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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kalpataru Estate, Pimple Gurav - Aundh Annexe, opens the bookings of 3RD phase

Pinmple Gurav and Kalpataru Estate on 21ND March 2010:

PMPML Bus terminus at Pimple Gurav 
PCMC Garden at Pimple Gurav
Kalpataru Estate Pimple Gurav has many restaurants nearby 
Kalpataru Estate Pimple Gurav has essential shopping at the corner 
View of Kalpataru Estate at Pimple Gurav
One more view of Kalpataru Estate at Pimple Gurav
3rd phase of Kalpataru Estate Pimple Gurav
Club house and 2 nd phase of Kalpataru Estate Pimple Gurav
Club house and North Wing of Kalpataru Estate Pimple Gurav
Main Entrance of Kalpataru Estate Pimple Gurav
Property buyers visiting the site of Kalpataru Estate Pimple Gurav
Site Office of Kalpataru Estate Pimple Gurav

Kalpataru Estate - Property rates for Saleable Area -

Rs. 3,000 per sq.ft. for 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats

Rs. 2,900 per sq.ft. for 2.5 BHK Flat

Choice and Possession at Kalpataru Estate:

Ad of Kalpataru Estate Pimple Gurav

On Sunday, at 6 pm, i reached the site office of Kalpataru Estate, at Pimple Gurav - Aundh annexe. The receptionist told me that i have to wait for a few minutes. Looking around, i asked her, "What's my waiting number?" She said, "4TH! In the mean time, would you liked to visit the sample flat?" "No! I would like to wait here," i said and took a brochure and the price list from her.

However, i couldn't concentrate on my favorite literature, sales brochure of a real estate project. Within a few minutes, I realized that property buyers patiently waiting for their turn, were more interesting than the floor plans and property price list of Kalpataru Estate.

What a quality of people! I tried to talk to a few. But gave up after a few attempts. Everybody looked very serious and focused on - i don't know what! No body was here for a job interview or a viva- but they were serious.

It was a unique seriousness. They were not talking much between themselves - no talk with an accompanying friend! Moms were giving returning smiles to their babies, or at the right time, the feeding bottles. Only one, was exchanging a smile with a hubby in the T shirt. I don't know how but exactly at that moment, all husbands, engrossed in looking at the ceiling, looked at them.

I went to the reception and asked how many salespersons they had. 4, I was told. It meant that my 4Th number was really the 16TH. I said, "Good! Not only properties in the budget range of 20 - 25 lakhs (for example Green City at Hadapsar and Shonest Tower at Wakad) but properties costing 40 to 50 lakhs are also doing fairly well in Pune real estate market!" That Sunday, i had the same experience at Runwal Seagul and Sanskruti at Hadapsar where property prices were in the range of 30 to 40 lakhs.

At last, i was sent in. Looking at Ujjwal Sarkar (91 99232 02347 ujjwal.sarkar@kalpataru.com), sales officer of Kalpataru Estate, my heart filled with love and i asked, "Did you eat lunch today? Would you like to go to bathroom? I don't mind waiting!"

When i received no, i said,"Just tell me in one sentence what should i write about your project!" Ujjwal said, "If you want a choice and can wait till last quarter of 2011 - go for newly launched 3RD phase. If you want possession by the end of 2010 and less but good options then go for the 2ND phase of Kalpataru Estate!" " I said, "Thanks!" and took his leave.

At the main gate, i had to wait till the security guard finished his telephonic negotiations and opened the gate to let in the young family on the motorcycle. By the way, Kalpataru is celebrating 40Th year!

Property Prices at Kalpataru Estate - Phase 2:

1) 2 BHK Flat - 1122 saleable - Rs. 39,37,436

2) 2.5 BHK Flat - 1262 saleable - Rs. 42,65,556

3) 3 BHK Flat - 1405 saleable - Rs. 48,67,990

Property Prices at Kalpataru Estate - Phase 3:

1) 2 BHK Flat - 1094 saleable - Rs. 38,84,072

2) 2.5 BHK Flat - 1300 saleable - Rs. 44,25,000

3) 3 BHK Flat - 1381 saleable - Rs. 48,27,678

Rs. 50 premium for the flats 8th floor onwards.

Property price includes = (area x rate) + parking + Stamp Duty + Registration + MSEB + corpus fund for the Clubhouse + corpus fund for the Apex body + Share money + Society formation + Legal charges + maintenance charges for 1 year + Maintenance deposit for 1 year + scanning charges (for 2nd phase)

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  1. Thanks for posting information. Looks like you are shying away with big ticket items.
    Your presentation skills are too good.

  2. After all ravi is a real estate salseman, worked with famous builders in pune, he knows how to sell property in pune, so he can sometimes focus on some point and shy away from other....his main focus is that people should buy....and loose their hard earned money to greedy builders from pune.

    Keep it up ravi...

  3. Ref: "so he can sometimes focus on some point and shy away from other..."

    Dear sir, you are responding to - "Looks like you are shying away with big ticket items." - mentioned in the above comment. Right?

    My friend, the above comment asks me, "Ravi, why don't you write about the properties which have high budget, 1 Cr + and keep on writing about medium budget properties like Kalpataru Estates?

    You know why i write about the medium budget projects? Because, i want to help the property buyers to make a learned decision!

    In this initiative, intelligent and experienced readers, use the comments part of my blog to add their views - share their opinion with other readers and make my blog more useful. Result is, the readers of Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog - property buyers in Pune - get value for their hard earned money.

    I request you to use your energy for the positive purpose. Add to my information. Share your views and experience. Focus on helping property buyers.

  4. Ravi, prices in Pimple Gurav seem to be still reasonable. After Gudi Padwa & RBI interest hike announcement, of course prices went up in a few locations. Not sure if you are aware that bookings are also going on at Sai Laurel Park, Elite 10 and Kate Puram (all in Pimple Gurav area). I had been to the park that you have a photo of in around Oct 09.

  5. Hey Ravi after reading this article on Kalpataru I didnt get any information other than rates...i was looking for review of the proeperty but i couldnt gather any from the article. Also I couldnt make out as to what I can look for if I am looking for Kalpataru as my home

  6. Hi Ravi,

    I am planning to buy this property. I just want to know that it is worth to spend huge amount at that locality. How is this locality? What about school, hospitals etc.

    Please help me by sharing information. So that I can take right decision.

  7. Hi Ravi ,

    I am also planning to buy this property . But i m concern abt the location .Will this area will be bool like pilple saudagar or wakad

  8. No. Anurag, please, visit "this area" and Wakad & Pimple Saudagar. I think, you haven't visited these areas.

  9. Mr. Ravi pls give me details of current rates for 1BHK and 2 BHK apartments in Kalpataru..@Pimple gurav.

  10. Thanks Ravi Sir for your reply ..if I have understood your reply correctely ..this area is already good has a pontial to develop.

    I am bit confused between kalptatu(47 2 1/2bhk 1184 ) and the maxima(45 2 bhk) both prices are coated by the builder..negotiation are possible

  11. Hi Ravi,

    We have booked a 2.5 BHK flat in "Pimple Gurav Kalptaru Estate Phase II" in Feb 2010. We have recently paid an entire amount for the flat of which O.C.has been received.
    The builder is asking for 4% VAT on total amount of the flat purchased.Builder is not ready to give us possession without VAT.

    Shall I make a payment or raise a complaint in consumer court?

  12. pls may i know exact location of u r site from krishna chowk,new sangvi.

  13. Hi Ravi,

    Could you please suggest me any good site at Pimple gurav . my buduget is 30 Lacs for 2 BHK flat.

  14. Though it is a very good project, it is getting delayed a lot. They were supposed to give the flats in 3rd phase in May 2011, but postponed to July and now if you ask them, they say Dec 2011. There are hundreds of flats still pending to be handed over to owners in phase 2 also.

  15. Hello Ravi,
    I am interested in 2-3 BHK Kalptaru projects at Pimple gurav. My budget 40-50 lacs. Please suggest me if you have good flats.
    Saket Kumar

  16. What is the current price for a 2.5 BHK flat in Kalpataru Estate? Is it worth buying now?