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Friday, May 14, 2010

Views of Nandan Inspera - 2 BHK Flats at Wakad Pune 411 057

Thanks Sachin Londhe for sharing these images!

Instead of usual "train-like" building on a long strip of plot,
designing a building which will have a shape of a fan -
offering good light, ventilation, privacy and
a small open space in front of the main door,
along with an attached terrace for each flat and
connecting these buildings with sky lounge - a refuge area
- is, certainly, a brilliant idea.

However, i was always curious to know
- 'how will Nandan Inspera look' -
Dear Sachin, thanks for sharing these digital images!

Now, i am more curious to know how it will "actually" look!

Click the Image to Enlarge!

Nandan Inspera Wakad Pune - 2 BHK Flat:

Nandan Inspera Wakad Pune - Layout Plan:

Nandan Inspera Wakad Pune - Entrance Gate:

Nandan Inspera Wakad Pune - View from the Sky Lounge:

Nandan Inspera Wakad Pune - Sitting Area:

Nandan Inspera Wakad Pune - Entrance Lobby:

Nandan Inspera Wakad Pune - Sky Lounge:

Nandan Inspera Wakad Pune - Landscaping on Sky Lounge:

Nandan Inspera Wakad Pune - Arial View of the Club House:

Nandan Inspera Wakad Pune - Club House & Party Lawns:

Nandan Inspera Wakad Pune - Gym and Swimming Pool:

Nandan Inspera Wakad Pune - Indoor Games:

Nandan Inspera Wakad Pune - Play Area:

Nandan Inspera Wakad Pune - Slopping Lawn:

Nandan Inspera Wakad Pune - Tower and Landscaping:

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  1. Thank You for giving detailed information of Nandan Inspera. I've gone through the project and it is really different from rest of the projects in that area. I was really amased to see the property.

  2. anybody have an idea about todays quote price for the project ?? or any recent bookings at Inspera ??
    Please share the details.......

  3. go and book soon its gonna be INR 3100 from March 2011

  4. I booked a flat on christmas 25,2010 .Current rates 3900 per sqft till 7th floor and 4100 per sqft from 8 to 11 . But i would say its worth spending that much both from investment as well as living pt of view.

  5. Jai and Amit are they negotiable?? I am interested in the project but they do not seem to negotiate...

  6. Amit,

    I understand only the 8th to 11th floors are available..Have u booked in any one of these floors???

  7. Hello Ravi, do you have any idea about the current status of the project? It's not available on Inspera's website.

    About availability - Only 11'th floor was available when I spoke to them last week.


  8. @ Sandhya :: I don't think price is negotiable or may be am not good in it. But there was no reduction in price for me

    @Ramesh :: I booked in Aug on floor 1

  9. Jai, do you have any update on the current status of this project?

  10. Ganesh, As far i know the building B in which i have book ... payment demand after completion of second floor is expected by mid of Feb 2011 . I am not in india but this are updates from there marketing team on call.

  11. Hi,

    My name is Royden & my contact number is 9870058598,I'am looking to buy a flat in Wakad in Pune, Request if someone could call me

  12. Hi Jai, Thanks a lot for the updates. I have booked a flat in A2 and am too not in India. So just wanted to know the latest updates. Anyway, will keep posting if I get any updates. Cheers.

  13. no problem , we are neighbors then :) ... you can contact me on my personal e-mail jaideeppatil2002@gmail.com ... I would like to thank ravi here for these blogs here about pune real estate its really helpful and informative

  14. I have booked a flat in Nandan but I was told that they DO NOT have approvals above 4th floor!!!! (For building B1, not sure about other buildings)..

    Now when I try contacting them nobody answers the phone neither they reply to my emails.. I did not expect this type of response from a so-called RENOWNED builder like Nandan.

    I am glad I did not pay the whole amount to book the house though! So beware and make sure all the documentation is perfect before going ahead and paying them the Money.

    Before booking the flat they gave me all kind of promises like they will email me and they will keep me posted with the updates, but nothing of that sort has ever happened!!! So friends, beware!

  15. Thanks for sharing your experience! I completely agree with you about confirming all sanctions and approvals before booking a flat.

  16. Sahil , where you get the information from ?

  17. @ SAHIL, you are kidding....... I booked a flat here @2999 and construction is going well now beyond 4 th floor.

  18. @ SAHIL,

    REFRAIN spreading the wrong information about this project unless you have a VALID PROOF/ SOURCE which in this case you dont have. If you would have booked it you would not have commented in a wrong way.......

  19. Dear Mr. Sachin,

    Nothing wrong about the project status....
    Please check the link below........

    If somebody purchased a flat at NANDAN INSPERA, what was the possession date given by them in the agreement ?? mid of 2012.

    Do you think it is possible... IMPOSSIBLE........ at the current status of the work progress.

    I believe atleast 2-3 years down the line.... when builder encashes all the available FSI.. TDR.. blah blah to complete these buildings as shown in the catalogue.. its really pain... This is true not only for NANDAN... every builder in Pune plays this.. believe me.

    OK. about me, i booked and cancelled in INSPERA.. May god bless me... But i track every movement of this project.... last 14th of may atleast 20-25 owners who booked here when to NANDAN office to convey their grievience to Builder about the slow progress... it will go on... believe me.

    Keep posting your view..

  20. Any upate on Nandan Inspera ? I heard in May 1st week about forth slab in progress. ANybody who has seen the site recently ?

    Ravi- Did you get chance to cycle around that place ?

  21. 8'th floor was in progress in 2'nd week of June.

  22. Nil, if you are a owner of any flat in this project, you need to join and take a permission on facebook nanadan inspera group where you will get all the recent updates on the project.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Hi I have booked flat in Nandan Inspera the progress of C1 building is very slow, Last week when I visited 9th slap was in progress. My possesion date is March 2012.When can I expect the possesion? Any idea?

  25. Mr. Sachin Londhe.. why are you very angry on some one who is asking about the status of Nandan Inspera. I know that you've bought the flat there, entire project doesnt belong to you. i can also guess that you will be the future secretary, when(?) the builder give the possession to you all.

    Dear Mr. Rahul.. Keep patience... youve booked, because you thought the project will be great and good, yes it is, but after completion, after a long strugle.. builder will take his own time to FINISH everything (including your every emotions). Wait and watch. As i guess it will be somewhere arround mid of 2013 (if you are lucky) or more.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. looking at raj reply who is trying to hide his identity as he is afraid of the builder and must be suffered or in loss. y cant you stop pretending n dont spread ur frustrations on the ppl.

  26. Anyone wants to sell their flat in nandan inspera?

  27. Hi,

    Does anybody have an idea of availability of flats in Nandan Inspera, if yes then what are the prevailing rates?

  28. Please join Nandan Inspera group on FB for more details.