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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oval Nest Challenge

Find a residential real estate project in Pune which gives you as much value for your money as Oval Nest Warje

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When i visited Oval Nest, behind Aditya Garden City at Warje, the salesman in a white shirt requested me to visit the old sample flat.

"I have seen that sample flat when you launched the first phase of Oval Nest, and many times after that! Now, i want to see the actual flats in the first phase which are ready for possession." I told the salesman in the white shirt.

"Why do you want to see the actual flat?," asked the salesman.

"Why means? I am Ravi Karandeekar, and you know, i write Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog. I want to see whether you have actually given everything you had promised at the launch of Oval Nest!," I said.

(Thanks to you all, now, i have started taking every opportunity to promote by blog when i meet anybody associated with Pune real estate. I start with a human virtue of sharing information with other human beings and end with answering the question, "Ravi, how much do you charge for speaking for more than 3 minutes?")

"Exactly for the same reason - to check whether we have fulfilled our promises or not - i am requesting you to visit the original sample flat and then visit any flat, out of 129 ready for possession flats in the first phase!," said the salesman in the white shirt and gave me a list of specifications and amenities of Oval Nest Warje.

Feeling somewhat shy, to cover myself, looking at the long list, i asked him, "Don't you provide any pen or pencil for tick marking this long list?" But, before i could complete my question, the salesman of Oval Nest Warje, gave me a pen.

After visiting the old sample flat, i visited one ready for possession flat in the first phase, then the sample flat of the 2nd phase and went to the pavilion over the club house. Salesman of Oval Nest Warje, gave me a brochure and a property price list of the 2nd phase. Obviously, i kept aside the brochure and started reading the property price list.

"I am sure, now, you accept that we have fulfilled all our promises, right?," the salesman asked me.

"Come on, i was sure about it all the time! I know Mr. S. R. Kulkarni. I just wanted to confirm, because you know, i write Ravi Karan...," thanks to the salesman of Oval Nest for completing my sentence.

"Now, let us talk about Oval Nest Challenge!," he said and added, "Ravi, you are quite well qualified to take this challenge. In fact, i am sure, there is nobody as qualified as you to take Oval Nest Challenge! Because, nobody knows Pune real estate as much as Ravi Karandeekar who writes a blog Ravi ..." Now, it was my turn to complete the sentence but i told him to come to the point and tell me about Oval Nest Challenge!

"Go through this Property Survey Chart," said the salesman of Oval Nest Warje. He opened the second page of property price list which has a list of 37 points. He requested me to name a project in Warje, Bavdhan, Kothrud and on Prabhat Road which offers all 37 points Oval Nest offers.

"Sure, i will take Oval Nest Challenge. Even if you didn't tell me anything about the prize!," i said and started reading the Property Survey Chart. After going through it once, i called my friend Rugwed of Setu Advertising and requested him to send the chart.

"I would like to blog it, Rugwed! I am sure, my readers will find your Property Survey Chart very useful. They can check how much value they get for the property price they pay!" Thank god, Rugwed immediately said yes and i could take the incoming call.

"Ravi, is it worth paying Rs.3,750 per sq.ft. in Warje?," the caller asked.

"Yes and No! NO - if you are not getting value for the property rate you pay! YES - if you are getting value for your money!," i said and we talked about the property rates at Aditya Garden City, Rahul Park and Oval Nest and, of course, i told him to take Oval Nest Challenge. Hopping for the compliments, i looked at the salesman of Oval Nest.

"3 minutes free consultation on phone! He finished in less than 3 minutes.. I was timing!" he said.

Whatever! Click the image to enlarge and take Oval Nest Challenge. If you find any project which gives you as much value for your money as Oval Nest Warje, please, write the name of the project in the comments or on the Google Docs.

Click the image to take Oval Nest Challenge:

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  1. "Refr: ... and take Oval Nest Challenge"

    Joke I suppose! Value for money at 4000 psf?
    If all inflate prices where is the challenge?

  2. Ravi, ...is that it? Thanks for the comment? But you said the rate is 3750 in your recent post?

  3. Yes, it is!

    So what?

    Rate can be anything....1750 or 3750.

    What matters is what value you get for money. Isn't it?

    If rate is 1750 and you get a value of 750,
    is it a good rate?

    It isn't.


  4. Point is:
    Builder has a right to ask for a certain rate for his property.

    But you have the power to count the value you get and decide to buy or not. Isn't it?

    Focus on your power to value than what someone is asking.

  5. Hello Ravi,

    You have not mentioned anything about the future development of this Warje locality, considering next 5-10yrs.

    Could you please add few inputs here?

    Thank you,

  6. Sorry, i didn't get you. Have you been to this part of Warje? This is not a new area. This area is basically a land between expressway and hills. Not a part of the main Warje Goan. Development is happening in this area for last 20 years. Popular Nagar and Giridhar Nagar were launched in 1992-93. Now, open plots are almost over.

  7. It is very interesting to see "value" comment by Ravi. Value-based pricing is a key concept in Marketing. A rational customer should not pay more for a product if the same or similar product is offered at lower price by competitor. It does not matter how much value you get out it if you can by it cheaper somewhere else. Based on my experience in the Marketing, value-based pricing is more profitable to seller. It is interesting to see this blog promoting concept of value-pricing.

  8. Can u please hightlight to me if buying a1250sf 3bhk flat in oval nest is better than a 1420sqft flat at aditya garden city for the same price