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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The bridge on the River Ramnadi -
soon, Viva Hallmark would be "near" DSK Ranwara, Bavdhan, Pune, India

Connecting Bavdhan Khrud and Bavdhan Budruk:

In May 2009, D. S. Kulkarni Developers launched DSK Janhavi near DSK Ranwara at Bavdhan, a single stand alone building of sixteen 1 bhk flats for Rs. 17.80 lakhs.

In a day all 1 bhk flats were booked. I didn't believe this. Because when i reached DSK Ranwara and enquired about DSK Janhavi, the watchman asked me, "Can you swim?"

I asked him why, he said, "Never mind. There is not much water anyway. Many have crossed safely!" and he showed me how to cross Ramnadi.

Before crossing Ramnadi, i asked the watchman exactly how many people have crossed to reach DSK Janhavi. He said actually only 4 since morning.

Better way to reach DSK Janhavi was from the Mumbai Pune Expressway. But DSK knew that if location is near DSK Ranwara, it's easy to get bookings in Bavdhan. So DSK not only mentioned "near DSK Ranwara" but arranged transport for the site visit and booked all flats in a day.

However, now, by the grace of God and Supriya Sule, M. P., the construction of the bridge connecting Bavdhan Khurd and Bavdhan Budruk has actually started.

So, now, even Viva Hallmark can expect better bookings. Particularly, from those who live in 1 bhk flats in Kothrud and don't like to cross expressway and go to Warje. At the property rate of Rs. 3,150 per sq.ft., for sure," Viva Hallmark near DSK Ranwara, Bavdhan" is more attractive and safe option.

2 bhk flat of approx 1220 sq.ft. saleable area for approx Rs. 44 lakhs, 2.5 bhk flat of approx 1320 sq.ft. saleable area for approx Rs. 47 lakhs and 3 bhk flat of approx 1470 sq.ft. for approx Rs. 52 lakhs is worth considering when you can demand around Rs. 19 lakhs even for your more than ten year old 1 bhk flat in Kothrud, without any "Eazy Home Switch Offer!"

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  1. Hi, it's a very great blog.

    I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.

    Keep doing!

  2. Adding information about Ratio in context of sq. rate and floor plan.

    Viva is having ratio of 30% i.e. Carpet area + 30% is saleable area. So even if floor plan looks spread out, it is actually being included in the saleable area. One needs to keep this in mind while comparing rates or while sharing information on public forums.