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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vilas Javdekar launches Yashwant, an eco-friendly township of 1 and 2 bhk flats and Twin Bungalows, in Kolhapur

Yashwant, New Tarabai Park, Kolhapur:
Pay 2.88 Lakhs to own a 2 BHK Flat!

On the day of "Ghatasthapana",the first day of nine-day Navratri festival, 19th of September 2009, Vilas Javdekar Eco Homes, promoters of Palash 2.0 and Palash 2i at Wakad Pune opened the bookings of 1 bhk and 2 bhk flats in Yashwant, an eco-friendly township in the prime area of Kolhapur, New Tarabai Park. Click here to get the idea of how prime is New Tarabai Park, Kolhapur!

I saw the launch ad in Pune Sakal, cross checked with Pudhari of Kolhapur and because the website was not ready, I visited Vilas Javdekar Eco Home's office near my home to know more about Yashwant and "Home Saver MahaBachat" offer. My dear friend Madhav Gole, G. M. Sales was not in office. He had gone to Kolhapur to launch Yashwant. So, i met Sanjay Lele, Sr. Manager, Customer Care. (020 6620 8000 / 91 99235 96710 / customercare@javdekars.com) Frankly, i didn't enjoy Sanjay's presentation.

In the evening, i called Madhav at Kolhapur and asked him about the response, he gave the expected answer, "Great!" "How many bookings?," i asked him. When Madhav told me the exact number of visits to his sample flat and number of bookings done, i got angry with the middle class of Kolhapur.

This is not done. How can Kolhapurkars behave like this? Big landlords and Sugar barons can wear Nike and Reebok but middle class Kolhapurkars shouldn't give up Kolhapuri Chappals for Bata. Shouldn't start eating Knorr soup for "Tambda-Pandhara Rassa" . Never give up Kolhapuri Misal for Pasta.

Yashwant, New Tarabai Park, Kolhapur: 250 large and medium 2 BHK Flats, 1 BHK Flats and 37 Bungalows:

Instead of expressing my anger against the disappointing behavior of Kolhapurkars, I started blaming Vilas Javdekar Eco Homes for "spoiling" Kolhapurkars by offering Yashwant! Exactly, just like many property buyers blame the builder for the property price rise!

"Madhav, you are taking care of the nature by building Eco Homes, but tell me, why are you polluting the minds of Kolhapurkars?," I questioned Madhav.

"Polluting the minds! How?," asked Madhav.

"Don't you think that the kind of project you are offering is too sophisticated for Kolhapur? Don't you think that by offering Home Saver MahaBachat Scheme, you are making property buying too easy for Kolhapurkars?," I asked him.

"What is wrong in this, Ravi? It may be Wakad in Pune or New Tarabai Park in Kolhapur, Vilas Javdekar will offer the same construction quality and home finance option!," Madhav Gole answered.

"Madhav, this is not right for 3 reasons:
1) No builder from Pune, not even Paranjape Schemes, has been so biased for Kolhapurkars while launching a project in Kolhapur.
2) You should have used some gimmick like "Home Possession Insurance" to market your project while entering in the new market like Kolhapur.
3) If you wanted to offer easy home finance option and same sophistication in planning, you should have opened the booking in Pune before you launched the project in Kolhapur. Don't you think that Pune real estate investors deserve the priority?," i used some common sense, business strategy and emotional appeal to give some sense to my argument.

"Yes, of course, i have given an exclusive pre-launch offer to the flat owners of Palash 2 and Palash 2i. Ravi, you know, they have booked their flats without visiting site of Yashwant!," Madhav Gole said.

"That's fine. But what about the rest of Pune real estate investors like me?," i asked and wished good night to Madhav.

I don't know how Madhav Gole took it. He may have taken it as my way of flattering him for the successful launch of Yashwant. But i knew what i was doing. I was protecting myself by exaggerating and pretending. I was avoiding taking responsibility for not informing, in advance, about the launch of Yashwant to my real estate investor clients.

However, i took advantage of info being not available on the website ( www.yashwant.javdekars.com ) on that day. Collected the data from my friend Jaideep Muthiyan of Juice Adcom ( www.juiceadcom.com), an ad agency of Yashwant and impressed my overseas clients!

If you have a look at the floor plans and offer, i am sure, you will understand why i consider Yashwant at New Tarabai Park, Kolhapur, is a good real estate investment opportunity for Pune property buyers!

1 BHK Flat: 604 sq.ft.: For Rs. 11,44,271/-
Today Booking Amount Rs. 1,99,000 + A. D. F.
After 18 months: EMI Rs. 10,152/-

2 BHK Flat: 866 sq.ft.: For Rs. 16,45,375/-
Today Booking Amount Rs. 2,86,000 + A. D. F.
After 18 months: EMI Rs. 14,590/-

2 BHK Flat: 873 sq.ft.: For Rs. 16,57,435/-
Today Booking Amount Rs. 2,88,000 + A. D. F.
After 18 months: EMI Rs. 14,698/-

2 BHK Flat: 965 sq.ft.: For Rs. 18,16,942/-
Today Booking Amount Rs. 3,16,000 + A. D. F.
After 18 months: EMI Rs. 16,114/-

My reasons to invest in a 1 bhk / 2 bhk flat in Yashwant at New Tarabai Park, Kolhapur:

1) Now, after the satisfactory experience of "Green Umbrella Offer" for the flats in Palash 2 and Palash 2i, i don't see any risk in giving ADF to Vilas Javdekar Eco Homes. Yes, i trust the builder and consider "Home Saver MahaBachat" as a win win offer.

2) In the last 2 years, i have started recommending investment in "Social Housing Projects" which offer homes for the financially weaker section of the big cities like Mumbai. For example, Tanaji Malusary City at Karjat. Along with this, i am recommending "Need Based Housing in the Smaller Cities" like Kolhapur and Nashik. I look at these investments as "Fix Deposit Receipts" or "Postal Saving Certificates".

3) After the recent world financial crises, actually, i have short listed and visited Kolhapur in July '09 because i was exploring possibilities of investing in the real estate market which is less dependent on IT industry and driven by "real Indian economy."

4) Out of all businesses, i am sure, religious and medical tourism are comparatively stable business. In Kolhapur these industries might grow.

5) Considering the increasing cost of living and uncertainty in the economy, i look at a 1 BHK Flat in Yashwant at Kolhapur as a "Safe House" in case of some undesirable eventuality!

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  1. I feel the builder is playing the same gimmick as in Pune. Ramanmala in no sense can be called "New Tarabai Park". Otherwise by same logic even Pakistan can advertise itself as "India Annexe" to attract investors.

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