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Monday, May 3, 2010

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow - you are like a dream come true!

Final touches to Murli Krishnan's Bungalow
Murli Krishnan's Bungalow

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow

Thanks! Abhay Firake, architect, project manager and interior designer!!

Abhay Firake

The other day, i visited Murli Krishnan's Bungalow at Dhanori. I went with my friend, Abhay Firake (91 98900 10900 / 94229 87864). Abhay has designed and supervised the construction of "Murli's Bungalow". Luckily, for a few minutes, i could meet Mrs and Mr Murli Krishnan too. In those few minutes, we all were talking, but we were not looking at each other. All of us were only admiring "Murli's Bungalow"!

Mr. Murli Krishnan had to catch a flight, so they left and we, Abhay and I, admired the bungalow for some more time. Final painting of the bungalow was going on.

Murli's Bungalow is constructed on a very small plot. Only 2,000 sq.ft.! Murli lives with his parents and a college going sister. For Murli's joint family common spaces - dinning room, living room on the ground floor, family room on the first floor, were more important than the private spaces - bedrooms. Of course, for Murli, private terrace and dressing for the master bedroom were must.

For Abhay, because of the plot size, it was a challenge to fulfill these requirements of spaces. Not only in the terms of room sizes and carpet area, but even in "spirit" too!

Common spaces, living - family - dinning, should be enough open to feel Murli's small family close and at the same time, comfortable. Private spaces, bedrooms, should have a kind of privacy, you can get only in a bungalow, and at the same time, no one, particularly parents, should feel that they are "shut out".

It's easy to expect, but considering the available plot size, PMC rules, FSI and ground plus one structure, for Abhay, it was difficult to create spaces which will fulfill Murli's expectations. Possibilities of feeling "cramped" were more than feeling close, comfortable and together!

When you construct a bungalow and appoint a professional like Abhay, both of you get involved in the process, product and in each other.

My friend, Abhay considers this "involvement" as "an investment" his client makes and values it. Particularly, when he has a client like Ms. and Mr. Murli (IT professional couple working in Hinjewadi! Husband has left the job to get a degree in business management.) and their family (retired army officer and his wife) with whom Abhay's tuning is perfect.

Abhay, i have seen, feels committed to create the expected experience. Though, at every step, Abhay, Murli and his family have discussed, negotiated and approved; but ultimately it was Abhay's responsibility! (Though, i was not the part of their "team", i was involved from the first meeting and felt the same!)

However, that day, when we all were looking at Murli's Bungalow and talking with each other, we forgot that it was "Abhay's job!". Individually, all of us felt that it was like a dream come true! Have a look at the plans, drawings and photographs of Murli's Bungalow. Who knows? You may feel the same! Like a dream come true!

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow - Floor plans and perspective:

Ground Floor of Murli Krishnan's Bungalow

First floor of Murli Krishnan's Bungalow

Abhay's digital presentation of Murli Krishnan's Bungalow

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow: A Dream Come True!

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow and Abhay

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow under construction

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow - a few months ago

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow - porch and window of the living 

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow inside

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow - casting of the slab

Ms. & Mr Murli Krishnan and their Bungalow

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow - painting!

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow - living

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow- kitchen

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow - painting

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow - room and window

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow - Abhay in the staircase 

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow - bedroom with 2 windows

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow - terrace

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow - terrace with a view

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow - good light

Murli Krishnan's Bungalow

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  1. Ravi, How come this becomes real estate market news, and whats there for buyers in this post?

  2. chya aayala.... builder che markeeting understandable....architect che suddha marketting ! sahi hai bhidu

  3. Ref: "Ravi, How come this becomes real estate market news, and whats there for buyers in this post?"

    1) Thanks for raising this question! This is not "impersonal and subjective" Pune real estate market news blog.

    This is "Ravi Karandeekar's"....Pune real estate market news blog.

    For me, this was a "news".

    (Actually, i had written "why" - in the blog itself!)

    2) Yes, you are right! "What is there for the buyer in this post?"

    Who is interested in a bungalow?

    Everybody in Pune dreams about booking a 2 BHK / 3 BHK Flat. Right?

  4. Ref: "architect che suddha marketting ! sahi hai bhidu"

    Yes! This blog is not about the realization of a dream of a family!! You are right.

  5. Ravi, really nice to see a dream coming true. It has been a long dream for me to construct a banglow for my family too. Hope it will soon turn into reality. Keep on sharing such wonderful stuff.

  6. Yes, and I will write a blog on your bungalow!

  7. Hello Ravi, Nice Blog. Is it possible to get a land of 2000sqft. in Pimple Nilakh area. What could be the price of the plot.

  8. How much did Mr. Firake charge for this construction in Rs per sq foot ?

  9. Please, ask my friend, Abhay Firake (91 98900 10900 / 94229 87864)!

  10. I liked the post. It would be helpful to prospective home makers so as how to manage space and still get everything you wanted from your bungalow :)

  11. Very nice design of the house. I must congratulate the owner and architect. Good job

  12. Ravi,
    It was really great to talking with you today. I am just Common Man who always get attracted towards these Offers. But after looking at you reasearch i found its always good to Consult Lawyer. Thanks for taking this nice initiative to let people know about meath of real estate in Pune