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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Shri Nagari Dhanori Pune - 1 BHK Flats for Rs. 15 to 17 lakhs - special launch offer!

Launch Property Rate at Shri Nagari Rs. 2,250 per sq.ft.

Lowest property rate in Dhanori Pune!

When i visited Shri Nagari - mini-township of 100 affordable Flats of 1 BHK & 2 BHK - located in Munjaba Vasti, near Ganapati Mandir, Dhanori, Pune 411015 - my first question to Ms. Deepti Mahatme, sales manager, (91 92738 47758 / 020 6510 6661/2) was, "Why are you highlighting the property rate - "Rs. 2,250 per sq.ft." - and not a budget - "a 1 BHK Flat for only 15 lakhs!"?"

Ms. Deepti said, "1) Because Rs. 2,250 is the lowest property rate in Dhanori!
2) Because Rs. 2,250 may be the lowest property rate in Pune Municipal Corporation!
3) Because Rs. 2,250 may be the lowest property rate offered by a PBAP member!
4) Because we - Pranayraj Group - we have done around 25 projects in & around Vishrantwadi - Dhanori - are offering Rs. 2,250 property rate for the first time!
5) Because Rs. 2,250 is just a launching rate - it may go up any time!"

"Good! But, - why are you offering Rs. 2,250 per sq.ft. and making 1 BHK Flats for 15 to 17 lakhs?, i asked Ms. Deepti.

"Ravi, what every builder in Dhanori is trying to do, at this point of time?," Deepti asked me.

I have already told her about my blogs on Tulsi Homes, Palladium Homes, Regency Meadows, Swapan Saankul, Aurum Developers' Elementto, Krome Builders' upcoming project, and about a few i was working on like Gini Bellissimo and Pride Groups' Aashiyana. (I was meeting Ms. Deepti, one of the senior professionals in Pune real estate market, for the first time!)

"Every project in Dhanori is increasing the property rate to Rs. 3,000 per sq.ft. and trying to take a place of Vimannagar!," i said.

"Now, in this situation where should one go if his budget is less than Rs. 20 lakhs?," Ms. Deepti asked me.

"I know! I have been there! Wadmukhwadi on Alandi Road!! R. K. Lunkad Group's Alankapuram, KDS Aagan & KDS Dham!," i said.

"Right! This location and the plot size made it possible for us to offer an option to own a home in Dhanori! We are happy that we could offer them best possible quality in their budget and an investment option with a big potential for appreciation in Dhanori! If you see our sample flat, you will get me..," Ms. Deepti said.

Yes! Shri Nagari's sample flat and specifications are really impressive. Good news is out of total 100 flats, around 90 are 1 BHK Terrace Flats - having 423, 433, 446 sq.ft. carpet areas and fitting in all inclusive property price range of Rs. 15 to 17 lakhs!

Since, Shri Nagari doesn't have a website, i can't show you the floor plans, layout and elevation of a building. Which has 5 wings and 5 stories - of course, there is a lift with a back-up. You have to visit Shri Nagari to know more - certainly before the launch property price goes up!

Shri Nagari is located just 500 meters off 80 feet Dhanori Lohegaon Road - opposite Dhanori Village and around 1100 meters from Dhanori Tingare Nagar road - in the gunthewari neighborhood of Munjaba Vasti, near Ganapati Mandir. I went by Dhanori Tingare Nagar Road and came back to Vithal Mandir on Dhanori Lohegaon Road. To get the idea of Shri Nagari's location and neighborhood, please, have a look at these photos and Google Map:

View Vishrantwadi - Dhanori - Lohegoan - Kalas - Dighi - Alandi Raod in a larger map

To Shri Nagari from Dhanori Tingare Nagar Road:

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