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Friday, October 5, 2012

Sir, Mein chota sa, pyara sa, nanha sa, baccha hoon!

Vijay Kumbhar, RTI Activist, on Xrbia, Blue Ridge, Life Republic, KUL Ecoloch, Amanora Park Town & Nanded City Pune:

Eiffel Olympia & Xrbia:

For the updates about stopping Xrbia, at Nere Dattawadi on Hinjewadi Marunji Road, I met Mr. Vijay Kumbhar. The RTI activist who played important role in preventing Eiffel Olympia from destructing Sahyadri.

"It's a time taking process," Mr. Vijay Kumbhar said and asked me about other 'special townships' around Pune.

"All are doing fine! Those who were launched around 4 - 5 years ago - Blue Ridge - Nanded City Pune - Amanora Park Town - have given possessions of a few hundred flats," I said.

"What are the current property rates in these 'special townships'?," Mr. Vijay Kumbhar asked.

"Very reasonable property prices...for example at Blue Ridge Hinjewadi - you can get a 2 BHK Flat for only 79 Lakhs & a 3 BHK for 96 Lakhs. At Nanded City Pune - 690 sq.ft. 2 BHK Flat is for only Rs. 49 - 50 Lakh!," I said.

"What are the property rates?," Vijay Kumbhar asked again.

"Very competitive property rates......At Blue Ridge only Rs. 5,000 & 5,300 per sq.ft. at Life Republic only Rs. 4,000 - 4,500 per sq.ft., at Nanded City Pune Rs. 4,250 - even for a 22 story Shubh Kalyan," I said.

"Are these property rates "competitive"?," Vijay Kumbhar asked.

"Yes! 1) These are less than the rates in the developed areas of PMC & PCMC. 2) At this rate the builder is going to develop your flat - as well as - the basic infrastructure," I said.

"Don't you see that these property prices are wrong? Don't you realize that by not writing against these property prices you are helping these builders to exploit the property buyers & Maharashtra Government? Why are you only against Xrbia? Or...as they say in the comments on your blog - Are these townships - Life Republic - Blue Ridge - Nanded City Pune - paying you to write against Xrbia?," Vijay Kumbhar asked.

"Kumbharsaheb, 1) I write for the property buyers and not - for - or - against - any builder. So, my readers - property buyers - pay me - not any builder. 2) I am not against Xrbia. In fact, I admire Xrbia for launching 'fullon money sucking operation' and removing - dirty - stupid investors from Pune real estate market. Somebody has to do the dirty job. And, I am glad that Xrbia is doing it! 3) I am against these stupid investors who are happily becoming accessory to crime of killing their own Mother - World Heritage Sahyadri Ranges at Xrbia, " I said.

"Means...you are not corrupt, " Mr. Vijay Kumbhar asked.

"Yes. I am not corrupt. At the same time, like you, I am not an activist. Sir, compared to you - Mein chota sa, pyara sa, nanha sa, baccha hoon!," I said.

Exploitation of Children:

"OK. You are innocent. I accept. You care for mother nature. That's good. Now, care for the children too. Children of Mother India. Stop these builders from exploiting the citizens of India!," Mr. Vijay Kumbhar, the RTI activist who played important role in preventing Eiffel Olympia from destructing Sahyadri, said.

"Are the developers of special townships like - Blue Ridge - Nanded City Pune - Life Republic - Amanora - KUL Ecoloch - exploiting the citizens? I don't think so. In fact, these developers are doing what Maharashtra Government can't do! The builders of these townships are developing infrastructure in the fringe areas of Pune and providing housing for the growing population," I said.

"Yes. These builders are developing infrastructure & providing housing. Only because Maharashtra Government let these builders buy cheap agricultural land and gave concessions in taxes and development charges. Why did Maharashtra Government do this?," asked Mr. Vijay Kumbhar.

"Why?," I asked.

"Because, these builders claimed - land prices decide property prices. If you make available cheap land - these builders claimed - we can provide affordable housing for the growing population. If the size of the project is big - these builders claimed - we will get foreign direct investment to develop these townships. To provide affordable housing for the growing population in the cities, Maharashtra Government passed the special township act which was based on Magarpatta City. In short, Maharashtra Government let these builders open "Rashan Ki Dukan" of affordable homes. Maharashtra Government changed the laws and made cheap agriculture land available to these builders. But, today, what you get in these "Rashan Ki Dukan of affordable homes"? A 2 BHK Flat for 50 Lakh? Is this home affordable for the common urban citizen?," Mr. Kumbhar said.

"Certainly - not! Mr. Satish Magar's Rashan Ki Dukan of Affordable Homes - Nanded City Pune - is not at all affordable for the common middle class citizen. Same about Mr. Shashank Paranjape's Rashan Ki Dukan of Affordable Homes - Blue Ridge Hinjewadi. Only - well to do - middle class - citizens can buy these homes," I said.

"Why don't these people understand that they are paying unreasonably high property price for these homes? Considering the land price, these 'special townships' should be sold at half their current property rates!," Mr. Kumbhar said.

"Wait! Are you blaming my property buyers?," I asked.

"Yes! The property buyers are at fault!!," Mr. Kumbhar said.

"No. You can't blame my property buyers. Most of them are not aware about the concessions - Maharashtra Government's special township act - cost of land," I said.

"How can you say that they are not aware? I took lot of efforts to publish these documents on www.pune.gov.in - the website of Collectorate of Pune District. Can't these people read?," Mr. Kumbhar asked.

"You don't understand the property buyers, Mr. Kumbhar. A property buyer is not an adult person like you. A property buyer is like a hungry baby. All it wants is milk. Breast vs Bottle is a topic of debate for an adult like you. Not for a hungry baby! Ask any Pune property buyer. He will tell you - Sir, Mein chota sa, pyara sa, nanha sa, baccha hoon!," I said.

Township Policy

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  1. The main issue is when are these projects going to be completed

  2. Good information, Ravi!...Links provided here are informative.

  3. Please write something about NOC from builders, new rule.

  4. I like ur heading "Sir, Mein chota sa..."
    and let me expand/clear it... U may be chote se, pyare se, nanhe se, bacche ho...but ho bahoot Naughty :-) :-)

  5. Interesting. I admit I did not read the entire Township Policy document and just glanced through it.
    So the builders got increased FSI, NA land and other discounts. Was the land made available at a discount too? The document did not mention that.

    "The idea is to promote private investment in housing sector to facilitate housing at reasonable prices and also to create a hassle free atmosphere for investors"

    There is a lot of wording related to how the builder is supposed to provide various facilities and abide by certain rules, but there is no wording related to "offering reasonable prices" or passing on discounts obtained to the end user. So basically all of them got a free pass. Discounts up front, no binding rules to pass on savings to the consumer.