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Monday, October 1, 2012

Ravi Karandeekar's Top 10 Most Popular Blogs - September 2012

1,40,392 Page Views from 1st to 30th September 2012
- According to Google Analytics:

State Bank of India, what about A D F to Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune?
State Bank of India, what about A D F to Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune?


Current Property Prices & Availability in Pune


Should I Cancel My Booking in XRBIA Hinjewadi?


Hurry Hurry!
Last Few 3, 4 & 5 BHK Flats Available Near City Pride Kothrud!!


XRBIA without SBI! Why? What happened?

5) THURSDAY, AUGUST 02, 2012

XRBIA Hinjewadi - The Sucker's Deal for the Stupid People with Some Disposable Income


Gadgil Capital Services Pvt Ltd Offers Resale 2 BHK Flats at Bavdhan Pune!

7) MONDAY, APRIL 09, 2012

Review of Splendour - Megapolis Smart Homes 3, Hinjewadi Phase 3, Pune 411 057


2nd phase of Anant Srishti at Kanhe Phata Soft Launched!


Looking for a farm house plot near Lonavala?


Have You Taken Possession of Your Bungalow Plot?

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  1. Authenticity of ADF from SBI will be tested tomorrow. Loan mela for Xrbia property buyers at Mumbai and Pune location (near Orchid Convention Center, Pune) tomorrow 2nd Oct 2012…9 am to 6 pm

  2. I doubt on quality of page views. Google page views are of no use if many people are reading blog just for fun.

    1. Thanks for sharing your views, Ajay.
      I am glad to know that you take my blog seriously.

      However, I respect all who read it for fun.

      You know? For me, someone may be reading my blog "just for fun" is a huge compliment.

      Particularly, when buying a home is becoming very stressful & depressing.

  3. It understands SBI was not there in Loan Mela. Most of the banks including PNB, Bank of India, Oriental Bank of Commerce,HDGC, LIC Housing were there, but not SBI.

    1. Partner of Xrbia, State Bank of India - SBI - was not at the Loan Mela!

      Thanks for sharing news, Anushka!

  4. Ravi Sir..Very less comments for your this Xrbia blog unlike superhit Xrbia blogs initially posted, which had received over 100 comments. Over 3500 individual persons have booked flats in Xrbia. At least 1% of them should have reacted here (that means at least 350 comments should have been seen here). This indicates that stupid investors do not really bother about their disposable income or Ravi Sir has nothing special to write on Xrbia or he has given up an idea of doing extensive research on Xrbia, as he had announced earlier....there is no enough sensation as it used to be earlier...

    1. Dear Anushka, you are righ. Sensation is over. Tragedi has began.

    2. Anushka, its every serious buyer's responsibility to research about the property investing in..I think Ravi is doing great job as far as awareness is concerned. He cant knock in ever door (buyer)about Xerbia or any other projects, eventually buyers has to think upon it. Ravi already has provided enough info at his best for people about Xrbia..than none else, not even in paper media !!
      And moreover sensation or number doesnt matter who visiting & comment on blogs instead how many gets benefited from this series of info on Xrbia..thts Impt !!
      Ravi, you have been doing great work !!

    3. Dear Ravi Sir,
      You have been very particular about Xrbia. You claim you write for buyers and look a particular project from buyer's point of view. But I sense it looks a bit personal when it come to Xrbia. Have you had a personal bad experience with this builder?. It feels like you wish to take revenge on this builder (some past connection when you were in this industry). But why you hate buyers and take revenge against them?...You say you hate xrbia investors, but to tell you... my friend, who has bought home in Xrbia, has earned money through continuous savings for years together with many hardships. He works in post office dept and does his duty very sincerely. When I went with him in Xrbia loan mela, I came across a large number of middle class people (the needy genuine home buyers)who booked flats in Xrbia just because they could afford the prices though they did not like small flat plan and its diagonal walls. I appreciate your blog very much and like every information you write on your blog. But for Xrbia you appear totally different....rather technically informative, it is many times very attacking & looks a bit personal. The poor needy genuine home buyer gets threatened when they read your sentence "Sensation is over. Tragedy has begun"....Ravi Sir, pl. guide with your experience, but do not scare the genuine needy buyer. I hope you take it positively.

    4. Do not scare the genuine need buyer?

      Dear Anushka, message is clear.

      Xrbia is not for the genuine need buyer.

      Xrbia don't want genuine need buyer.

      And I completely agree with Xrbia.

      You know what? Whenever a genuine need buyer asked me, I have told - Do not book in Xrbia.

      I not scaring. I so no to Xrbia.

      Why? For the personal reasons?


      I care for my reader & caller. From my heart.

      Certainly, I feel sorry for those genuine need home buyers who have booked. If you really care for them, Anushka, please, tell them to cancel.

  5. Thanks Ravi Sir for your reply. You say, "cancel the booking!. I respect your suggestion as you are expert in this real estate field. But, you have never highlighted the specific technical reasons why one should cancel. My friend feels that he would loose an opportunity if he cancels. Somehow he managed to pay the booking amt.(through withdrawing PF,etc.)and he is now arranging for home loan. He feels that Xrbia land is NA and the project is approved under township and legal clearance is OK from most of the trustworthy banks. I agree Xrbia's ADF scheme concept is surely a big big cheating with customer and as you say it is Full-on-money -sucking operation. But you know many banks are not agreeing upon ADF. In that case Xrbia has to bend down to normal construction linked disbursement plan and wind up ADF scheme. When I told my friend he should rethink and cancel the booking, he and his wife got confused thinking why I am giving them negative advice (they are not your readers). I have no specific answer. They feel that project is approved. Now it has become more burden on me than them as to what to decide. I care for my friend-he is also my relative. I somehow trust you Ravi though I have not seen and talked to you personally and know you through your blog only.What bothers me if my friend cancels and if Xrbia does well till possession, then it would be a great repentance for me for wrong advice. But....anyway I have to really think hard and analyze before arriving to final conclusion. Sometimes it is very difficult, Ravi Sir, to comprehend what you write. But Thanks for your sharing on Xrbia. You do not charge anything for this.

    1. Dear Anushka,
      Look at it this way:

      1) Booking is always risky.

      2) Yes. If all went well - what will happen? You will have to pay a few lakh rupees more.

      3) What if Xrbia is cancelled, for the same reasons Eiffel Olympia was cancelled? You will lose all - own contribution + home loan.

      I am not considering "delay" - because, builder's preference for ADF - shows what is he worried about!

      4) What is safe? To pay more or lose all - own contribution + home loan?

      For me, any property buyer is more valuable than a few lakh rupees. Pay more. But, never risk your life.

  6. Thank you Ravi Sir for your direct and to-the-point individual advices. It makes much sense what you have written above.

    2) Yes. If all went well - what will happen? You will have to pay a few lakh rupees more. I failed to understand the meaning of "You will have to pay a few lakh rupees more if all went well".

    3) What if Xrbia is cancelled, for the same reasons Eiffel Olympia was cancelled? You will lose all - own contribution + home loan: Very very valid point Sir, Thanks. It is indeed a big risk! Life-time Risk!. I strongly feel a common-simple-low-income-man (Saralmargi manus) should never think of indulging into (Money) Risk. The Pune-Mirror link about destroying Sayadri Hills in your earlier blog is insufficient news. I will highly appreciate if you can write a separate blog in detail on how Eiffel Olympia was cancelled (banned by Govt. Authority)for destroying hills and the story of sufferers/victims who had booked plots/flats (?) in that scheme. This is just a request, Sir from your sincere reader. You always say, "I care for your reader, From my Heart" Do write about it in detail so that truth will unfold with more clear light and non-investors (needy first time home buyers)will be saved from risking their lives. Pl. spare your valuable time to make people aware. Thanks for your responsible role.