Floor Plans of Ready Possession 3 BHK Flats in A1 & A2 Buildings in Rahul Park, Warje - Kothrud annexe - Pune:

2) Click for the Brochure of Rahul Park, Warje Pune:

Sunil said, "Sure! I don't need to show you photographs. Come let us see "live" property buyers of Rahul Park!" I went out but it was afternoon. So, i saw what you see in these photographs!

Service Road from Warje Flyover on Mumbai Pune Expressway to Oval Nest:

Rahul Park, Warje: West Side:

Shopping & Office Space at Rahul Park, Warje:

Under Construction 2 BHK Flats in Rahul Park Warje, East:

Shopping and Offices at Rahul Park Warje:

R Cube - Commercial Complex and Rahul Construction's Office at Rahul Park, Warje:

Flyover on Mumbai Pune Expressway at Warje, Pune:

Karve Road at Karve-Nagar - Welcome to Warje - Kothrud Annexe:

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  1. Do you know if 2BHK flats are still available at Rahul Park and at what price?