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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Amanora Park Town offers real estate investment opportunity for a wild boy Mowgli!

Are you a game for an Amanora Eazy Home Switch?

If you have that wild boy in you who fantasizes about being Mowgli of Jungal Book, like Bob's son Eli and don't mind roaming around bare chested, you will find Amanora Park Town's Eazy Home Switch offer a once in a life time real estate investment opportunity in Pune!

Here is Amanora Eazy Home Switch offer:
According to the Ad:

Click to enlarge!

Here is an opportunity to live your fantasy!

Amanora Easy Home Switch offer is applicable to Amanora Towers 1 to 10 only. Please, check up the construction status of these towers before you remove your shirt. Who knows you may select a flat in the wrong tower and miss an opportunity to live in Jungal Book and would be forced to become a citizen of the privately managed digital township located opp. Magarpatta City at Hadapsar in Pune, India!

According to the news:
The cost of your house will be the down payment for the new flat:

The City Corporation Limited (CCL) under the Special Township Policy of Government of Maharashtra has launched 'Amanora eazy home switch service' scheme.

People can sell their existing flats and in return buy one at the Amanora Park Town by paying the balance, under the scheme. Amanora Park Town is situated at Hadapsar, close to Magarpatta. The company officials claimed that this is the first such scheme in the country.

As per the scheme, the government-approved valuers will conduct the valuation process for the existing flat of the customer. After he agrees/accepts the price recommended, the same amount is considered as the down payment for buying an apartment at Amanora Towers.

"We are planning to invest close to Rs75 crore in the project, which would be almost doubled with the sale of the new flats," said CCL managing director Aniruddha Deshpande. The company plans to create an inventory of 250 apartments through the new scheme.

As for the inventory Deshpande said, "We are planning to venture into a new line of business, wherein we will renovate the existing flats and re-sell them," said Deshpande.

Mumbaiites with flats in Pune will be one of the prime targets. According to a survey by Amanora, close to 15% to 20 % of Pune properties belong to Mumbaiites.

The new flats under the scheme would, however, be allotted at the Amanora Towers 1 to 10, which are two and four BHK flats starting from Rs50 lakh to Rs1.2 crore.

"Each flat is between 1,260 and 4,200 sq ft at the rate of Rs4,200 per sq ft. Of the 10 towers, only around 50% are occupied so far," the officials said.

"The service will benefit those who wish for a better quality of urban life being offered at Amanora.

It is good for families of professionals working abroad as it makes the buying and selling process faster and is convenient," said Deshpande.
Thank God!: Customers can continue staying in the existing flats till s/he gets possession of the new units at Amanora.
The criteria for selecting the old apartments is that it should not be more than 20 years old, should be within the PMC limits and documents, including ownership title, should be in place.

Describing some important highlights of the service, Deshpande said that it has a transparency as the valuation of the existing flat will be done by a government-approved valuer.

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  1. Amonara Park is 'baap' of all RE prices.
    Flats 60 lakhs onwards?

  2. Is it worth buying a flat at Magarpattacity for 60 lacks(03BHK spacious with 03 balconies). What are the chances of appreciation, the current rate is Rs 3250/- per sq.ft. Pls advise

  3. # Ref: "Magarpattacity for 60 lacks(03BHK spacious with 03 balconies)"

    Yes, it is. If you value for what Magarpatta City stands for.

    By observing the property buyers I have realized that at a certain point you stop focusing on the project and start giving consideration to your values and beliefs. Am i right?

    At that point, you start considering whether the project is "suitable", "right" for you are not. Right?

    However, i give my opinion based on my professional views. Which are based on the observation that every flat in each project is purchased at some point of time. I am sure, you will agree with me on this. You must not have come across any flat which has remained unsold forever. Or you may know someone who is happy about the flat you haven't liked.

    Point is, if you share your values, i would like to discuss on those points.

    # Ref: " What are the chances of appreciation, "

    Is appreciation desirable? Don't you think that property rates should go down further or at least, remain at this level?

    I was kidding!

  4. If most of the people who invest in property eventually sell at higher price,
    does anyone at all stay in such apartment that changes so many hands?

    It's sounding like a share market.

    Just being curious (no ill feelings towards anyone)

  5. News paper says Amanora's Land cost is lesser then 100 Rs psf !!!!! What One Hundred ... Yes and he is charging rate of 4700 so thats 30 times more removing 1700 for the delvelopment cost and Profit????

  6. "Yes and he is charging rate of 4700 so thats 30 times more removing 1700 for the delvelopment cost and Profit????"

    OMG, How come he pockets so much profit with no one complaining or shunnig his project?

    Does he hypnotize buyers when they to go to his office?

  7. The problem is everyone wants more and more profit..that's the main problem.
    Why to blame builders alone..we are also equally responsible.!!

  8. May be govertment valuers (not bought by Aniruddha Deshpande) should evaluate Amanora and extra charges as well and that should be the price.