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Sunday, May 23, 2010

About Eiffel Olympia, a project of 5000 sq. ft. plots, at Greater Hinjewadi, Pune (!) - by Ridhi Sidhi Plantation Society a.k.a. Eiffel Developers & Realtors Ltd.

1) Eiffel Olympia, a project of 5000 sq. ft. plots, at Greater Hinjewadi, Pune - News in Pune Mirror (www.punemirror.in) Posted On Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 02:51:42 PM:

When this reporter (Nitin Brahme Pune Mirror) visited the site, (Wikimapia) he saw that the hill has been dug up and stones being filled into trucks. He also saw a huge number of JCBs, trucks and dumpers.

To add to this there was also a green net lying on the the hill to send a clear signal that ‘work’ was in progress. Among all this, was the office of Eiffel Olympia and a well constructed CC road.

RTI activist Vijay Kumbhar was one of the first people to bring to public notice that this informed that the hill near the Mugawade village was being destroyed.

He sent a letter to District Collector Chandrakant Dalvi demanding that the collector’s office should display all information about hills being destroyed on a website under Section 4 of the Right to Information Act as most hills surrounding Pune are being encroached upon.

Kumbhar told Pune Mirror that now developers are not only destroying hills but the Sahyadri Range too for their profit. He has asked people to be cautious when buying plots on such sites.

Bhausaheb Jadhav the tehsildar of Mulshi taluka said, “The land belongs to the Ridhi Sidhi Plantation Society. Just one year ago I noticed that the hill was being dug up and so I inspected the site. I fined the plantation society Rs 2 crore 34 lakh for carrying out minor mining.

The society did not pay this amount but approached the Bombay High Court and got a stay order issued. I have now got information about the selling of plots and digging up of the hill and have sent a stop work notice to the Ridhi Sidhi Plantation Society.

Jadhav said also added that he has asked the Ridhi Sidhi Plantation Society them to present the environment clearance certificate.

He added that the Ridhi Sidhi has a Non Agricultural (NA) land certificate, but his office has not received township project permission or hill station project permission.

Pune Mirror contacted the Eiffel Olympia office, but it was past the office timing and we could not speak to the concerned person. An employee, answered the phone and asked us to contact the concerned person today.

However, when we called up the company’s enquiry number, the person who answered the phone refused to give ut his name but added that they have all the legal documents. To read more, please, visit : http://bit.ly/bHdMso

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4) If you have invested in Eiffel Olympia, Join Yahoo Group! It would be a profitable investment of your time and efforts!:

Origin of my Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog is in "Yahoo Group", i formed, for the property buyers who had booked a flat in the scheme, i was selling in Rahatani Pune. It proved very useful and safeguarded my clients interest - and gave me a break from running after "money" -(now, many believe that money comes to me! You know from whom! Good idea! I enjoy it - idea!) - is a well known web-history of Pune real estate market!

So, when i saw that - there are only 10 members - in Eiffel Olympia Yahoo Group, i thought that, it's my duty to appeal you to join this group, please, if you have invested in Eiffel Olympia!

Join Eiffel Olympia, N A Plots near Hinjewadi Pune, Yahoo Group!

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  1. Found your blog a little ambiguos..What are you sayin?Should someone invest it or not?

  2. Yes, you are right, Vivek! But, i am sorry. Do one thing, please, consult a lawyer. Understood?

  3. thanks for this information!
    but then what is your take on this project.
    Do you have any latest update about this project whether it is legalized by govertment or not ?

  4. Your blog sounds to be very ambiguous , secondly I m advocate myself so I know what it involves to purchase a piece of land .also your interest seems not neutral since you itself marketing some other builder properties ,so how can you be neutral.

  5. I had been to the office and found it as a good investment. Also the location of the site near hinjewadi makes it lucrative if you are ready to invest and wait for few years.

    The Prices are also Okay.

  6. I just recently booked a plot in Eiffel Olympia; and to my pleasure, I was handed a CD titled ‘Legal CD’ which has all the required title documents, N A order (Collector approved) and a copy of the sanctioned layout from town planning.

    Thank you for advising us to take precaution

    1. @Vinod Mohite .. so any problem you faced with respect to the req title documents.. were that all clear? Obstructions? Any prospectus??

  7. @Ravi: Please let me know your updated advise to invest in Olympia.

  8. Please advise us for investing in Effel Olympia as we are from Mumbai.

  9. skeptic abt this iinnvestmnt on hilllslope........

  10. I wanted to sell my plot in Effel Olympia. If anyone interested, please contact immediately.

    1. Hello garima..can you send me details of ur plot...mail me at deveshbohre@gmail.com

  11. Hello Garima,
    Can you contact me on my email id shailej@gmail.com.I would like to know more details on the plot you plan to sell

  12. Hello Garima,
    Can you give the details about plot size and desired selling price.@prakashpranab@gmail.com

  13. @Ravi... For all the question asked to u...u r saying ...consult lawer.... Can u clear it why u wrote such a useless blog then

    Instead of this u shud write only "Eiffel Olympia - Consult a Lawer " and close it....ridiculous blog

  14. Dear Ravi, Could you please suggest a way out of this in case where payment is already made to the builder? There must be some way out
    Thanks in advance for your guidance.

  15. Sir We have booked 4 plots in Eiffel developers Tadwadi project Neral.. 4 years back & till date that project has not got launched nor they at refunding the investment amount even after sending legal notice a month back.. nor they are bothered to answer anything... they have tied up with XERBIA & even then they are misusing people's hard earned money till 4 long years & are not ready to return that amount with nominal returns over & above invested amount... anyone please help what to do... & please don't get involved with this company... thinking that its a huge company & has huge brand name.... we can provide proofs of all correspondence if anyone one requires