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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kalpataru Splendour Wakad Pune 411057 to open bookings on 16th May 2010, Akshay Tritiya!

The Wait is Over!

2 BHK, 3 BHK Flats & E Homes with swimming pool, gym and club house in Wakad Pune!

At last! Kalpataru Group (www.kalpataru.com) - developers of Kalpataru Estate at Pinple Gurav - Aundh annexe - is launching it's long awaited project near Dutta Mandir on Wakad - Dange Chowk - Thergaon - Road - first left turn as you drive down Hinjewadi flyover - in Wakad Pune!!
- Most popular residential neighborhood of IT professional working in Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park and
- Mumabi real estate investors' most preferred location in Pune.

Kalpataru Splendour Wakad Pune

Launching of Kalpataru Splendour adds one more reason to live in Wakad and PCMC - till now, there were only two - Nandan Inspera and Mont Vert Seville - my favorites!

Otherwise, most of the newly launched residential projects were 'unknown' builder's first ventures in the not so good part of - actually horrible part of Wakad. Inviting you to "Paisa Feko aur Tamasha Dekho!"

Except, of course, Shonest Tower Wakad! What say you?

View "Take the first left turn as you drive down the Hinjewadi flyover!" in a larger map

To know more, please, contact:


Nikhil Dhamdhere
Senior Executive – Sales
Kalpataru Ltd. Pune
Mobile No. - +919923205880
Land Line – 02064100000
E-mail ID – nikhil.dhamdhere@kalpataru.com

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  1. Hey Ravi,
    I really like your blog. It has immensely helped in getting a good background on pune real estate for amateur investors in real estate like me. Can you please provide some information on the following:
    1. Wakad versus Baner to invest
    2. Wakad versus Baner to live
    3. Nandan Inspera versus Kalpataru Splendour in terms of project and location

  2. Hi Ravi

    What is your take on the Kalpataru Splendour project?

    What is the rate quoted and is it a worth enough buy ?


  3. Hi Ravi,
    I am in the IT profession and planning to move to Pune. What is your take on Kalpataru Splendour as a place to live as opposed to a pure investment? Also I have heard rumours that the Balewadi-Baner area has lot of political goons in it. Wanted to see what your opinion was on this