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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Midori Towers, Pimple Nilakh Pune - news update about construction of 4 extra floors without permission

Builder can pay a fine and regularize the construction but what about "changing the course of a nullah and pushing a floodline inside?"

How are Vikram Developers going to convince the property buyers, who have booked flats in Midori Towers at Pimple Nilakh Pune, that their life and investment is safe?
Midori Towers construction without permission

Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) decides to impose a fine of Rs 50 lakh on Vikrant Developers to regularize the project, Midori Towers, Pimple Nilakh:

PCMC deputy engineer Vasant Kachi said the builder was granted permission for constructing eight floors 2007.

"However, it has been found that four floors of the three buildings of Midori Towers were constructed without permission," he said.

Kachi said the PCMC will impose a compounding fees on the builder to regularize the project as demanded by him.

"He had submitted his transfer of development rights (TDR) plan for the extra floors. If a TDR file is pending with us and a builder constructs illegal floors, he can get it regularized by paying a compound fees. Here, the builder faces a fine of over Rs 50 lakh, 20 per cent of the project cost," he said.

As per the news in today's Indian Express, Avinash Gaikwad, director of Vikrant Developers, said he will pay the fine. "My TDR was pending with the civic body and hence I constructed the extra floors," he said.

Midori Towers, Pimple Nilakh Pune, Elevations, You Paid For!:

Midori Towers Elevation 1
Midori Towers Elevation 2
Midori Towers Evevation 3

PCMC officials said the builder cannot sell the extra 36 flats till they are regularized.

Has anybody booked a flat on these floors?

Controversy about changing the course of a nullah and pushing a floodline inside:

Midori Towers Layout Plan

Vikram Developers' Midori Towers, at Pimple Nilakh Pune, ran into controversy after Sena corporator Seema Savle produced documents procured under RTI showing that the project was accommodated by pushing floodline inside, changing the course of a nullah.

"The floodline has been changed as the builder is a relative of a former top irrigation official," alleged Savle in a letter to the CM and the Municipal Commissioner.

Gaikwad said no floodline has been changed.
"I had submitted the proposal in 2006-2007 and the floodline was marked in 2009," he said. Regarding the nullah, he said, "The PCMC is doing storm water treatment work and I will pay whatever is needed."

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  1. From the article: "Here, the builder faces a fine of over Rs 50 lakh, 20 per cent of the project cost," he said.

    So the project cost is 50L x 5 = 2.50 Crores. What's the cost of the houses? Atleast 50L per floor. Calculate 50L x 12 floors = 6000Lakhs = 60 crores! This profit is 23 times of investment!!!

    I am soon changing my career to become a builder :)

  2. We were the victims .......
    Rajesh Chavhan , Mr good guy , sold us the 9th floor without giving any idea that he didnt had the sanction from the govt to construct it!

    According to the govt the builder has been fined Rs. 5o lakhs for this illegal construction.....but dont u think it sends a wrong signal to all the builders by constructing extra floors without permission & legalising it by paying the fine & making money later ???
    Those illegal extra floors should be demolished & the customers to whom he had sold those flats fraudulently should get their refunds with interest !!!!

    All said n done we appreciate that this matter was brought to public notice & people wont commit the mistake we made 3 years ago ......

  3. Is it safe to buy flat in Midori Towers at present in Tower 3.

    1. Dear Anurag, better consult a lawyer and see what happens in 2 monsoon seasons.

    2. Is there any last monsoon report on how changed floodline affected Midori project? Is it safe to buy a flat on 10th floor? Please advice

    3. Sorry. I don't know any such report. Can't say anything about safety.

  4. I am.thinking.to.puchase a flat at midori.towers.... is.it.safe now to buy??

  5. I am.thinking.to.puchase a flat at midori.towers.... is.it.safe now to buy??

  6. Want to buy a flat on resale on 9th floor in Midori in Tower A. Not sure about all the legal hurdles it had in the past. Is it safe to buy now ??

    1. Hello Tushar!

      I have emailed your question to my reader who is the resident of Midori. Let us see what he says.

      Alternatively, better meet the chairman & secretary & maximum number of residents.

    2. Hello Tushar, my readers says - "Everything is running smoothly and in legal framework ". If you want to meet him or talk to him - I will give you his phone number.

    3. Hi Ravi, thanks for the help. Can you please connect me to him