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Monday, May 4, 2009

Satish Magar on Nanded City Pune

Magar Bandbu Ambewale:

After talking to Mr. Satish Magar, Chairman and Managing Director of Magarpatta Township Development & Construction Company Limited, about Nanded City Pune on Sinhagad Road, i realized the difference in what i was expecting and what is really happening!

I went with the expectations to know about the rates, cancellations and possession of the flats at Nanded City Pune. I felt as if i was only interested in the fruits. For example mangoes! And i was talking to Satish Magar as if he was some mango trader. Magar Bandhu Ambewale! Who has two branches. Magarpatta City and Nanded City Pune. Also an online shop on Alibaba.com to sell his Alphonso mangoes all over the world.

Whereas this man was not talking about the mangoes. Mr. Satish Magar was talking about cultivating the land on which he is going to plant mango trees. He was more involved in planning a proper orchard which will give him healthy crops for years. At this point of time, his focus was not fruits. I realized that Satish Magar is not a mango trader but the mango grower!

Farmer real estate developer:

In short, Mr. Satish Magar told me that what's happening at Nanded City Pune is "site development" and getting clearances, sanctions and approvals of the plans from the respective authorities.

Today, you can see nearly 1.5 km proper road from the site office to Nanded phata, making nearly 350 acres of land accessible for the real estate development. Arc. Prakash Deshmukh, Director of Space Designers, architect of Nanded City Pune and Magarpatta City, and his team is busy in marking plans on the ground and doing necessary changes and improvement. Which suggests that time to start actual construction of the residential buildings is close.

I know that before you start the construction, you have to do the basic development of the plot of land on which you are going to construct the building. I have been associated with hundreds of projects, visited the plots when projects are at planning stage and seen builders talking passionately about the upcoming development.

Here, at Nanded City Pune, not the basic activities involved in the site development but, i assumed, the scale of the township, 700 acres, would be the only big differentiating factor.

Surprisingly, Satish Magar did not emphasize on the scale or size. He didn't boast about the herculean task involved.

Mr. Magar looked quite comfortable about the size of the operation. He claimed that his past experience of developing Magarpatta proved quite helpful in the development of Nanded City Pune.

Many a times, Mr. Magar kept on referring to or comparing with Magarpatta, the "nature of land" of Nanded City Pune. For example, Satish Magar said, Magarpatta is more of a planned development done on a flat plain farmland, where architects and landscape designers had played an important role.

Whereas in Nanded City Pune, existing natural habitat - 20 / 30 year old trees, natural streams, contours and even the soil - are going to be important characters which will play considerable role in the life of residents. Because, since the official launch of Nanded City Pune on 1st of June 2008, enough attention is paid and an indepth study is done and all possible options are considered for each and every existing natural component while planning and developing.

While listening to him explaining these activities, i noticed that, for Satish Magar, this land, on which he is building Nanded City Pune, is alive. The land has it's own life and existence. Which was quite unusual for my ears.

I have heard builders talking about their plot of land as if it is only raw material. Big logs of wood or sheets of plywood, from which they are going to make furniture. A "dead" wood. No life. Only material. But not so for Mr. Satish Magar. For him, his land is alive and breathing!

I looked at Satish Magar. Though he was sitting, he was looking tall, stout and strong. He was casual but you could feel that he is a powerful man. But sensitive? I couldn't find a trace in his appearance. It may not be sensitiveness, as i understand. It may be in his grain!

Visit Magarpatta City:

I was not exactly unaware about this progress of work at Nanded City Pune. Couple of months ago, in the telephonic conversation, Mr. Satish Magar had told me about these on going developments. But i hadn't exactly understood the significance of it.

For example, all this site development has to happen at this stage of the project and done properly remains unnoticed from the residente but yields good results for ages. We can only see that water is not clogged on the road in the monsoon but don't see the time and efforts invested in identifying the slopes and water sources.

Somehow i realized that my motive behind meeting Satish Magar was nearly fulfilled. I got a feel of things. As a real estate blogger, first thing what i should do is give up my habit of treating real estate as a product and start considering it as a process.

Immediate effect of this realization was to think about the progress and concerns expressed by my readers about Blue Ridge and Megapolis.

"It means initially, you will be busy in working underground. There must be 2 levels of basement parking. So, the construction will be visible only after 10 -12 months, when you will come above the ground level. Right?," assuming what had happened at Blue Ridge and Megapolis will repeat at Nanded City Pune, i asked Satish Magar.

"No! You don't have to wait that long. Because i don't consider two levels of under ground basement parking is a sensible system to construct and maintain. In fact, we will have pile foundation. We are more careful about damaging earth structure," Satish Magar said.

Oh! Great!! After parking, logically i can talk about the flats, about the property rates, about continuing investment in Nanded City Pune and even about the cancellations of bookings! But i did not feel like opening these topics. Because, i was very much convinced that i was not talking to the mango trader. To know more about mango grower and orchard, i should visit Magarpatta City often. Right? (Comments Policy),

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  1. Good News ...

    Nanded City , has reduced rate from 2750 to 2500 for there existing customers

  2. hello,
    I was looking forward to book flat in Magarpatta city which is under construction, almost ready with possession in dec12. Strangely the staff is not willing to show the flat. They have shown it from common bus , from far away that this is asavari building. How can they exception to book a flat worth rs 50 lac without seeing the location .they say its company policy which doesn't look transparent.

  3. In Nanded City Pune things are looks great on paper but in reality it's zero...work quality, treating to customer, processes are pathetic.