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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sky Heights, premium 1 BHK and 2 BHK Flats in small sizes and budgets, behind Matoshree Garden, Undri Pisoli Road, Pisoli, Pune

Sky Heights - nearest residential project from Khadi Machine Chowk on Katraj Kondhwa road:

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Good things in small packages!

If you visit my blog on the launch of Sky Heights, April 27, 2009, you will find that i was wondering why LushLife ( www.lushlife.co.in ) and Trimurti Group were trying to miniaturize the typical upmarket residential project.

Whereas most of the comments were not ready to buy the builder's trick of avoiding "property price reduction" by reducing the size of the flat.

However, now after almost 5 months from the day Sky Heights was launched, property rate of Rs. 2,300 per sq.ft. and even compact flats are considered OK in Pune real estate market.

Certainly, not by those who wish for bigger flats but by those property buyers who were practically thrown out of booming Pune real estate market. By those property buyers who can pay EMI in the range of Rs. 11,000 to Rs. 17,000.

Accepting the reality, these property buyers compromised on the size of the flat and fulfilled their life long dream of becoming a home owner by booking these compact flats launched in all corners of Pune real estate market.

Besides offering 1 bhk and 2 bhk flats fitting in these property buyers' budget, every project tried to offer "an extra feature" as a safe guard while entering in this new market which Pune builders had ignored for a long time.

For example, construction quality, property rate and possession at Darode Jog's Greenland-County in Narhe Ambegaon (off Sinhagad road), advantage of staying near Hinjewadi at Om Developers' Golden Palms in Wakad Pune, location in the heart of town at Rama Groups' Swiss County Too in Thergaon and connectivity by road at Nano Homes Ravet in PCMC, furnished flats at Eiffel City in Chakan, close to Eon IT Park and upmarket neighborhood in Gera's Park View 1 in Kharadi, more carpet area at Suyog Development Corporation's Suyog Lucky Homes in Wagholi!

Obviously, when i visited the Sky Heights, i asked Kayum, sales manager, about the miniaturizing. He said, "Instead of offering only an extra feature, Trimurti Group believes in offering the same premium flat, like we have offered in our upmarket project Waterridge ( www.wateridge.in ), in Undri, in a small size!"

"Doesn't this 3 side open design of compact flat increase the construction cost?," i asked him.

"Certainly! Not only the design but CQRA, third party professional Quality Control and Assurance certification adds substantially to the cost of construction. Over and above, at Sky Heights we provide all luxurious amenities too!," Kayum said.

"Why? Who needs all those so called luxuries? Certainly, not the property buyer. Only builder needs all those amenities to justify his property rate, to avoid further price reduction...," i was almost going to say this but Kayum said, "Don't belittle Sky Heights by calling it miniaturization. Consider it as a sachet containing the same expensive premium shampoo. Appreciate that we are offering good things in small packages!" Admiring his enthusiasm for offering better homes, i eat my words and we went to the site.

Sky Heights: Construction updates: First slab of A Wing:

Sky Heights - view from Pisoli - Undri Road:

Property rates and budgets of 1 BHK, 2 BHK Flats in Sky Heights, Undri:

Currant property rate at Sky Heights is Rs. 2,300 per sq.ft. Including stamp duty and registration charges, budgets are:
1 BHK Flat - 568 saleable- Rs. 16,07,974
2 BHK Flat - 758 saleable - Rs. 20,72,644
2 BHK Flat - 847 saleable - Rs. 22,85,621
2 BHK Flat - 928 saleable - Rs. 24,79,454
2 BHK Flat - 1005 saleable - Rs. 26,63,715
2 BHK Flat - 1020 saleable - Rs. 26,99,610


Mr. Kayum
91 98500 43400 / 91 93700 08841
020 6500 4040 / 6500 0404

Thanks Abhay Firake, of Nucleus Interiors & Construction ( www.nucleusint.com ), architects, interior designers, turn-key project mangers of Bungalows and Weekend Homes in and around Pune and my dear friend & associate for sponsoring me. Because of you, i can shoot and show actual photographs to my readers.

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  1. Yet, another way to cheat buyers. Builders will decreae the size of the flat but not their rate and profits.

    And what is so sacrosanct about Rs. 2300/per sq. ft. rate, even for remote areas of Pune.

    What do you mean by so called affordable EMI? Why can't builders base prices on actual cost and their profits as in other businesses?

    Why would anyone be advised to buy a 3.5L worth small car for 12-15 lakhs based on EMI calculations...

    It's pure arrogance, nothing else ...

  2. # Ref: "Yet, another way to cheat buyers."

    I am sure, builders in Pune know well that property buyers in Pune are well educated and intelligent. Don't you think that nobody can cheat them?

    # Ref: " remote areas of Pune."

    This project is in the village of Pisoli. Don't you consider them as human beings?

    # Ref: " Why can't builders base prices on actual cost and their profits as in other businesses?"

    Very good point. I request you to throw more light on this. For example: 1) tell us the names of other business which according to you price rationally. My guess is first name on your list would be Coca Cola! 2) Please, tell us on what builders base the price of their property.

    # Ref: "affordable EMI?"

    Not talking about affordable EMI. Talking about the Eligibility. Those who are eligible to get a certain amount of loan based on their repayment capacity. You know, repayment capacity depends upon monthly salary / income of the buyer.

  3. DONT DEAL WITH INDIABULLS in buying these flats.. they will be behind like wild dogs.. initially but then once agreement is done they will not even call..
    Also wrong commitments would be given to you.. big time cheats!