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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

At Last, Gera Launched Trinity Towers Kharadi!

Review of Gera's Trinity Towers, at Gera's Greensville Sky Villas, off Pune Nagar Road, Kharadi, Pune 411014:

Booking a flat means putting your life in danger:


Gera Developments Pvt. Ltd. (www.gera.in) launched Trinity Towers on Saturday, 20th October 2012. On the same day, a few more projects were launched in Pune real estate market. For example:

1) Ranjeet Developers' Shree Siddhivinayak Platinum Park - 1 BHK, 2 BHK, & 3 BHK Flats at Undri,

2) Sancheti Builders' Belcastel - 1 BHK, 2 BHK, & 3 BHK Flats at Keshav Nagar - Mundhwa,

3) 2nd Phase of Suyog Nisarg - 1 BHK, 2 BHK, & 3 BHK Flats at Wagholi,

4) Dreamspace Realty's Saad - 1 BHK & 2 BHK Compact Flats at Nhare Ambegaon,

5) Gemini Housing's Grand Bay - 1 BHK, 1.5 BHK, 2 BHK, & 2.5 BHK Flats at Manjri Budruk.

But I didn't visit any. Because, that day, Rohit had invited me for a cup of tea at Kalpataru Estate Pimple Gurav.

After understanding how Kalpataru Ltd. has given pathetic construction quality & how Kalpataru has completely neglected property buyers' rights & demands, I was convinced that 'booking a flat' means putting your family's life in danger.

If one of the leading builders & professionally managed 'limited' construction company - which has proposed a public issue & already filed a Draft Red Herring Prospectus with the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) - Kalpataru Ltd. puts its property buyers life in danger, just imagine how dangerous it is to book a flat with these small builders who are basically father & son / brother shops.

Most of these builders in Pune, I know for sure, are good human beings & successful businessmen. Most of these builders in Pune, I know for sure, want to give good construction quality & they care for customer satisfaction. But I also know for sure that it's next to impossible for these builders in Pune to deliver what they promise. These builders in Pune are not small enough anymore to give personal commitment and are not big enough to offer guarantee of professional organization.

But, there are some property buyers, who are not aware about the dangers involved in 'booking a flat'. These ignorant property buyers not only book at the launch of project but are ready to jump on the pre-launch offer of any upcoming project. Like Mr. Madhu Koda, name changed, one of my readers.

Approximately a year ago, in the pre-launch offer of Gera's Trinity Towers, Mr. Madhu Koda has booked a 3 BHK Flat. All these months we were in touch. Discussing various issues about his 'investment'. So, for me, launch of Gera's Trinity Towers Kharadi was an end to a long emotional trauma & drama.

Hoping & praying for a happy end, I visited Trinity Towers on Sunday, the last day of launch event.

Gera's Trinity Towers for the property rate of Rs. 3,900 per sq.ft.:

Launch Ad of Gera's Trinity Towers Kharadi Pune 411014
Click to Visit Enlarged Ad of Gera's Trinity Towers Kharadi

Last weekend, the launch ads & radio spots were talking about luxury - sorry, beyond luxury - in Gera's Trinity Towers Kharadi. Unfortunately, Mr. Madhu Koda was not going to get that 'Beyond Luxury'. Because, he has refused to pay more than Rs. 3,900 per sq.ft. The pre-launch property rate of Gera's Trinity Towers, including the premium for floor rise, committed to him an year ago.

Mr. Koda has refused to accept 'revised' property rate of Rs. 4,500 per sq.ft. on the grounds of 'injustice' & 'unethical' business practice.

If the builder can't honor his commitment, he should not accept the booking in the pre-launch offer.

You take money from the property buyer, use it interest free for over a year, and then tell him to pay as per the revised high property rates or cancel your booking is 'injustice' to the property buyer who trusted the builder unconditionally.

Telling to cancel the booking is 'breach of trust' for the property buyer who has booked in the pre-launch offer.

It's unethical to force the property buyer to cancel the booking who has booked in the pre-launch offer and has given up all other options available and waited for you for a year.

Forcing to pay as per the 'revised' property rates - is nothing but an extortion of the property buyer who has no option but to accept the builder's offer.

When Mr. Madhu Koda used to say all these things to me, I had no option but to agree with him. This is the general practice of all builders in Pune and that's why I am against the pre-launch offers, I used to tell Mr. Koda.

However, my last sentences used to be - Don't worry - Talk to Mr. Rohit Gera - He is not like others - Gera is an ethical builder - His executives are playing this game with you. And a few others who have booked in the pre-launch offer.

But Mr. Rohit Gera is not accessible. They don't let me talk to him. He never calls back. His executives reply to my mail and say it's company's policy. What can i do? Mr. Koda used to complain.

However, at last, when Gera agreed to the originally committed year old pre-launch property rate of Rs. 3,900 per sq.ft. Mr. Koda was relieved.

Not getting the new 'upgraded specifications' in the old pre-launch rate of Rs. 3,900 is unfair. But, hoping a fair deal from the builder is unrealistic.

Original pre-launch property rate of Rs. 3,900 per sq.ft. without upgraded specifications - is only an abuse. Not a rape.

Argued Mr. Koda and asked me, "Ravi, is it worth to pay 600 rupees per sq. ft. (4,500 - 3,900) for all those specifications?"

"Forget about 600, ask Ravi, after all this - 'Is it worth paying 3,900?' There isn't even a proper road to this project - and don't know what we have to face next from the builder," shouted Mrs. Koda.

"Now, that's out of question - I have told you many times - now, we have no choice but to stick to this project - anyways, in the next 5 years - this area will be completely developed!," Mr. Koda shouted down Mrs. Koda and asked me once again, "Ravi, is it worth paying 600 per sq.ft. more for the revised specifications?"

"Ravi, find out, is it worth paying 3,900 for the old specifications?," Mrs. Koda whispered in my ear.

"Stop fighting! I will try to find answers to both the questions!!," I told the Kodas.

So, I visited Gera's Trinity Towers Kharadi to find out is it worth paying Rs. 3,900 as well as Rs. 4,500 per sq.ft.

But, on Sunday evening the property rate at Gera's Trinity Towers Kharadi was Rs. 4,800 per sq.ft.!

The Benefits of Booking a Flat in 'Pre-Launch Offer':

View Gera's Trinity Towers, at Gera's Greensville Sky Villas, off Pune Nagar Road, Kharadi, Pune 411014 in a larger map


It's good to be a Millionaire. You don't have to walk. So, you don't need a road. You don't need street lights. You can drive down to your home in a SUV. That's why the road behind the EON IT Park at Kharadi is called Millionaires' Boulevard. The road suitable only for the millionaires.

On Sunday evening a few construction workers & The Pioneer Pune Real Estate Blogger Ravi Karandeekar, means me, were the only people walking on that Millionaires Boulevard, behind EON IT Park at Kharadi.

In the dim light of a cloudy evening, under construction projects on the roadside, Panchshil EON WaterFront, Pashankar Group's Yin Yang, Marvel Zephyr & Enigma and others, were looking lost. Whereas, the projects near EON IT Park - Gera's Emerald Park & Ganga Constella - were looking sad.

I had almost forgotten about the Kodas assignment and had started wondering about how to return to the Kharadi Gaon Bus Stop from the site of Gera's Trinity Towers. Last time, when I had walked this road upto Nagar Road, I had decided that I will not visit this side of Kharadi for the next 10 years. Exactly at that point, Ms. Koda called me and asked, "Is it worth paying 3900? Did you visit Gera's Trinity Towers?"

"Ms. Koda, I have never asked you one question. Where do you live in Mexico? In Mexico City or in the Mexican Desert?," I asked.

"Who told you we live in Mexico? We are at Patna. Bihar," Ms. Koda said.

"Then why do you want to shift to Pune? Gera had no option but to launch Trinity Towers at this location - because he had purchased this land long ago. But you were free to choose any city - any location. Why did you book here? This part of Kharadi is not yet urbanized," I said.

"I know that. I have visited Gera's Greensville Sky Villas. I know that it's not yet populated. I didn't mind it. We are not going to shift there for at least next 6 - 7 years," Ms. Koda said.

"Do you have any idea about cost of land which has no developed infrastructure, no living population and no life? Do you know what is the construction cost of quality housing?," I asked.

"No. How can I know all these things? While booking we only considered current rates of other projects & the reputation of the builder!," Ms. Koda said.

"If you had been in Pune and seen the advertising of Gera's Trinity Towers, you would have realized that the builder is desperately trying to justify the price by talking about specifications & amenities. As if the value of the flat is zero without these!," I said.

"But we are not getting those specifications! Though the rate is not changed - the builder is asking more for the amenities - 25,000 to 1,00,000 rupees more for the PMC Charges, MSEB Charges & Club Charges! I have started feeling that I am eating my own shit!!," Ms. Koda said.

"Everyone who goes for the pre-launch offer eats his own shit. You are not alone. Those who had booked in the pre-launch offer of PRA East Avenue Wagholi are doing that. Those who booked at Rachana Bella Casa Baner-Sus have done that. Now, let us stop. I have reached the site. Call me after 9 pm.," I said and entered Gera's Trinity Towers Kharadi.

Fun with iPad:

I was eager to see the sample flat of Gera's Trinity Towers Kharadi. So, I told the sales executive that I will enjoy the well decorated reception afterwards.

But he didn't let me visit the sample flat, just like that. Because, at Gera there is a system. First, every visitor is briefed about the project. Then the informed visitor is taken to the sample flat where he experiences the property. After the information & experience, you select your flat and discuss the price & financial offer. At every stage there is a well trained executive to attend to you. I admire Gera for their systematic approach.

This time, instead of a printed brochure, they are using a digital interactive table to explain the project. The tabletop itself is a digital screen which gives you 360 degree information about the project which was never possible before. You can even select & shortlist the different options of the flats. In a short period time, this digital presentation helps you to take an informed decision. While I was admiring this customer friendly digital tool, Mr. Rohit Gera came into the cabin. He asked me,"How are we doing?"

"I am enjoying! I admire your systematic, serious approach. I liked your advertising too. It was glamorous as well as informative. Before coming to site I knew what I am going to get. At the same time, I am curious about the financial offer. Well done. Impressed!," i said.

"Let me show you this," Mr. Rohit Gera said. he opened the application booklet and showed me the para about the cancellation of booking. And added that,"There are no cancellation charges if you change your mind in the next seven days. Why? Because, we don't want punish the buyer for impulsive decision!"

"You are very fair in your transactions, Mr. Gera. I admire you for offering 5 year warranty!," I said.

"Did you see the sample flat?," Mr. Gera asked and took me to the sample flat.

The main door of the 3 BHK Sample Flat is imposing. The width of the living cum dining - 14 feet 9 inches x 22 feet 8 inches - is amazing. Living cum dining of a 2 BHK Flat is nearly as big as this - 14 feet 6 inches x 21 feet 8 inches - Mr. Gera told me. Every housewife will feel proud of this Modular kitchen with Italian hub & chimney. 11 feet x 15 feet 5 inches Master Bedroom is royal. Plus it's 7 feet 6 inches x 8 feet 5 inches attached toilet has 8 feet 1 inch x 7 feet 11 inches Walk in Closet. And the master bedroom has a wine deck - Juliet Balcony - too! Most surprising is Sundeck - the terrace attached to living / dining is only 10 feet x 9 inches x 7 feet 10 inches!

"Every builder tells me that property buyers in Kharadi demand very very big terraces! How come you are providing this right size terrace?," I asked.

"Because, Gera's Trinity Towers stands for 'Beyond Luxury'. Not for 'Beyond Budget'," the sales executive said.

"Now, have look at this," Mr. Gera said and took an iPad and started controlling the lights not only in the living cum dining but in the entire flat. He changed the TV channel, moved the curtains, and showed me how the iPad controls the air conditioners. I love the iPad Homes in Gera's Trinity Towers Kharadi. But when I remembered that Mr. Madhu Koda was not going to get an iPad Home, I felt sorry for him.

When I was enjoying Strawberry Milk Shake in the reception, senior executive came to me and asked, "How many called you to ask about investing in our project?"

"I am in touch with someone who has booked in the pre-launch offer," I said.

"All those who have booked in the pre-launch offer have received 1,000 rupees appreciation!," the senior executive said.

What we pay for when we buy a home:

Click to Visit Enlarged Ad of Gera's Trinity Towers Kharadi

Gera Developments Pvt. Ltd. arranged a car to drop me at my home, nearly 20 kilometers away from the Trinity Towers at Kharadi. So, I left Kharadi like a millionaire. But the call from Mr. Koda reminded me that I am just a Pune real estate blogger.

"What is your impression?," Mr. Koda asked me.

"Plan is good. But I feel sorry for you. You are not going to get iPad. It's fun to control lights with an iPad. You are going to miss it!," I said.

"I already have an iPad. I am not looking for fun. All I want is a home. A spacious home - which will not have leakages & seepages. I don't want Italian marble - I want proper fittings of the tiles. I can buy Daikin Air Conditioner. I want enough electrical points. I am happy for what I am getting at Rs. 3900 per sq.ft.!," Mr. Koda said.

"If the builder gave you only what you want in 3,900 - then the Trinity Towers will become - an affordable luxury - not 'Beyond Luxury' - in that case, tell me, how will the builder earn the profit?," I asked.

"How can you say so? I know that the pre-launch offer of 3,900 -was not 'no loss no profit' basis?," Mr. Koda said.

"Now, there is no point in discussing about property prices - I want to ask 2 questions - 1) Can a builder refuse to send me an agreement - before I give him 20 per cent of the property price? 2) Can I insist for a compensation for delayed possession?," Mr. Koda asked.

"Mrs. Koda told me that you live in Patna. Right?," I asked.

"Yes. One of my friend booked a flat in Kolkata - in his agreement there was a clause of 15,000 per delayed month. But what is the general practice in Pune?," Mr. Koda asked.

"Mr. Koda, Didn't I tell you many times that investing in Pune real estate market is a bad idea - now, eat your...," I said.

"Shit!," said Mr. Koda.

Contact Gera's Trinity Towers Kharadi:

88888 1111 4 / 90110 16543 / 95525 87518
info@gera.in / marketing@gera.in / www.gera.in

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  1. I am envious of your writing/communication skills :-) Thanks for posting.

  2. Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for your descriptive analaysis for this project . I am a prospect buyer and looking to book a flat in Trinity Towers as Gera is a reputed builder in Pune. I see you have stressed a lot in your blog about roads and connectivity to the site but I must tell you it took me only 20 mins to reach the site from Magarpatta Entrance gate (I am working in Magarpatta)and roads are world class level.Yes ,roads are still under construction once you cross EON IT Park but if you had been to places like Wakad and Pimple Saudagar 2 years before, condition of roads were worst than what is now near Trninity Towers site. Now if you go to Pimple Saudagar,you can see that area is completely changed. So I believe it takes time to develop basic infrastructure like roads and commercial centres. If I would have gone by your review 2 years back for booking a flat in Pimple Saudagar , I might be in a huge loss. I would like to hear more about the Mall/Multiplex proposed by Ishanya Builders near EON IT Park.It will be helpful for me if you can provide information about it.Thanks

  3. I have also been to Gera's Trinity site.... in Ravi's language I can say this location is BHML (Badi Hoke Maal Baneki). This road behind EON IT park really can be "billionaire / millionaire boulevard" as it is called because of Super premium projects on this road like Gera Trinity towers, Gera Sky Villa, Gera Greens Villa, Marvel Enigma, Marvel Zypher, Yin Yang and last but not the least "Panchsheel WATERFRONT"...... All flats/units are in the 'Crore' bucket.
    I think builders are planning to raise only premium projects in this location.

    I agree to the comments posted by Ragini above. There is no place is Pune where you see such "huge" scope for planned development.....with such connectivity.(Nagar Road)
    I know Ravi will talk about 'planned' townships like 'Sexy Sangria'/amonora .... but I see them as "oasis in desert".

    I think Kharadi is a GEM in the PMC limits......no other area has "scope" to be better than Kharadi, because its Slum free and planned from scratch and on the Nagar road.
    But it all depends on how PMC executes the Plan.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I agree with Ragini and Sandy. I also visited Geras trinity tower project and found very attractive, planning to book it.

  5. Thank you so much Mr. Ravi for a very indulging and informative blog.
    I have seen Gera builders old projects like Emerald and not much impressed. Although the construction quality is quite good but the overall layouts, common spaced are not good and the society was very badly maintained (not builder fault). I could see spider webs hanging all over the walls.
    I also saw few Marvel projects and was exhilarated by the design, Layouts the aura and ambience and heavenly feel. If I am paying 1-1.5 crores then why should I compromise for anything less. I saw couple of Marvel projects near Trinity and they are superb from above aspects. But the downside is proximity to River which also acts as Nala in non monsoon season. What is your take on this?
    Do you have any blogs on Marvel? Lately I see their projects in every nook and corner and even by demolishing small structures. I think that may hurt their reputation.

    coming back to the subject in blog, I wish Trinity towers buyers best of luck. I think when you buy a home, you must see all aspects and evaluate the entire package instead of just looking at one or two aspects. When you see the project, you must fall in love with it. Then it will be best buy. As everyone has different priorities, tastes and other constraints there is no one size for all.

    Thank you so much again Mr. Ravi.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I saw Gera's Trinity Towers on Saturday & I was floored to say the least. Of course, they just have a 3BHK as a sample flat but hey, the 2BHK only misses one of the bedrooms & the rest is pretty much the same. Oh, not to mention the iPad. Unfortunately, they do not give an iPad with the 2BHK but the app can be downloaded onto the smartphone & can be synced to the automation so that's good. I was offered a rate of Rs. 5761 psf. Just wanted to know if the rate is fine for a place like Kharadi. Yes, the approach road is bad but like everyone is saying here, with the multi-million properties coming up, they will make it al right. I have a property in Magarpatta which I plan to sell in case I take up this place. Any feedbacks would be highly appreciated!

  8. Hello Mr. Ravi,
    Looking at the current developments in Kharadi (considering the article is dated to 2012), how would you rate the Trinity Towers as of today. Looking at the construction, amenities, roads and overall price trend in Kharadi, do you feel Trinity Towers is still worth buying at the premiuim cost?

  9. hi.. What is your view on Gera's "Song of Joy"- child centric homes
    Do you think its worth buying a 3BHK today (i.e. Dec. 2015) at 1.2 cr?

    thanks in advance

  10. hey.. I got the deal of Gera's Song of Joy at 1.27 cr in Dec. 2015. Do you think, it's worth buying?