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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rachana Bella Casa Baner Pune - behind Rohan Leher - pre-launch offer

Rachana Bella Casa Baner Pune - Elevation:

Rachana Bella Casa Baner Pune - Layout Plan:

Rachana Bella Casa Baner Pune - 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats:

Rachana Bella Casa will have approx 174 flats of 2 BHK & 3 BHK in 3 Building - 8 floors! - 1) Arabella 2) Leana 3) Tiana.

Pre-launch property rate of Rachana Bella Casa is, only, Rs. 3,000 per sq.ft.

Including Infrastructure & Development Charges, Stamp Duty & Registration Charges, property prices are:

2 BHK Flat – 988 sq.ft. saleable area – 34.17 Lakhs

3 BHK Flat – 1282 sq.ft. saleable area – 43.43 Lakhs

Site development has already started.

Project will be launched in a couple of weeks.

Possession approx 2 years - May 2012!

For more information, please, call Mayur Vankudre 91 99216 11355 write: rachanalifestyle@gmail.com

Rachana Bella Casa Baner Pune - 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats: Floor Plans:

1) Arabella - Even Floors - Click Here

1) Arabella - Odd Floors - Click Here

2) Leana - Even Floors:

2) Leana - Odd Floors:

3) Tiana - Even Floors:

3) Tiana - Odd Floors:

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  1. So may launches yet nothing affordable.

    When will the prices be sub-20L in Pune (for 2-BHk)?

  2. prices will never be sub 20L but defintely there are sub 25L avl.

  3. Hello Ravi,

    I would like to thank you for your blogs. After reading your blogs I have invested with Rachanalife Style’s project Bella Casa. I believe which was a good decision.

    I need your suggestion on the problem which I am facing right now. It is almost more than 14 month I have booked my flat. I have also paid 1st installment before 6 month on request of RachnaLife style Management. But Builder has not started the construction work also there is no information when they will start the registry process. When we contact them they don’t have any deadline for that as they did not get the NOC from the government.

    Is there a way we can try to join all the people who have invested in PROJECT BELLA CASA. So that we can talk to BUILDER as Group of people.

    Usually how time it will take to get the NOC for a project?

    Is there a way we can get more details about the current status of the project.

    1. Buddy join

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. What is happening at Rachana Bella Casa is called "real estate locha!"

    Builders are taken on a ride, not you! So, hold on!!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Thanks Ravi for quick response. What will you suggest,
    1. how long we should wait more?
    2. Should we cancel the booking?
    3. Rachna MGMT has already taken 20% saying that they are starting the Construction. Should we demand the 1st installment back atleast till the time construction is not getting started.
    4. What are the chances that we will get back the money easily back.

  8. Thanks Puneet, I will create a common email id to join all the people.
    Mean while if you know any one else who have invest with Rachna Life Style. Can you try to contact them to give their valuable comments on this blog with their contact details.

  9. Hello,

    I am planning to book a flat in Bella Casa. I visited the site yesterday. Their construction is in progress, however it looked like it has recently started. They are quoting Rs. 4,500/- per sq.ft. The possession is in December 2013. Do you know of any issues that I should be aware of before taking decision?


    1. Everything you have mentioned are serious issues! Construction stage. Property rate. Possession date. Location - in Sus gram panchayat. Are these not enough issues for you?

  10. I am also one of the investor in same property, I received a call recentl to start registration, Do we neeed to continue or take exit path?

  11. Seems like project is on track to be delivered by next year. Is that right?

  12. Seems like project is on track to be delivered by next year. Is that right?

  13. I just visited Bella Casa. The rate they quote now is 5200 per sq ft. They say they never got a chance to launch the scheme as all apartments were booked in pre-launch offer!! Possession on paper will be in March 2014 (for those who want to start interior work). Possession to start staying would take another 3-4 months more.

  14. Hi Ravi,
    In one of your responses above you have mentioned Location as gram Panachayat to be one of the issues. Could you elaborate how will it affect to a buyer ? Is the location not gonna developed near future ?

  15. Hi Ravi,

    What is your current opinion on Rachna Bella Casa. Since many societies are coming around it so is this society a good one to move in their ready possession flats ? With planned DP roads and all, is this area going to develop fast ?

  16. Hello Ravi, I am interested to buy flat in Bella Casa. I read from mounthshut that their are many issues like electric fluctuation and water. Is it true ??..Should i go for this or not..Please reply soon.

  17. Buyers, please think before you buy a property from this builder.

    I paid for changing the sink location in my kitchen, and look what they delivered - a completely unhealthy solution and waste of space.

    The drainage pipe is built inside the kitchen to save costs (it is unhealthy to have drainage going inside a room, and here it's kitchen!) and add to it, I cannot use one kitchen platform at all.

    From last one month, I have been following up with CRM and Civil Engg. teams but there is no solution from them yet.

  18. Hello Ravi, Rachana bellacasa hv offered me a 2bhk (1106sq.ft) at approximately 67L at this very moment giving an off of around 6.5L if I book before 31st Dec.i just want to know your opinion if this offer should be considered ?

  19. Any more folks who bough a flat in Bella Casa recently. I booked one 2 bhk (1109sqft) in Nov. for 69 lakhs. Possession is being told in June 2017. Is it on track ?

  20. Hi I am planning to buy 3BHK in phase 2 and it is a ready possession. They promise possession by June 17 and I have visited the site and all looks good in terms of construction. Any issues I need to consider before investing.

  21. Hi guys,

    I am planning to buy a property in Bella Casa Phase II

    Please suggest me if i should go for it or not
    The above comments are quite negative feedbacks

    Does this really come under gram panchayat?

    1. Yes. It's in Sus Gram Panchayat. Don't go for it. You don't deserve it.

    2. oh, Brokers were telling this place comes under PMC.

    3. Oh,Brokers were telling this place comes under PMC.

  22. Hello Ravi , I am planning to buy a 3BHK in Bella Casa . Please advice your view . Thanks Vikas