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Monday, October 8, 2012

Tragic Heroes

Nagpal Group's Meadows Habitat - The Typical Pune Real Estate Tragedy:

Visit Nagpal Group's Meadows Habitat, 86 units of 2 BHK Flats, on Baner Pashan Link Road, Pune
Aniket, Shailendra, Girish, Niranjan - Residents of Nagpal Group's Meadows Habitat, 86 units of 2 BHK Flats, on Baner Pashan Link Road, Pune

View Nagpal Group's Meadows Habitat, 86 units of 2 BHK Flats, on Baner Pashan Link Road, Pune in a larger map

Niranjan booked a 2 BHK Flat for Rs. 59 Lakhs in Nagpal Group's Meadows Habitat for three reasons.

1) Location - on Baner Pashan Link Road. A premium location in Pune real estate market. Lot better than the location of his first flat - Bavdhan.

2) Risk Factor - the building was 'almost ready for possession'. Lot less risky than booking at the launch or pre-launch stage, experienced property buyer, Niranjan told himself.

3) "On one side you have Lonavala and on the other Pune City!," says Niranjan about the location. Because, Baner Pashan Biodiversity Park is to the west & Baner - Pashan, the premium neighbourhoods in Pune, are to the east of Nagpal Group's Meadows Habitat.

Niranjan not only purchased a flat for himself but convinced his younger brothers too. All of them, who are in USA, together, booked 3 flats in Meadows Habitat.

However, when the builder, Nagpal Group, charged exorbitant penalty for not signing the agreement after certain days from the booking, Niranjan realized that it's not safe to deal with this builder and cancelled his younger brother's flat.

Today, his younger brother is happy at the cancellation of his flat and feels very sad for his 2 brothers - Niranjan and his elder brother who have flats in Nagpal Group's Meadows Habitat on Baner Pashan Link Road, Pune.

Ganesh Tikhe sold his first 1 BHK Flat at Pashan and purchased a 2 BHK Flat in Meadows Habitat on Pashan Baner Link Road. A government servant, Ganesh felt that he was upgrading his lifestyle by living in the neighborhood of IT Guys working in Hinjewadi. Plus, Nagpal Group promised to give possession in 18 to 21 months.

However, when Nagpal Group went on postponing the possession, Ganesh took the possession of his flat at the beginning of 2012 and shifted to Meadows Habitat.

For the couple of months, Ganesh was the only resident in Meadows Habitat. There was no lift. Mrs. & Mr. Ganesh & their 2 children had to climb the staircase to reach their flat on the 7th floor. There was no municipal water connection. There was no individual electricity meter. There were no streetlights on the approach road and in the project. There was no security. In case of danger, Ganesh had told his friends in Pashan, "If I call you after sunset - even at midnight - instead of taking my call, rush to Meadows Habitat"

Aniket, IT professional working in Hinjewadi, didn't mind paying 58 Lakhs for a 2 BHK Flat in Meadows Habitat. Yes, because of the location - Baner Pashan Link Road. Plus, Nagpal Group promised possession in a few months. So, Aniket sold his 1 BHK Flat in Bibwewadi and rented a flat for the meantime.

After the expected delay of 6 - 7 months, Nagapal Group sent him a letter informing that Meadows Habitat is complete & his flat is ready for possession. If he doesn't pay the dues and fails to take possession in the next 7 days, the letter said, he will be charged interest.

Aniket visited Meadows Habitat. He saw that his flat was ready. But the building was not.

You start living, we will finish the incomplete work in the next couple of months, Nagpal Group, the builder told him.

To avoid paying penalty, Aniket took the possession.

Now, Ganesh & Aniket got company. In the next few months of 2012, more than 30 flat owners took possession of their flats. Thanking the builder for the lift. Hoping that the builder would complete the building soon. Compromising about no municipal water connection. Ignoring garbage and debris laying around in the project.

Anant is one of those 35 flat owners who took possession and shifted to Meadows Habitat. Believing in Nagpal Group's promise to complete the works soon.

Just a couple weeks after living in his new flat, Ananat found out about water seepage and leakage in his flat. Not only the wall of the toilet, the wall of his bedroom, but, even the other wall - the common wall between the bedroom & living room became damp!

No. Not because of the rains. Anant was told that because of the alterations he has done in his flat. Because, of the inlet or outlet of washing machine.

"I haven't done this - you have provided these for washing!," Anant said.

Refusing to take the responsibility of the fault, Nagpal Group asked for 15,000 rupees for the repairs!

So, Anant talked to other residents about the seepage & leakage in his flat. Everybody said that there is leakage & seepage in their flats too!

It means that there must be something wrong about the plumbing of the entire Meadows Habitat.

Is this water leakage & seepage going to damage the RCC Structure of the building? All are worried.

All residents of Meadows Habitat joined hands. All of them jointly started following up the progress of completion of the project. Writing emails. Inviting builder, Nagpal Group, for the meeting. Arguing. Convincing. Explaining. Even begging. But, there was not much progress. What did they get? Only empty promises from the builder.

The other day, the sewage started overflowing all over the place.

All residents realized that they were not only living in an incomplete project - full of garbage & debris but, also in very unhygienic conditions.

When they contacted the Ward Office of Pune Municipal Corporation, the officer asked them, "How come you all are living in Meadows Habitat? It hasn't yet received completion certificate - occupation certificate!"

All residents of Meadows Habitat realized that the builder hasn't only forced them to take possession of incomplete project but has endangered their life by forcing them to live in a project which is not at all safe to live.

But they have decided to fight. Fight against the poor quality of construction. Fight against the poor workmanship. Fight against the incomplete amenities. Fight against not providing municipal water connection. Fight against builder's plan to sell common open space - the landscaped garden - along with the flats on the first floor.

This weekend all residents invited the media to Meadows Habitat. Including me. They told me about their tragedy. They showed me each and every corner of the project. There isn't anything new about their tragedy. Most of the property buyers in Pune real estate market suffer this way. But only a few have a courage to fight. Like the residents of Meadows Habitat on Baner Pashan Link Road, Pune.

For me, the residents of Meadows Habitat are heros. And I am with them. What about you?

Click to View Photographs: Pathetic Construction Quality of Nagpal Group's Meadows Habitat on Baner Pashan Link Road, Pune:

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  1. I am really thankful for posting this. The monopoly of builders should stop and really glad that you took first step for this.

    1. You are right, Veetrag. Credit goes to the residents of Meadows Habitat. I am ready to blog property buyers experiences, everyday.

  2. Hi Ravi,

    These is classic example of Pune Village. The gaw gunda's become builder. Can't help.

    The situation is same with Well known Branded builders.

    Nice to be villagers :)

    I wish luck to all the sufferers

  3. Hats off to you Ravi....I knew one person who was looking at a Meadows property & have already told him to cut off this builders projects from his list. I will also forward to other friends who are looking for flats in that area. Thanks again & dont give up..keep writing on such matters pls..

    1. Sure, Feroz. I will keep on sharing property buyers' true experiences about buying a home in Pune.

    2. Good going Ravi.

      I hope you'll expose the sufferings of Aarohi members too.

      Poor Aarohi members have not yet received the possession though it was promised 2 years back.

      Don't ignore the builder just bcoz he is ur favourite.
      Be Impartial and be a man of ur words.

    3. Dear Trupti, have you booked a flat in Aarohi at Sus?

    4. how does it matter?
      Injustice is injustice...............
      You need not be partial on any reason.

      The answer to your question, No.
      not me but few of my close frds have booked.

      I hope you have a dig at it.

    5. Dear Trupti, please, tell your close friends to invite me for a cup of tea and give me video interviews.

      You know my mobile number - 919860044110 - please, give it to them.

  4. Thankyou Ravi!
    Please also write a post which is kind of checklist for everyone who will be buying a flat, so that the future buyers will be aware of before buying a property.

    Also write about the builders which you think are the best in this industry and one can go with them with trust.

    nitin R

    1. Thanks Nitin,
      Its a very good point, a checklist will be very useful.

    2. Dear Nitin, thanks for the suggestion! Here is a check list:
      1) Do not book a flat at the pre-launch offer.
      2) Do not book a flat at the launch of a project.
      3) Do not book a flat when the project is under construction.
      4) Buy a ready for possession flat with a completion - occupation certificate, third party quality audit reports at every stage of construction and guaranty - warranty for 3 - 5 years.

    3. Indeed a good job Ravi! Thanks for exposing mischief of irresponsible builder and taking supportive stand for home buyers. I am little convinced this time that you really care for home buyers.

      Your check list goes as follows-

      1) Do not book a flat at the pre-launch offer.
      2) Do not book a flat at the launch of a project.
      3) Do not book a flat when the project is under construction.
      4) Buy a ready for possession flat with a completion - occupation certificate, third party quality audit reports at every stage of construction and guaranty - warranty for 3 - 5 years.

      A day will come the last point of this list would be

      XXX) Do not buy flat.

      Apart from joke, it's a great agony of today's age. The moral level of a human being has deteriorated to so such an extent that a common man feels like committing suicide every day. Scam (Ghotala) has become a common word nowadays. hmmm !!!

  5. Hello sir,
    I am a new follower and after reading your posts i felt that I have taken an amature decision of buying new flat, I am already moved in to my new flat but seeing new problems daily. Thanks for sharing connecting the buyers and spreading awareness.
    Kindly accept my invitation, visit my new flat (A708, Rohit Pavilion, Tapkir Nagar, Rahatani) and have a Cup of Tea :)

    Vaibhav Dixit

  6. Looking at all the problems we are facing with hollow promises by builders its best to buy a resale flat. The place is lived in. Any problems like seepage and incomplete amenities is addressed. You get what you see and not a promise that might not be kept. And interestingly they are available at a discount compared to a under construction property. Alterations can be done by you after purchase as the builder will also charge you at retail rates for the same.

  7. Really appreciate your effort in helping the residents of Meadows Habitat and exposing the issues that a middle class man faces in todays Real Estate market.

  8. Even in 1985 my father had to fight all the way up to Supreme Court to get possession of his house. Even after that builder left the society to foot his electricity and water bills used for construction and left the common areas without proper flooring. Till date even conveyance deed is not done. Oh, and the prices we have to pay for a new house in Pune now is higher than New York.
    Give me a break, this entire country is not worth living.

  9. thank you for your detailed review and inputs. this has really helped me in making my decision. Much appreciated.
    Regards, Vikas

  10. Hello Sir,

    I am planning to buy the Resale flat in Meadows Habitat.. I am getting loan and all..everything ia clear from the owner. but I was just going through this blog ...I was thinking that is it safe to buy a resale flat in Meadows Habitat..

    Please assist and advice