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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog - most popular blogs - August 2009

Total 41,332 page views - Google Analytics:

1) Nandan Prospera - if you are planning to invest 60 - 70 lakhs in Pune real estate market, first visit this property near Sadanand Hotel, Baner

2) Deep dark hole in Kumar Properties' Primrose, near Eon IT Park in Kharadi Pune

3) Park Xpress Baner, Balewadi Pune, offers Home Possession Insurance...!

4) Property rates in Pune may go up during the festival season beginning with Ganesh Chaturti!

5) InSignia_Pune News - Hooray! Only SIX 2 bhk flats, for Rs. 24.50 lakhs, to go!

6) Kumar Properties' celebration offer - Rs. 430 per sq.ft. discount on property rate and a gold coin!

7) Aditya Builders to launch bungalow plots' colony at Talegaon (annexe)

8) Paranjape Schemes opens booking of first 200 bungalows in Forest Trails - 140 acre township at Bhugaon, 10 -15 minutes away from Kothrud and Hinjewadi

9) Exclusive 2 and 3 bhk flats in Mayur Colony, Karve Road, Kothrud, Pune
Chintamani Construction's Triveni and Arundhati:

10) Kumar Properties - current property rates and budgets of 2 bhk and 3 bhk flats and bungalows in Pune real estate market

Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Blog - most popular blogs - August 2009:

1) Nandan Prospera Baner - Why should you visit this newly launched project in Pune real estate market?

2) Megapolis - views and property rates of Kumar Properties' and Avinash Bhosale Group's 150 acre integrated township at Hinjewadi, in Pune

3) Felicita - Baner: 2bhk, 2&1/2bhk and 3bhk flats, opposite Hotel Mahabaleshwar on Baner road in Pune, launched at a special rate of Rs.4,251 per sq.ft.

4) Did you visit Paranjape Schemes' Forest Trails Bungalow Township at Bhugaon?

Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Investment Blog - most popular blogs - August 2009:

1) Property pricing information for real estate buyers and sellers across India

2) How SBI scores over peers in home loans

3) Black money falling flat

4) Should i cancel my booking at Nanded City Pune?

5) New tax code: Easy on your pocket

6) How the new tax code will affect you

Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Advertising and Marketing Blog - most popular blogs - August 2009:

1) Pune real estate expects a lot from this Gudi Padava!

2) Ek ghar ke saath doosra ghar, muft!

3) Spain is now in India. Only at Aldea Espanola.

4) How Ziggurat Sky Villas, real estate project of only 3 bhk flats at Ambegaon in Pune, turned the threat of Amit's Bloomfield into an opportunity

5) What is the real intention of Lavasa?

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9) What should i write about Pune real estate market? Please, tell me!

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    I have been observing that on your blog the comments of the readers have been reducing dramaticly, is your blog marketing not effective, or readers have realised the work you are doing " not giving the real picture of the pune RE and trying to maintain the RE bubble". You can receive more comments when you tell the truth to the customers, and you will not have to ask peope "What should you write about the pune RE or have to post your Google analytics. Sorry if you do not like my comments, but this is a facts i realise after following your RE blog and compare with other RE blogs. It is not helping potential RE customers like me.

  2. # Ref: "It is not helping potential RE customers like me."

    Very sorry to hear this!

    More than anything, you know well, for me it's very important to be helpful to you.

    I am sure, only you can tell me
    and you don't mind asking you,
    how can i make my blog useful to potential real estate buyers like you.

    No Sir! How can i don't like your comment!! Sir, your comment shows that you are an expert in real estate marketing as well as blog marketing. You are absolutely right. I don't market my blog at all. I only focus on giving useful information about Pune real estate market to my readers. And i don't feel shy to ask, "Sir, please, tell me what would you like to read! How can i be more useful to you?"

  3. Actually, users don't always want great things lobby is doing which they are less known to do any good to commom buyer. Thats what they have proved so far and stil continuing. There are many sites doing these campaigns (TOI,ET,PT etc) because of very well known ineterests.

    According to me users comments are influencing a lot to buyers. Whenever I see any most commented news on news sites, I look at the user comments first and then by reading few commnets I get know or decide if its another crap or worth reading. So only comments / feedback reflects or can get close to true picture. Otherwise, people just read it and leave it and don't believe anyone acts on just news and posts :)

  4. Yes, i agree with you about the importance of comments.

    Assuming that you are talking about the first comment, let me remind you that here we are not talking about reading comments. We are talking about writing comments. From your comment, though you haven't told anything about your writing comments, i assume that you don't only read the comments but write too.

    For me, comments are important. Not because comments are influential but because basically, i believe, blogging is a two way communication. Not a one way.

    Whenever we read anything, unconsciously some thought comes in our mind. On the web space is provided to express it.

    However, blogging, i believe is a conversation. We all know that conversation is an art. Writing down your thoughts is not an easy thing, at least not for me. Many times, I find it difficult to express in English. Initially, even i didn't knew that commenting like "Good Point!" is necessary or encouraging to the blogger. Considering all these constraints i personally face, as blogger, i don't mind if my reader doesn't posts a comment.

    Second important point you have to consider that, on this blog, posting a comment is not the only one form of having a conversation or expressing your views or taking any action after reading a post. You can call me on my mobile (919860044110), you can chat with me (ravikarandeekarsblogs) on Google Talk, you can send me an email (ravikarandeekarsblogs@gmail.com). Besides commenting and talking, getting in touch, i consider that your actions like subscribing to my blog or joining my Google Group, Google Connect, sharing a post on Friendfeed and on any social bookmarking sites or retweeting is a token of appreciation! What you say? Is comment only one parameter?

    However, as i have already posted, for me, blogging is only a tool. Tool to provide useful information and help you to buy a flat. And i enjoy doing it full time!

  5. this new format ravi karandeekar is using is full of clutter. it takes time to load this page and even when it is loaded, it is full of links and pictures and a lot of trash. picture are fine but embedded urls and this twitter bar at the bottom and funky underlined text etc is killing it. make it clutter-free and readers will be back.

  6. Hello Anonymous!
    Thanks! How is it?

    - Is it taking less time to load? Mostly, yes. Google Connect may take more time. Actually, it should have been at the bottom of the page. But i am keep it at the top. So, please, let it take it's own time.

    - this twitter bar at the bottom : I have removed it. It was not used at all!

    - FriendFeed: removed. Not much used!

    - "it is full of links" & "a lot of trash." "funky underlined text etc"

    I hope you are not talking about links in the posts!

    - Please, tell me whether is this less cluttered.

    Thanks, once again!

  7. Hi Ravi, Hi All,
    I am following Ravi's blog for 1+year, almost daily. Earlier I found it informative, and now I found it as supported by Builders or Ravi trying to justifying the prices and whats offered at the currenty prices hopelessly. Honestly, its a great initiative by Ravi. But we all have to understand that, if he writes anything against the "current rates" and current "luxurious" offerrings, he might be sent in air by the Builder Mafia.

    Now coming back to whats there in Pune to invest!!!!!! I could not see whats in there really.. I have myself travelled from Aaustralia to US over last 15 years. And may be it was IT that pulled out India out of recession and realted everything spices, vegetables and houses to Rupee Dollar conversion rate. But how is the current situation and how is it going to be??????
    My views.....

    All over the world, companies are looking for cutting costs and first area they are looking to trim off is IT services. iNDIANS are facing and shall continue to face "more and more resistance" from local workers of the countries. How many years an American or European can see their jobs going to India !!!! Yes Globalisation shall create lot of opportunities, but shall now be limited to "REAL" High skilled people. Unlike year 1990-2002 when every Tom aDick and Harry could understand 20% english and write some Cobol statements and some "so called" great programs in variuous ERPS and business applications, would get payment 300% above Indias local salary structures. GONE ARE THOSE DAYS. SO Indian economy, mainly REAL ESTATE shall have to realign to the INDIAN RUPEES structres, if not now in 2-3 years to come. American and European companies are moving away from India for IT.. AtlAST all 1 Billion Indians are not "super brains". Infact the average Indians are much much inferior in technical and presentation skills of their American, European, East Asian counterparts. And that is now wiping out the cost advantage companies were getting by out sourcing to India. SO IT STORY is COMING TO END...... THE MORAL IS.. WAIT DO NOT INVEST A PENNY IN INDIAN REAL ESTATE ESPECIALLY IN MUMBAI, PUNE, THANE, BANGLORE, DELHI, CHENNAI. I am about to finalise a deal to by an apartment in International City near to Dubai at 40% lesser cost than Kothrud at Pune. Ravi any suggestions???????? All Indian working class should pressurise government to allow Indians to biy property abroad. If NRIs are alllowed to invest in India and HIKE INDIAN real estate prices, why average Indian is not allowed to Invest directly abroad and counteract that "unnatural" rise in proeprty prices. So Dear Indian nationals... wait do not even enquire about the properties, is the key to get the properties at 50% lesser cost than "TODAYS PRICE" and with "SAME AMENITIES" as today... ultimately amenities at Baner = 2+2 lane road which extends expresss way and which is full off Bullock carts and sudden turns and u have to drive all the time praying GOD. And thats a "luxurious destination" at Premium prices of India !!!!!!!! Ravi your comments are WELCOME.. not just welcome.. they are REQUIRED !!!!!

  8. Hi All,

    I truely agree to what is said in the previous comments, thanks buddy yoyr analysis is absolutely right, you have already said what i wanted to write.
    This will be the true picture of Indian IT industry and RE as well. As the cost's are rising in india,it is not economical to outsorce to india and the indian RE industry is to be blamed for some of the rising cost.I have seen 70% of my clients stoped outsorcing to india and moving to Philipines, africa and other continents and they are saving huge amounts.

    As I am based in South East Asia region for many years and being a native from pune district and following the pune RE growth story, I feel sorry that ordinary indians in pune cannot afford to buy a houses because of the highly inflated cost. And those people who have bought houses are facing problems of water, no roads and proper infrastructure and security issues. Because of all these reasons I decided not to buy a property in Pune and finally last year I decided and bought a house in Singapore.

    The Pune RE has lost all its fundementals, it does not have ethics and prices are not justified and is now pune is filled with all Greedy builders who are sucking blood of ordinary indians. An ordinary Indian will have to work all his life for the bank and builders by paying huge EMI's.

    So I have postponed my plan indefinately to buy my second house in Pune, and prefer to wait. So i suggest all the potential buyers to wait not to buy and buit up your Cash component "Cash is the King Today". If you need an house urgently for staying Rent it, do not buy a new property and loose your hard earned money to the greedy builders, being patient will definately pay and save your money.

  9. # Ref: "he might be sent in air by the Builder Mafia."

    No. There is no "Builder Mafia" in Pune real estate market. I am working in Pune real estate for more than a decade and know it inside out. Most of the builders are qualified entrepreneurs coming from middle class or business families.

  10. Hello Ravi,
    Everyone in the "WORLD" knows that in India there is "Builder Mafia" at each sqft of the country and Indian government and beaurocrats are their "SLAVES".
    Just for your info, I head global IT operations of an European multinational and currently I am in Dubai for 2 weeks. And that is to sign the contract for buying a 1200 sqft (CARPET) at International City at 350Dhs per (CARPET) Sqft. I THINK THATS 60% lesser than PUNE'S "PREMIUM" location BANER which is full of bullock carts and muddy roads???????

    Now the facilities I get,

    1) My children will study in Global Knowledge City in Dubai along with "INTERNATIONAL" students.
    2) both of them shall buy / rent cars for going to college.
    3) Maintenance at Dhs 1.35 per sqft (CARPET) per MONTH ( ie arrpx 20K INR which is lesser than many Pune Locations !!!!!!!!)
    4) 2 parkings (1 Underground, 1 podium)
    5) Excellent roads,
    6)guranteed energy (99% per year is Service Level guranteed by company - supported by Dubai government) and if they fail the rate of 50% of regular shall be charged for the entire year from Jan to dec.
    7) Same for WATER. But we may buy Mineral water as thats fairly cheap and good quality.
    8) 99 years UAE residence visa. Now I can sleep peacefully as my children shall also live in UAE or some even better country.

    Do you have any suggestions? are you also interested in buying property there?

    I would suggest if you provide REAL picture benefitting the "END USERS" you might be able to sell "LOADS of Apartments" with your blog. Its an innovative idea. But when I found you suppporting the BUBBLE, I did not contacted you and finalised deal at Dubai, through "BETTER HOMES" a big real estate agency.


  11. Hi Ravi,

    The builders in pune are all educated, professional mafias, they know how to screw people for money, so all the poor people keep paying their EMI's for all their life.

    Sometime its better to deal with real world mafias because they are direct and some time human...but the builder mafias can give me nightmares all their life, they will commit one thing and deliver another thing, they can lie to you on your face and you will have to repent all your life ( nightmares like no water, poor quality of work) which you can face all your life.

    Ravi i am sorry if i have offended you.

  12. # Ref: "I am following Ravi's blog for 1+year, almost daily. Earlier I found it informative, and now I found it as supported by Builders or Ravi trying to justifying the prices and whats offered at the currenty prices hopelessly."

    # Before i answer you, let me make it clear. I am real estate salesman. I don't feel any shame in talking good about the builder and high property rate he is quoting. As any salesman in any field, it's my job and pride to convince the buyer to pay higher price for the product. Just like it's a matter of pride to any "Purchase Manager" to buy a product at a lesser price.

    - No. I haven't changed at any point of time.

    I haven't started justifying the real estate prices in Pune.

    Or i was not criticizing or against property rates "earlier".

    My "views" are the same.

    Pune real estate market has changed a lot in the last 24 months. It has become more fluid.

    Not only the property rates and the properties on offer but the perceptions and expectations of the property buyers have also changed a lot.

    You see the reflection of these changes in my blogs and assume that i am changing. (Actually, you should admire me for this!)

    Most important changes are:

    1) Property buyers have started looking for the value they are getting for the property rate they are paying.

    Obviously, you find Ravi Karandeekar talking about the "value for money" property buyer might get or wont get in a particular project.

    Or you can come across a post talking about the right price of the project.

    2) "Earlier" i had made it a point to not write about the projects developed my ex-clients (in my real estate advertising carrier.) Now, i have started writing about their projects too.

    When i write about these projects, naturally, you can see my love and admiration for these developers. For example Darode-Jog or Kumar Properties.

    Yes, though i express my relationship with the builder, you may misread and assume that i have started "justifying the property rates".

    I value "ethics'. So, on my blog or while talking on the telephone, i announce and worn about my relationship, admiration or any kind of a bias i have about the project, builder and location.

    In future, if i decide to accept "payment" from the builder for writing about his project or for recommending his project, i will announce it too.

    I am telling you all these things because from your comment it looks like that:

    1) you haven't taken a note of changes happened in Pune real estate market.
    (Considering that you are not in Pune, i can understand and do't mind much about it.)

    2) thought you claim to follow my blog for 1 + years, you haven't realized how honest and straight forward Ravi Karandeekar is.

    Thanks, your comment tells me that i should give more emphasis on my values and principals in my blog and keep on repeating them again and again, though i know that i am talking to an intelligent person like you. Continue.....please, see the part 2:

  13. PART 2:

    3) you may be casual about individual's rights, ethics and values in your personal and professional life.

    That's why you can be so casual about others.

    Please, remember that Ravi Karandeekar don't take these things lightly.

    4) if you are not aware that property buyers from all over the world ask for my recommendations and suggestions about buying a property in Pune real estate market.

    Many times, i am answering the question, some real estate investor has asked me, :
    "Ravi, is this the right price for a 3 bhk flat in Mayur Colony on Karve Road?"

    "Ravi, what do you think of this 4 bhk flat with a servant room in Sopan Baug, behind Empress Gardens?"

    5) you don't have a common sense and a conversational skills.

    You should read "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie.


    When you wanted to share some great idea about investing overseas, you should not have started your comment by criticizing and insulting the first person who is going to read, have a right to reject or publish it, ( me) and which would be read by the people, my esteem readers, who know more than you about Pune.

    Considering your personality you have presented in your comment, i want to tell you to remember that at any point of time, if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable in any part of the world, please come home to Pune.

  14. # Ref: "I have postponed my plan indefinately to buy my second house in Pune, and prefer to wait"


    In the mean time, please, understand and contribute to citizens efforts to make Pune better city.

    If you know little bit about civic structure of Republic of India, you know that Pune has a self government in which citizens have important role to play.

    Recently, educated middle class citizens of Pune have realized that there is no point in expecting local, state or central government to offer better governance.

    For the growth and better infrastructure development, we, citizens of Pune have to become more proactive and take maximum benefits of the systems offered by the constitution.

    In Pune, these organizations are very active and are contributing in improving traffic, water supply, electricity, green coverage and waste management.

    You can find news links to these activities on my blog.

    I request you, to contribute while you are waiting and actively participate when you will purchase a property in Pune and become a true citizen.

    At the same time, i want to remind you that it is always more comfortable to stay in a hotel. At your home you have to clean your toilet. I am sure, you will be well prepared to handle your responsibilities as a citizen.

    I am sure, you don't need anybody to tell you that knowledge is not enough. For the betterment you need to take an action. In the democratic system good citizens make good cities.

    You have seen good city in the world.

    Now, show us how good citizen you are!

  15. # Ref: "The builders in pune are all educated, professional mafias, they know how to screw people for money, so all the poor people keep paying their EMI's for all their life. "

    Oh! You are new real estate buyer who came to market after 2003!

    You should not blame real estate developers for your mistakes!

    Your complaint is not about the builder but about the Bank!

    You should not have booked the flat by taking a loan from the financial institutions without reading the loan document and understanding the tenure of the repayment period, in the first place.

    Second, after taking a loan, like most of the property buyers, you should have earned more, saved maximum and re-payed it in less than the tenure of repayment.

    You may have failed to do this and now instead of correcting your mistake and coming out of mess, you are pretending to take a side of the common man and blaming builders in Pune!

    Don't do this. Most of the home loan borrowers repay their loans in less than the loan tenure. Average repayment period is only 8 years. Very few take the complete period.

    Talk to your bank, if needed change the bank, but please, first come out of this mess.

    If you are not in trouble, i hope you will not, then please, understand that "over generalization" is a flow in thinking.

    It become a habit and you start believing it as if it is an eternal truth. You start believing that certain race, community, cast, country is exactly of a certain type!

    You don't realize how wrong over generalization is till you are categorized and hated because you fit into some stereo type! Don't forget how many people were killed because they belong to certain religion. Don't forget how many shops were looted because owners were from certain state.

    Point is correct your way of thinking and improve your belief system. Think straight. .

  16. # Ref: "I head global IT operations of an European multinational and currently I am in Dubai for 2 weeks."

    Oh! Great!! Congrats!!!

    But i am not impressed. Because, at this point of time, I know why an European Multinational didn't send an European National but an Indian to Dubai.

    Did you bother to find out why?

    I own a bicycle. But i know that there is some stuff called "petrol" in the tanks of cars and motorcycles, which is imported in huge quantities!

    Do you know anything about this stuff ?

    Don't mind if you don't know!
    But my dear friend, please, take care!

  17. Hi Ravi,

    Your replies are exactly as expected.
    BTW you know sales people does not give all info at Once...

    Now some more background of me..... I leanred how to live life in Bishops SchooL pune, passed COEP as one of the toppers, mgmt grad from IIM-B and more IMP.. I do attend parties by my Pune and Mumbai (college) friends, most of whom are leading architects and leading contractors or industrials in India. Mainly operating out of Mumbai,Pune, Panvel and Khopoli.

    Anwer to your knowledge " I know why an European Multinational didn't send an European National but an Indian to Dubai."

    I am in Dubai for "personal" reasons, to sign the contract. Else I live with family in Brussels.
    My sal and perks are at par with European counterparts not a penny less, may be more.

    I come to Pune once in 3 months for official visits. My IT Service provider a European Multinational company has office in Hinjewadi. BTW they have stopped their growth plans for Pune and decided to recruit more "European"
    consultants in Europe. just for your info.

    Get back to your cool, realise the facts and stop giving crap as you have given in your 8:45 post Please. Thats not which was expected from Ravi Karandikar whos blog I started following 1+year back. He was a genuine "Sales Person".

    You can reject the comments as much you want to. But if only one email circulated by anyone you hurt, shall get all over the net, and all your stats may go for a toss for next year. Not threating you, but alarming you. Becasue you sound a typical Indian "power exibitor" when you say "have a right to reject or publish it". Have nice time. I will contact you when I am in Pune, if I get time., I wanyway plan to buy a villa in Pune but at 60-70% lesser rate than current. May be after 2-3 years. So I am also your "prospective customer". Have nice time. Keep up the blog, though less than earlier, its informative. Take Care.

  18. # Ref: "You can reject the comments as much you want to. But if only one email circulated by anyone you hurt, shall get all over the net, and all your stats may go for a toss for next year. Not threating you, but alarming you. Becasue you sound a typical Indian "power exibitor" when you say "have a right to reject or publish it"."

    It hurts! Now, it hurts!!

    You can be rude to me.

    You can question my integrity.

    You can even insult your motherland.

    But, when you didn't like my sarcastic reply, you get hurt!!

    You refer to my reply to someone else, not to you, quote me out of contest and threaten me!

    Let me tell you one thing at this point of time. I made this type of sarcastic comments about many builders in my posts. But not a single builder in Pune, not Mr. Satish Magar or Mr. Shashank Paranjape, have threatened me like you have done.

    Remember that, after making a comment, i was meeting Mr. Satish Magar in his office and Mr. Shashank Paranjape at his residence on a weekend, in his living room!

    Both of them mentioned about the comments i have made but,
    thought they have all possible powers and favorable circumstances
    (I was in their kingdom!)
    without making me feeling uncomfortable about it!

    And you! We are on the net! Thousands of miles away from each other. You are not even in India. I am in Pune. You are in Dubai. But you get personal. You threaten me because i didn't buy your point of view about Dubai! This is not done!

    I can accept your company's decision was fair, as you explained.

    But look at you! You don't try to change my opinion about Dubai real estate market, which has become a talk of global town, but you become personal and threaten me!

    You are educated and well qualified but you can't debate and discuss! You threaten! You threaten Ravi Karandeekar!!

    Does gentleman behaves like this?

    Don't you know that comments are moderated on this blog?

    Didn't you see that your previous comment was published only after i approved it?

    Don't you know that as a blogger it's my privilege?

    It's not there on this post but, in last more than 1 year of following my blog, didn't you come to know that there is a comments policy of Ravi Karandeekar's Blogs?

    Mr., this facility is provided by Blogger Blogspot!

    Rejecting comment is my right.

    And you are expected to respect other person's right to express his opinion. You can disagree, prove how right you are but you can't threaten Ravi Karandeekar or any reader of Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog.

  19. Hi Ravi,

    Sorry to see that you are hurt, by comments from some of your reader. Readers should abide to the comments policy and comment wisly.
    No one is asking u to buy into the dubai or singapore comments, you have your own views and you have reasons for it, we understand.

    But look at the logic of the buyers who have invested in other international cities like dubai and Singapore, the buyers have done their home work very well and they have taken decissions and they have got value for money. You cannot ignore their comments, there is a logic in it. You meet reputed builders in their living room's as you said in your blog, you are in a better position to convey the readers comments.

    In a nut shell pune RE at the present moment is not value for money, its all hype, greed, exploiting peoples emotions and un-ethical business practices which the builders and banks are been cashing on.There are lot of potential buyers who are not in a hurry and they are patient, they prefer to rent other than to buy at this moment.

    As they say every thing has an end so be it,prospectus buyers who have patience and who are willing to wait will definately save their hard earned money and have agood night sleep.

    You may probably reject or not publish my comments, so be it, you can at least read for your self and hope you will give all new customer a clear picture of the Pune RE and its inflated bubble.

    Best of Luck Ravi, keep up doing your good work, you should not get disturbed by comments of one reader.

  20. well I would prefer to buy a house in US where they are available with some minor drawbacks in 25L, and none of them is smaller then 1000 sf.

  21. yes, it is much better now. not much clutter, and i like it. thanks!

  22. "You refer to my reply to someone else, not to you, quote me out of contest and threaten me!"

    Ravi baba, Pl. do not feel unsafe, especially
    in good ol' Pune.

    Plus, you have Builder friends with you, so why fear.

  23. Are Ravi baba, tum pagal ho gaya hai kya? Tumko aur tumhare builder friends ko koi khariddar nahi milata lagata hai.
    Dont worry, take a deep breath and jump into Pawana river, if it still exists.

  24. # Ref: "Ravi baba, Pl. do not feel unsafe, especially
    in good ol' Pune."

    # Ref: "Dont worry, take a deep breath and jump into Pawana river, if it still exists."

    Thanks! I love you all!!

  25. # Ref: "Dont worry, take a deep breath and jump into Pawana river, if it still exists."

    "Thanks! I love you all!!"

    We too love you and your blog. So pl. do not jump into Pavana, otherwise we won't have your blog..

    A well wisher ...