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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Om Developers launches budget flats - 1 bhk for 13.53 & 2 bhk for 19.38 lakhs in Golden Palms, 2nd phase of The Island at Wakad Pune, near Hinjewadi

Savings, Luxuries and Fitness :

Half page ad, Times Property, (30th May 2009) says it's Golden Palms. Om Developers' website (www.omdevelopers.com) says it's 2nd phase of The Island at Wakad Pune. Preferred location of IT professional working in Hinjewadi.

View "Take a first left turn as you drive down the Hinjewadi flyover!" in a larger map

The ad also says that 1 bhk flat for 13.53 & 2 bhk flat for 19.38 lakhs is only 'special launch offer'. Big savings opportunity, which will not last long.

However, book 1 bhk / 2 bhk budget flat at Golden Palms and keep on enjoying the luxury of walk 2 work (available at Blue Ridge Hinjewadi) or super luxury of cycle 2 work (possibility at Megapolis Hinjewadi) for life.

Thanks to the size of kitchen in 2 bhk flat / no dinning in 1 bhk flat for your improved diet. Result is your slim and trim family will not only fit in your 1 bhk flat (556 sq.ft. built up) / 2 bhk flat (815 sq.ft. built up) but will start enjoying it too!

To book 1 bhk budget flat or
2 bhk flat in 20 lakhs call:

Deepali Kulkarni - 91 93712-75302

Jitesh Panikar - 91 93705 22225

Gajendra Ganjane - 93712-75300

The Island -
Survey No.169,
Hissa No.3 - 7,
Opposite Wakad Petrol Pump,
Wakad, Pune - 411 057

Phone: +91-20- 27208100 / 01 / 02
Fax: +91-20-2720 8103


Mrs. Shubhangi Awate,
Denver Colorado, USA.
Contact No. :- 1-303-800-5604


Mr. Amol A. Awati,
Melbourne, Australia.
Contact No.:- 0061-390772218 (R) / 0061- 411169913 ( M)

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  1. Hi Ravi,Is it a good buy..as i want to buy a place for me in this area..Moreover can u throw some light on the construction status..Also do let me know whether the rates are competitive enough or not.Cheers

  2. # Ref: "Is it a good buy."

    Looks like that. Construction will start soon. Best wishes to you.

  3. In Jan in similar area builder were quoting 2800/sq ft. This rate is 2450/sq ft so prices reducing. At that time after negotiation some bookings took place at 2200~2400 range. Is it possible that this builder will negotiate this rate?

  4. # Ref:"Is it possible that this builder will negotiate this rate?"

    When i am not selling, real estate rates are always negotiable. Ask any salesman. This would be his answer.

  5. I visited the site on Sunday.
    The rate is approximately Rs.2300.
    Plan looks good but everything else is on paper. Sample flat which they showed was of 'the Island' which is approximately 1150 sq ft in size where as Golden palm has 2bhks around 840 Sq ft.

    Sales person were not in mood of negotiation, as a white board was displaying number of flats booked which was about 15-20 i guess.

  6. # REf: "Sales person were not in mood of negotiation, as a white board was displaying number of flats booked which was about 15-20 i guess."

    Yes, "white board" is an effective sales tool!

    Few minutes ago, i called XXXXX, salesman at Golden Palms. He said 30 -40 flats are booked.

    "OK. Congratulations," i said and asked him, "Are plans approved by PCMC?" He said, "Yes." "Is file at the site? Do you show it to the buyers?," I asked him. He said, "No. File is not at the site. It may be there in the office."

    Are property buyers booking without confirming whether the project is sanctioned or not?

  7. Hi Ravi,
    I booked in island at aprx 2650 ..now it has gone low..what to expect next.

  8. # Ref: "I booked in island at aprx 2650 ..now it has gone low..what to expect next."

    Sorry! If you see what's happening around in Wakad, you will find that property rates have come down by 400 to 500 rs. per sq.ft. Be prepare to accept that much. Minimum.

    Plus. Now is the time to see what you are gaining. Not what you are loosing. Ask your self, "Is this flat good enough for me even at lower property rate than I paid for?"

    I am sure, rate was an important reason but not the only reason to book at The Island!

  9. what could be the best bet for golden palms is it expensive more than Rs.2000.

  10. # Ref: "golden palms is it expensive more than Rs.2000."

    - Rs. 2,000! No!! More than that!!!
    Please, calculate.

    I calculate only on the basis of carpet area. In Pune on the basis of carpet area, property is in the range of Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 4,000 per sq.ft.

    - These flats are only small in size. Not at "less property rates"!

  11. It is ridicules .....
    OM Developer...
    1. Launched the scheme WITHOUT PCMC Approval.
    2.Launched in the month of May and till date NO PCMC APPROVAL...???
    3. Fooled the customer by taking booking amount.
    4.Very smart to trap the customers.

    Some one.. throw the light on this.

    Those booked the Flat in Golden Palms, Wakad...Speck out..!!!

    Is there any legel issue or problems @ project..?

  12. Dear Shri Ravi

    Can you please share information about this project? Hope we are not locked in a deal that has gone dead.

  13. # Ref: "Hope we are not locked in a deal that has gone dead."
    Why do you think so?
    What kind of information you need know?
    Is it about the sanction and approval of the project?
    I was told that plans are submitted for the revision and Om Developers are expecting to get these in the couple of months.

  14. Dear Ravi,

    Hope these couple of months will not become couple of years...!

    The developer repeats the same STORY... that plans are submitted for revision..

    But since July end the plans are submitted and now end of Oct still they are not getting approved..???

    I don't think PCMC takes this much of time to approve for a plan which was approved earlier.
    It is just revised plan.

    Very strange...????

    Dear Ravi your comments please on this.

  15. I am also one of the victim of stories... I have paid my full part to them almost 2 months back and after I paid they disclosed that its not yet approved by PCMC so we can't register, you would have to wait... its been couple of months and the story has not changed yet.. shadowsgoodside

  16. Dear Ravi,

    Your comments please ...!

  17. "I was told that plans are submitted for the revision and Om Developers are expecting to get these in the couple of months."

    Remember, Om Developers took lot of time with the first phase too!

    1) Considering that it's Om Developers, i don't see any reason to worry.

    2) Generally, those who book at this stage are considered as an adventurous property buyers, risk takers!

  18. Please elaborate on point 1 & 2.
    we need to worry or not?

  19. # Ref: "Please elaborate on point 1 & 2" : 1) Considering that it's Om Developers, i don't see any reason to worry.

    Om Developers are good old builders in Pune. In last 20 years they have developed projects for middle class home buyers in Kothrud, Bibvewadi. So, i assume, there must be some genuine reason for the delay.

    # Ref: " 2) Generally, those who book at this stage are considered as an adventurous property buyers, risk takers!"

    Aren't you? Is it easy to believe in the concept (thought / iead / wish / plan) described by the builder (with disclaimer that he is free to change!) and buy it when nothing is there on the ground?

    # Ref: "we need to worry or not? "
    No. Don't worry. Act. Ask the builder!

  20. Hi, can someone tell if it is safe to buy a flat in golden casade in wakad?What is the price per square feet one should pay for this wakad project?thanks.

  21. I was talking abt The "Island"... I have booked in The island and not in Golden Palm! I hope your comment 1 applies to me but 2 is not!shadowsgoodside

  22. Dear Shri Ravi Karandikar,

    I am planning to buy an aptt. in Golden Cascade.We are totally new to Pune.We need this to live and not invest.Can you tell us at what rate it shall be a good buy in Wakad.Thanks and regards, Ashutosh

  23. Dear Good,

    If you dont have confidence on this project, you can re think and can talk to builder. i think you can cancel the booking even.

  24. Om developer is one of the populer builder in pune. his projects like hillside is one of the best one

    Its very strange that the om developer has taken the booking amount in may . still the aproval is not for this project. best option is to cancel the booking and get back the full amount without any cutting. builder has to return full money because as theres is no approl then for what purpose he can kept the booking amount and even interest free.

  25. Hi..,

    Beware.. It is one of the possibility that the Golden Palms may be approved... but builder is not disclosing it to customers......In a interest of delaying the further work.

    om developer must return the booking amount in full PLUS Rs 25K as a penalty...as he is deducting Rs 25K on cancellation of booking.

    Another thing is that he is supposed( ??????) to give posseion of ISLAND in Dec 2009. Till that he may not be going to start Golden Palms.

  26. Possesion in Dec-09 is thing of past! New date is March-10.

    I am not sure, if I should cancel the deal, even if I cancel and get full amount back & book somewhere else I would be paying atleast 1 lac higher as the rates have gone up.

    so rather than taking instant hit, i would wait till the approval comes up & let go off the interest which would be around 30K.

    Whats your opinion?

  27. Yes. it might be the case that rates have gone up somewhere. but golden palm project has to start in may-09 and it would be complete in jan2011. as it is not getting started yet, dont know about the possession, when it would be. Only God knows( Not even builder).

    One need to talk to builder first regarding penalty, because there is no booking of any flat as per the docs. buyer is thinking of it booking amount but its interest free hand loan.. dont you know?

    Nice Trick na?

  28. How many cancellations at Golden Palms, Om Developers... till date...?

    As still Builder repeating SAME STORY....

  29. Dear Ravi,

    Please advice me on following ;
    1. What is the Std time period PCMC takes to approves the Project?

    2.Is it advisable to continue with builder as I booked the flat in June 2009..& still no responce from builder?
    As rate is increased @ that area.

  30. Dear Ravi,...Om developers (Golden Palm project) now state that the issue is all to do with the proposed 12 storeys.... as for the height they need to have a 60 feet adjoining road which as on date is only 40 feet. They claim to have now approached the ministry for revision in the DP plan and hope to get the clearance soon. Ravi, do you think this is true?? Any further information with you on this?

  31. Ref:""Ravi, do you think this is true?? Any further information with you on this?"

    I called Om Developers to confirm. Yes, the road issue is almost solved and they are expecting sanctions soon. I know Om Developers as a trustworthy builder.

  32. hi Ravi, i booked a flat last year in Golden palm project , still i am getting the same voice , like PCMC approval is pending ::::. yes i don't want to cancel the booking but would like to know the exact reason of delay , it this bec of PCMC or the own problem of Om Developers ?

  33. thanks for the comments Ravi, lets see if they can do something in Golden Palm soon esle i am loosing my patience , its around 8 months back i booked the Flat and waiting for the aggrement still !!!!!!!!!!

  34. Yes, i can understand! While booking a flat, did you know that they haven't received sanctions? Did you know agreement may take some time? I am sure, the builder must have told you, right? Problem is how much more time, right?

  35. thanks for the reply Ravi , the time of booking the flat builder only told us that it will take 1-2 months as they are waiting for Approval from PCMC but its close to a year they are not able to put for aggrement and still saying that it will take a month or so to complete the process,this exactly create the truce that will they ever able to get the sanction of this project ???

  36. hey guys, any Latest update on Golden Palms ???

  37. looks they got revised sanctions on Golden Palms !! any one any more update ?? Ravi your comments Please ?

  38. I called the sales person...he told it will take 15 to 20 days more....! Situation is "Jaise They..!" Only difference is that previously they says 1.5 months...Now it is reduced to half month...!

    Request to all to put some more pressure on them by frequently calling them...

  39. Completely agree with you dear , also i heard they got approval last month , only they are delaying bec of they are not yet done with Islad project which is almost 2 year delayed and clients are killing them to get possession ASAP. Lets wait for 15-20 more days but yes we should call/visit them frequently. Ravi your comments please ????

  40. If it is so...then builder is enjoying the interest on booking amount....!

    One more thing...When they will call us for agreement...We MUST CHECK THE DATE OF APPROVAL ON BLUE PRINT..!

  41. hey guys, i visited the site yesterday and the sales person told me that they got the approval and they will be sending the emails to all clients for aggrement this week only.. Lets see whats the truth...

  42. buddy any update on GP, looks after agreement builder is again quite, still project has not been started.

  43. Hi...Om Developers is SLOWEST DEVELOPER....and Golden Palms is a "PANCH VARSHIK YOJNA OF GOVT'T OF INDIA...!!!".

    Ravi, your comments on these..!

  44. Last month i visited GP , Sales person told me that project will start after Deewali, really dont know what is stoping them now..Anyone any update please ???

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