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Monday, October 29, 2012

Flat Owners Who Have Already Paid VAT Join the Fight!

"I am Not Afraid of My Builder"

Recording of Pune Property Buyers' Meet on Sunday, 28th October 2012:

Now, those Pune property buyers who have purchased flats between 2006 and 2010 and have already paid VAT (Value Added Tax) can get justice too!

Those who have paid VAT,
can join those who have refused to pay VAT before 31st October 2012 deadline!!

Now, those who have paid VAT, can proudly say - "I am Not Afraid of My Builder"

Those who have already paid VAT,
didn't know that 31st October is a deadline for builders - not for property buyers.

Those who have already paid VAT,
didn't know that their builder was not legally qualified to recover VAT (Value Added Tax).

Those who have paid VAT,
thought that there is no option but to fulfil the commitment in agreement.

Those who have paid VAT, didn't know where to complain against the builder, claimed Mr. Suryakant Pathak of Grahak Panchayat Pune. Appealing to those who have already paid VAT, Mr. Pathak said, "Now, you have realized that it was illegal recovery of VAT - you too join the fight against VAT"

Addressing to huge crowd of Pune property buyers gathered at Perugate Bhave School on Sunday evening, Mr. Sudhakar Velankar of Grahak Hitwardhini said,"Only a few - less than 10 - builders were registered dealers before 2010! Collection of VAT by unregistered dealer is illegal. So, most of the VAT recovery - by unregistered builder and without giving proper VAT invoice - is illegal"

Mr. Pathak & Mr. Velankar appealed to all property buyers who have already paid VAT to lodge complaint against their builder with Sales Tax Department in this format:

Format of Complaint Against Builder for Recovery of VAT:


The Additional Commissioner,
Sales Tax, Pune,
Vikrikar Bhavan, Yerawada,
Pune 411 006.


Subject : Complaint Against The Builder For illegal recovery of the Value Added Tax.

1) Name, Address & Telephone Nos. of The Complainant : .

2) The details of Flat on which VAT is Demanded / recovered

3) Name & Address of the Builder:

4) Date of Agreement to Sale:

5) Date of Possession of the Flat:

6) Price of the Flat :

7) Other Charges :

8) Amount demanded as VAT :


1. The Builder demanded / recovered the VAT on the transactions done prior to his date of

2. The Builder demanded / recovered tax. amount without issuing tax invoice. / The Builder
has issued incorrect tax. invoice.

3. The Builder demanded /recovered VAT in excess of prescribed rate under the Act.

4. The Builder demanded / recovered VAT and asked to pay it in different name than his own name.

* Details

• Details of Payment

• Ch. No. & Date

• Bank -Branch

• Amount

• Status of Cheque - The Cheque stands en-cashed / is not en-cashed.

As per my knowledge the Builder has committed offence under the MVAT Act 2002 and it is punishable under
Sec. 29 of the Act.

I, therefore demand appropriate action on my complaint against the builder. I solemnly declare that the information given above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


Enclosures: Copy of Notice / Copy of tax invoice.


Your Signature and Name

Send the Above Complaint Against Builder for Recovery of VAT to:

1) Mumbai - Shri S K Nikam 23760565 - nikam.sk@mahavat.gov.in

2) Mumbai - Shri D S Shinde 23760562 - shinde.ds@mahavat.gov.in

3) Thane - Shri Y A Lokare - 25496231 / 9892824521 - lokare.ya@mahavat.gov.in

4) Pune - Shri R G Bankhele - 26609218 / 9822006188 - bankhele.rg@gmail.com

5) Kolhapur - Smt S V Miskin - 2663932 / 42 - miskin.sv@mahavat.gov.in

6) Nashik - Smt S D Thorat - 2335173 / 9421689354 - thorat.sd@mahavat.gov.in

7) Nagpur - Shri S V Lahane -982399375 - lahane.sv@mahavat.gov.in

8) Aurangabad - Shri R V Darake - 9850298652 - darake.rv@gmail.com

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