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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Songbirds Bhugaon Will be Launched on 16th October 2012!

OMG! Have I Become a Singing Bird?

View Songbirds at Bhugaon near Chandani Chowk on Paud Road Pune 411042 in a larger map

At last, yesterday, I visited SKYi Team's upcoming 42 acre township Songbirds (www.songbirds.in) at Bhugaon Gram Panchayat on Paud Road.

What else could I do? In the last couple of weeks, 'early birds' who were interested in the pre-launch offer of Songbirds Bhugaon were angry with me for not writing about it.

Most of these 'early birds' were from Kothrud. Who were eager to go for a 2 BHK or a 3 BHK Flat costing below 55 & 75 Lakhs in the pre-launch offer of Songbirds Bhugaon.

How can you ignore Songbirds which is conveniently located from Chandani Chowk on Paud Road?

How can you not write about Songbirds which is nestled on green hills of 250 acre prestigious Four Seasons Farm House Society?

How can you keep mum about Songbirds, first big size township of 42 acres by the builder - who is well known for SKYi Iris Baner, SKYi Iris Bavdhan, Aquila Townhouses at Baner?

These 'early birds' were asking me. No one was ready to accept my defence - I have stopped writing about pre-launch offer.

But, Songbirds Bhugaon has received all sanctions & approvals! Including, N A & Environmental Clearance!! Not only that! Even the permission to lift water from Mula River!!!

Still, pre-launch offer is pre-launch! If all sanctions & approvals are in hand, why don't SKYi launch the Songbirds? I used to argue.

Because, site office & sample flat is not yet ready. Plus, you know about Pitru Paksha. Right? That's all!

Yes! Yesterday, when I visited the site, I found out that that's the only reason. And, now, on Tuesday, 16th of October 2012, Songbirds at Bhugaon will be launched!

In those 3 hours, I was at the site, I also found out that - besides the location & the property prices - there are some important reasons to go for Songbirds Bhugaon! Which I will cover in my next blog.

OMG! Have I become a singing bird?

Contact Songbirds at Bhugaon:

Kunal Khande 98509 93333 kunal@skyi.com





No Birdbrains

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1) TUESDAY, OCTOBER 09, 2012

Pre-Launch Offer of 1 BHK & 2 BHK Flats at Bhugaon, Pune 411042!

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  1. I am kind of surprised that they did not launched just because sample apartment is not ready.

    Ravi, Pristine has some project in Aundh (behind Spicer college), if you get any information please share the same on your blog

  2. hi Ravi,

    Can you please post actual photographs of the site...

  3. Please get us some updates of Songbirds project and its cost sheet if you can provide.


    1. Ravi - You are slipping away from your promised dates...just as this builder is.

    2. Ravi got bribe from SOngbirds..........were is your next blog? on 15 oct u said 2mrw ?

    3. Ravi visited songbirds and demanded money so that he can post good blog favoring the project, but developer kicked him out of his office..
      Else,Ravi would have kept his word

    4. Thanks for the intelligent comment, Markus! Please, visit the update: No Birdbrains

  4. Pre-Launch offer ended yesterday on 15th October.
    Happy to say as Property Consultant, we've made many families smile and really speaking Early Birds have became Happy Birds!
    Congratulations to those who booked in Pre-Launch!!
    Project is open for booking now also but at higher rates - 4100/sqft for premium & 4300/sqft for premium+.
    Now we are just waiting for the Exquisite Launch of this SupaFantabulous SongBirds!!!

    Three Cheers to the SKYi team!

  5. SHRI Group’s residential project SHRI Radha Sky Garden is not among those projects that have fallen into crisis over the current land issue in Noida Extension. This comes as a big relief for the buyers, who have booked apartments in the project. The Group’s spokesperson said, “The Group has bought 50-acre land from the Greater Noida Authority after completion of all legal formalities and attaining all required approvals. Of the total area, 22 acres come under the plan for the residential project and this area is completely undisputed. for more information visit Shri Sky Garden

  6. Hi Ravi,

    We are looking for a good home in west side of pune. Currently we are confused with Regency Classsic in Baner and Songbirds in Bhugaon. I dont find any reviews or comments on SKYI developers yet. I know they have done some good quality work earlier in Baner.
    According to Rate and location Regency Classic looks okay but the flat size is too much crunchy, whereas the location of Songbirds is little far inside the main road, and the overall package is also not very less, but the flats are spacious, the project layout and landscaping is good.
    What do you think worth of buying?

  7. Hi Ravi,

    I liked this project very much. But before booking it I am in a dilemma whether they will meet the expectations especially what they claim in terms of Infrastructure and the kind of Habitat they claim to make for ex: having 4000+ trees etc. . So what is your suggestion regarding this.

    Thanking You,

  8. Hi Ravi,

    I'm looking for long term invetment in property at Songbirds. CAn i go for it? Is there any plan of DP road to paud and then to hinjewadi.

    Please suggest