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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sigma One, near MIT, Paud road, Kothrud, Pune - "Who will have the last laugh?"

The property buyer who pays the property rate of Rs. 5,000 / 5,075 / 5,150 per sq. ft. + floor rise of Rs. 50!:

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On the occasion of the launch of the last phase of Sigma One, Sankalp-Saakar Associates claim that "you" will have the last laugh! You means, those who book a 3 or 4 "BHKD Condominium" ( means Flat! ) in the 4th and last building of Sigma One.

When i saw Sigma One's ad on the jacket of Pune Times (Saturday, September 19, 2009), i ignored the claim of "last laugh" as an example of an amateurish creative copy writing.

The Times of India!

Oh! No!! Actually, the advertising and marketing department of The Times of India would be having last laugh by selling this ad space for 6.5 lakhs to Sigma One, near MIT on Paud road in Kothrud.

Salespersons at Sigma One!

TOI may be under the impression that they have made the most out of this last advertising business opportunity from Sigma One. But when i heard Prakash, salesman at Sigma One telling every visitor that he got 3 bookings since morning, i realized that he is having a last laugh.

Instead of waiting for Prakash to finish with the young property buyer couple, who along with their 2 friends were planning to buy 3 flats starting at 81 lakhs, i decided to visit the Show Flat.

When Manisha, salesperson at Sigma One, told me that the "special edition phase 4" doesn't have a sample flat as advertised, i was disappointed. I didn't see any point in visiting again and again the same old sample flat in the old A wing. However, this explained the meaning of "We have saved the best for last". Sigma One is talking about the old sample flat!

Owners of 2 bhk and 3 bhk flats in Sigma One!

While coming back from the occupied A wing, i saw a couple of resident ladies sitting on the bench looking at the dark green hill. I was tempted to ask them about their experience of living in Sigma One.

I didn't want to ask about the planning, construction quality, amenities, services like piped gas, garbage disposal system or digital security system at Sigma One. I know that every thing is in place and at this point of time, well taken care of by the builder.

I was curious to know only about one thing. Why they became rapist?

Mother Earth!

Sigma One is constructed at an odd location by the hill. When slums encroach the hill slope, i can understand it as a desperate, irresponsible attempt to survive in the city. But what type of desperation compelled M/s Deshpande, Kulkarni, Joshi and Shah to pay Rs. 3,000 to 4,700 per sq.ft. to the builder to rape mother nature and construct this building?

Now, after shifting to their flats do they feel as shameless as their builder who talks about the "sylvan countryside that surrounds you" in his ad?

Or when in the evening, they stand on the terrace with their little ones, do they feel a little guilty? When they faced the water cut because of the lack of rain, did they feel that it was not necessary to rape mother earth to construct this building?

Now, are they aware that mother earth they raped would have had the last laugh?

The builder of Sigma One!

I tried my best but couldn't find the words. Accepting my inability to talk about the serious crime they have committed, i left Sigma One. Without collecting the grocery bag, i had kept at the security gate while entering. I realized this only when i reached Paranjape Schemes' Shilpa, the last housing project constructed on the civilized land in this part of Pune.

When i turned back to collect the bag and reached the arch of Sigma One, i realized that the builder of Sigma One is going to have the last laugh!

All amenities and specifications he was offering were basically to tempt the buyer to buy the flat in Sigma One. If he hasn't done that nobody would have bothered to take a single step to visit his unnatural, unethical and uncivilized site.

It means, the property buyers should get all these amenities and specifications free of cost along with the flat. But instead of that the builder asks the property buyers to pay more not only for the flat but for all those specifications and amenities he has thrown in to tempt them!

As it happens in every project in Pune real estate market, 15,000 visitors would have refused Sigma One on these grounds. But the builder of Sigma One knew that he is going to get those 150 property buyers, who are more than ready to pay his unreasonable property rate and buy his unethical property. God is going to send these property buyers. As a free gift to the builder!!

Thank God, for letting the minority (and not the majority like in politics,) rule the Pune real estate market!

Why should builders always have the last laugh?

I decided not to go back and collect my grocery bag which contained 1 kg Tur Dal at Rs. 86 and 1 kg Mung Dal at 76 rupees. I thought, why not let the security guard have the last laugh?

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  1. Proficiency in using internet is a great advantage in hunting valuable properties but then when it comes to getting down the details, consultation with a skilled agent is needed. An agent must know the latest trends in the market and must be knowledgeable of the current economic indicators.

  2. "If he hasn't done that nobody
    would have bothered to take a single step to visit his
    unnatural, unethical and uncivilized site."

    Interesting! This is the first time I am reading some comments that are not so builder-friendly.

    Otherwise, I had almost considered this blog to be propaganda mechanism by the Pune builders to sell off everything they have (flats, of course).

  3. Could you please provide information on new project coming up in vishrant wadi 'uttam townscapes.
    The flat rates ,builder's profile ,Quality of construction,amenities etc.

  4. Ravi, "you have finally done it". Many congratulation. At last you have spoken for something that is not correct from builder's side. Your point is extremely valid. We all shd understand that Civilizations have always grown along side nature and not at the cost of it.

    However do you think that for the amenity and specs Sigma One is offering this price justified?

  5. # Ref: "Interesting! This is the first time I am reading some comments that are not so builder-friendly."

    # Ref: "At last you have spoken for something that is not correct from builder's side."

    Sorry, friends! I haven't said anything against the builder. It may sound so but it is about the property buyers' decision to buy a property here.

    I will never talk "against" the builder because:

    1) I am not an intellectual editor of the newspaper who lectures P.M of India as well as President of U. S. in his editorials.
    I talk to those who read my blog. The property buyers!

    2) As a real estate salesman, i believe that only property buyers have the power to change the real estate market so i don't see any point in talking against the builders.

    3) I am not interested in getting big round of applause by making meaningless allegations against builders and become so called "property buyer friendly" blogger.

    4) If you have been reading my blog regularly, you would have said "why does Ravi consider us responsible for all the time?" My answer would have been, "Because, i believe in you!"

  6. # Ref: "However do you think that for the amenity and specs Sigma One is offering this price justified?"

    This is a jock!

    Good one!!

  7. hi ravi,
    do u think tht 5000+ is justifiable for sigma one whereas rates in samrajya are 4500 presently. its not fair to compare just rates but then wht is value for money in kothrud ?
    can we say tht rates r tending to increase for some locations.