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Friday, May 21, 2010

Why did Viva Sarovar Ambegaon Pune receive huge response?

Tomorrow, you may afford only in Shirval!

Prasad Deshpande, Marketing Manager - Viva Sarovar, says because:
1) Beautiful Location of Jambhulwadi Lake and Mumbai Bangalore Bypass Bridge
2) Budget - 2 BHK Flats for Rs. 24 to 29 lakhs - approx all inclusive property price
3) Floor plan of a 2 BHK Flat - 800 / 850 sq.ft. saleable area - optimum utilization of the space - reasonable size of the terrace - attached to living or dining.

I didn't visit Viva Sarovar on the day of launch, Akshaya Tritiya, 16th May 2010. I visited soft launch of Kalpataru Spledour at Wakad. So, i couldn't see the bookings and a huge response. However, i accept Prasad's claims. He is telling truth. But, i am sure, he is not telling the complete truth. Prasad is trying to take 100% credit. He is completely ignoring one important factor - fear factor.

Young first time property buyers in Pune real estate market have realized that the property rates are not going to come down. In no time - even compact 2 bhk flat, of 800 sq.ft. saleable area, would be out of their budget. Their joint monthly income Rs. 40,000 to 50,000 would not be enough to buy a 2 bhk flat, not only in Pune - PCMC but even in the fringe villages - like Uttamnagar - Kondhwe, Ambegaon, Undri - Pisoli, Wagholi, Lohegaon or Sus.

If they don't book today, young property buyers in Pune have accpeted that, tomorrow they can afford to own a home only in the satellite towns of Pune - like Yavat on Pune Solapur Highway, Shirval on Mumbai Bangalore Highway and Rajgurunagar on Nashik Highway!

So, I am very much sure that, young property buyers did not miss an opportunity to book a 2 BHK Flat at Viva Sarovar, today! Those who booked were smart and practical, not at all romantic. Dear Prasad, give some credit to this fear factor! Thank Star City Shirval for putting hoardings all over your neighborhood - Satara Road, Sinhagad Road and Bibwewadi! What say you? Shouldn't he? View his video and share your thoughts in the comments, please!

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  1. "Young first time property buyers in Pune real estate market have realized that the property rates are not going to come down"

    Joke of the day ..Ravi, you need a break :)

  2. I agree with Ravi, I had visited last week to meet my relatives at Dapoli which is a small town in Konkan. On the way to my relatives house I saw few constructions going on (3 & 4 floor buildings which is not common in Dapoli) the property rate was Rs.2500 with average specifications. Water supply will be from Well water as there is no corporation supply.

  3. "Young first time property buyers in Pune real estate market have realized that the property rates are not going to come down"

    This euphoria marks the soon to arrive bear phase :) Ravi, glad you are pinpointing the psychological reasons as well. How long will this greater fool theory work will indeed be worth watching.

  4. This is not a joke. Are there any GOOD projects available for first time buyers with budget of 25L near Pune core city area? Yes, you may find some at Hadapsar, Kondhwa, etc. but on comparing them with this project, you will find this one better.
    And...I am not a sales person or promoter of Viva Sarovar :)

  5. So after 5 years, what would be the rates in Aundh, Wakad, PS, etc.?

    And who would be the Buyers?

    would Pune become Mumbai or Delhi?

  6. I have already added my comment, but this is particularly for video. The video helps a lot, its really a superb work. Seeing the photos and seeing the video is a huge difference! I know it would be much efforts than just clicking the pics. But the efforts are well worth it. May I suggest a few things, if you don't mind?

    1. Choose the location so that wind will not disturb you. The video is bit too much disturbed with wind in the end.

    2. In addition to interviewing the sales person, if you could show the walk through in the sample flat or the site, it would be immensely helpful.

    3. Fix some key word, like 'thank you for listening', 'dhanyavad' etc as cue to end the video. In such videos, the end is often bit confused. Save your thanks till the video is ended!

    I applaud to your efforts, Keep it up!

  7. Thanks a lot, Aniruddha! Yes, i will implement your all suggestions!

  8. Yes I agree with your "fear factor"..........

    Thats why any ad with 2650/sqft attracts huge crowd in wakad even if this 2650/sqft is not worth considering builder(e.g shonest towers).

    As you said, "soon compact 2BHKs may be out of range"....is current thinking.

  9. i have booked a 2BHK(940 sqft) 11 months back at ambegaon with rate - 2350.with all amenities like cctv,club house, swimming pool,gardens,temple,jogging track,shops,piped gas and others... today its rate is 3000-3200.
    its promissing area ambegaon i m sure.
    i thing in next 5 years rates here will be 6000-7000. any opinion on it......

  10. Viva sarovar current plan that is shown in the sample flat is very bad.
    Average rooms are in the 8x8 range.. The interior designer must have been a rookie to overdo everything.. The kitchen is so small that most women will hate it.. As a person who cooks even did not like the idea. Optimum space utilization does not mean using all nooks and corners and filling them with small useless fixtures.

    The cost also in the range that is specified is around 30 lakh.. Guys I know that area very well as I live on sinhgad road for past 17-18 years. Ambegaon does not have PMC water supply all is from the well.. The Ambegaon pathar area nearby is well known for goons and scorpio guys. read the local news paper well and you will see that the crime rate is 1 murder per week in that area.

    Dont invest in such project where after leaving home for work you spend most of the time worrying how your family members are.

    Also the nearest school available is not good. The bus frequency is also pathetic there ...

    Bonne chance for the buyers..

  11. Viva Sarovar buyers haven't got possession yet. It will be almost 3 years since launch. The builder says, it will be completed in next 2 months.