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Monday, May 25, 2009

Amanora Trendy Homes - Pre-Launch Offer

Amanora Trendy Homes:

2 BHK & 2.5 BHK apartments in Towers 30-35, twenty storied sky scrapers, in Amanora Park Town, Hadapsar Kharadi bypass - Pune, are called "Amanora Trendy Homes".

Pre-Launch Offer:

2 BHK & 2.5 BHK apartments in Towers T-030 & T-031 are open for bookings.

Pre-launching property rate:
(up to 4th floor)

1) Rs. 2,700 per sq. ft. for external view

2) Rs. 2,800/sq. ft. for internal view

Pre-launch offer ends on 4th June, 2009.

Floor plans & Costing of Amanora Trendy Homes:

(Click the plan to enlarge)

2 bhk flat - 653 sq.ft. carpet area :

Up to: 4th floor & 4th June, 2009

1) External view: Rs. 26,85,400 + Stamp Duty, Registration and electrical charges

2) Internal view: Rs. 27,70,400 + Stamp Duty, Registration and electrical charges

1) Living: 10' x 14'3"
2) Kitchen: 9' x 12'2"
3) Master bedroom: 10' x 11'
4) Children's bedroom: 9' x 11'
5) Toilets:
Attached to master bedroom: 4'9" x 7'1"
Common: 4'6" x 7'7"
6) Dry Terrace: 5'10" x 5'3"
7) Balcony: 9'9" x 4'1"

2.5 bhk flat - 823 sq.ft. carpet area :

Up to: 4th floor & 4th June, 2009

1) External view: Rs. 33,28,680 + Stamp Duty, Registration and electrical charges

2) Internal view: Rs. 34,35,680 + Stamp Duty, Registration and electrical charges

1) Living: 10'3" x 14'11"
2) Kitchen: 7'6" x 7'10"
3) Dinning: 11'10" x 8'
4) Master bedroom: 10' x 12'9"
5) Children's bedroom: 9'6" x 11'
6) Study: 7'6' x 11'
7) Toilets:
Attached to master bedroom: 8' x 4'11"
Common: 4'6" x 7'5"
8) Dry Terrace: 4'4" x 7'10"
9) Balcony: 10'3" x 4'7"

Specification and Amenities:

For the price list, layout plan, specifications of Amanora Trendy Homes and amenities of Amanora Park Town, please, have a look at the presentation:

Terms and Conditions:

1) 10% of agreement value (agreement value=rate*area + car parking) has to be paid for booking.

2) Incase of cancellation after 7 days of booking, cancellation charges of Rs. 1,00, 000/- would be applicable.

3) Incase of transfer of apartment after registration, before possession a transfer charge of Rs. 25,500/- would be applicable.

4) Incase of transfer of apartment after possession transfer charge of 1% of agreement value (subject to agreement value at the time of sale) would be applicable.

5) The entire payment schedule is calculated on the agreement value. The payment is to be made in slabs from the booking till the possession time.

6) The stamp duty and registration charges are to be paid over and above the 2nd installment of 5%.

7) The OTM & Yearly infrastructure charges to be paid at the time of possession over and above the final installment of 5%.

8) Electrical charges are payable 3-4 months prior to possession.

For Bookings Contact:

Vikas Jaiswal

Sales & Marketing

Mob: +91-9922935375

e-mail: vikas.jaiswal@amanora.com

Amanora Park Town

Hadapsar-Kharadi ByPass, Pune - 411028

Tel: +91-20-30410028

website: www.amanora.com

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  1. By knowing your local real estate investing market, you're able to keep your finger on the pulse of your local community and to stay abreast of changes in trends, sales prices and rental rates. Knowing immediately about these changes is critical to your investing future.

  2. These builders are simply cheating people. So small rooms , no wonder these people are getting rich and rich day by day. Just reduce size of the flat and increase other charges like maintainence and parking / MSEB / Development charges . This is recession effect .

    Have a look at Master bedroom , so small and tiny . The so called Trendy homes should be renamed as tiny homes.

    And what are electrical charges ? Ever heard of such term ? After some days there will be cement charges , labour charges , steel charges and what not ?

    Also why is the total cost so high even after per sq. feet being 2700 Rs. People should be careful and look at what they are getting as carpet area and not total cost of the flat ...

  3. Trendy Pigeon-Holes on sale at Amanora ! !

  4. # Ref: "These builders are simply cheating people."

    Please, don't use "labels" like "cheating".

    Here, you have put into words what you didn't like about the planning and pricing. I am sure, if you had been in the office of the builder you would have told this on his face. But you would not have used the verb "cheating". Right?

    While writing a comment, please, avoid using this type of "labels".

  5. these are pretty small apartments. of course, small can be trendy too. i can have a 300 sq ft rat hole decorated with wallpapers from tuLshi baag making it trendy.

  6. Is it a good buy? Can you suggest somthing Ravi..the entire concept of Amanora is damn enticing..not sure what quality of houses will be??

  7. # Ref: "the entire concept of Amanora is damn enticing..not sure what quality of houses will be??"

    - Why you are not sure about the "quality of houses"?

    Considering the timing of your posting, i assume that you are not in Pune and haven't visited Amanora.

    However, that doesn't matter much because till now there was nothing to see at the site. Everyone who has booked has taken a decision on the concept only.

    At Amanora detailing of the initial concept, appointing the right vendor to execute the concept is going on well. For example NEC & CMC are appointed for the digital and e-governance systems. Rawat Brothers who are going to fit kitchen units in Amanora had signed MOU with a leading German manufacture. Same with the school. To me, it shows that they are serious about executing these concepts.

    Personally, i trust Aniruddha Deshpande. He has developed and excuted amazing concepts in Pune real estate market. For example: 1) 1 Modi Baug 2) Lavasa 3) One of the first slum rehabilitation project in Pune. Now, Kumar Builders is developing it. First 4 towers of 45 Nirvana Hills are part of it.

    At Amanora, you are leasing the apartment. Ownership remains with the developer, who is going to manage and maintain.

    When the developer plans to maintain and manage the township, you can assume that, he will do his best to reduce his maintenance cost by paying attention to the quality while the project is under construction.

    Your flat in Amanora can be traded as an investment instrument, means you can sale your flat even when it is under construction. So, it's easy to opt out if you are not happy. Or earn profit by investing at a launching stage and ...

    Yesterday, Vikas, salesman at Amanora, called me. He was returning my call..calls. "Sorry to disturb you at this time," he said. "Don't mind. How's the response?," i asked him. He said,"I am in the office!" It was 10 PM!

  8. What about users who booked flat at Rs.2950 about two years back? there is no word on completion / possession of 1 BHK.

  9. Ravi,
    Keep up the good work !
    your posts are really entertaining ;)

  10. Ravi, is it worth buying in Amanora taking into account the recession hitting the completion of various projects in Pune and this Trendy Homes would be ready for possession in 2011 (on paper). What do you suggest?

  11. how come these are priced at 2700/- Rs.psf while the earlier offering(Tower 15 - 17) was at 4700/- Rs. psf. nothing has changed much, land, raw material etc.
    God ! I was lucky as then I talked 10 times to Amanora to reduce the rates from 4700 and they didn't budged saving me from booking at 4000+ rates.

  12. Someone please help me understand the maths here - at 2700 psft, with a carpet area of 650 sq ft - assuming 20% super built add on - that will be 780 sq ft salleable area. Total should be around 21Lacs. How come the price is 27Lacs ! The final price after including stamp duty, registraion and mseb would be around 30Lacs. Is there anyone really out there willing to put down 30 Lacs for a 650 sq ft living space !

  13. Any comments on why the prices have been reduced from 4700 to 2700 with more or less the same specs? Perhaps what has changed is only the total area of the flat, just to make the total cost of the flat less.

    Ravi, Could you please throw some light on this price reduction?
    and then the question would be: was 4700 Rs. per Sq.Ft justifiable at all?

  14. ha ha ha

    this is all i can do for buyers in todays pune real estate.

  15. Ravi,
    Today I received SMS from Nanded City about some special offer for exsing customers. I had booked flat earlier in NC and like almost everyone cancelled latter. Can you post what the offer is? Finally there is price war it seems and customer and cash is king

    It looks like Realty is slowing comming down to reality now but unfortunately at bad time and not a big deal anyways.


  16. Ref: "Today I received SMS from Nanded City about some special offer for exsing customers."

    Please read this post:
    Nanded City Pune reduces the property rate to Rs. 2,500 per sq.ft.

  17. 2700 seems decent to me, though i would love Amanora to reduce it to 2000:-), so that the closer places like Mpatta city too follow the route. Pune people stop buying now, I would say. Let these builders panic and reduce the price.
    For no reason, these folks have just inflated the prices, as supply was less and demand more, this is just the start. Wait and love the magic!!

    be patient!!
    Cheers! May everybody get a home! Amen!

  18. Regarding the "cheats label", want to add something.

    At least you will agree, that most builders give wrong information on their current bookings, don't meet possesion dates, give incorrect specifications, make wrong promises, have poor construction, so is this not cheating?

  19. rates are quite high now in amanora. the trendy homes are now being priced not at 2700 but more than 3100 and one bhk now at 3500+

  20. when government gave 1:1 fsi to townships to compensate for building infrastructure, why builders are charging infrastructure charges. This is fraud.

  21. For transfer of flat Amanora builder is asking certain amount to pay in cash. Amanora booking agents provide false information and their behaviour is suspecious. They don't reveal complete information. If you are Ok to make deal in black money then probably you won't have any issues here.

  22. Amanora flat completion is delaying beyond reasonable limits.....no senior peoples are coming out from city group to stand the position......not sure hou city group is different than other builders.....

  23. I am a frustrated citizen who have booked a home at this so called great Amanora park town.
    I would like to use the word Cheaters for the whole group of city group.
    1. They delayed the flat possession by almost 2 years.
    2. They promised to refund the interest for the delay caused. But now they are saying they will not give any compensation as per the agreement and are saying go to hell or cancel the booking or go the court we dont care.
    3. They have a bunch of loosers taking care of marketing and customer service who always misguide and humiliate.
    4. It will still take another 5 years to start enjoying the stay at this dirty city.
    5. Guys if you are planning for a first house, i assure you that amanora will screw you beyond limits.

  24. Ravi, current price in the ASPIRE TOWERS in Amanora Park is Rs. 4300/- psf. Recently, RBI has increased the repo rate by .25 basis point. Real estate prices have sky rocketed and the bubble could burst soon. Considering the current price, RBI restrictions and possible bubble, do you recommend investing in the ASPIRE TOWERS at the current rate ? Is the price in Amanora Park going to come down in next 6 months ? Thanks. Pradhan

  25. Let me clear first from my side that I am not criticizing amanora, I am just trying to put forward my points as a customer.
    I have already purchased a 3BHK in amanora and its possession is after 3years(2013-end).
    I booked this flat as I was amazed with the gardens which are built for “so called” amanora citizens.
    The common gardens which are inside this township are supposed to be for “amanora citizens” this is what my common sense tells me and that’s why the owners of the flats inside amanora township are paying one time maintenance and as well as monthly maintenance. One for common gardens and roads and other for cluster specific gardens.
    (the one time maintenance cost is almost 3.5 lacs and monthly maintenance per flat is 4K)

    Now when I see the progress of the site after 6months, the common gardens are getting used for weddings, receptions, shows and similar events.
    It seems that the garden is going to be used by “close relatives/contacts” of city group authorities or by the rich people who can afford 5 to 10 lacs per day.
    There are at least 6K families are going to live in amanora township and if those many people don’t have access to a common garden even after paying for and which is actually built for them then it’s useless.

  26. I am a citizen, this is what i face:
    1. No satellite TV (if you are used to watch tata sky etc. forget it) its not allowed and they will force us to use their own cable network which is never clear.
    2. No customer service, the guys who handle this department will make your life hell.
    4. If you are ready to accept the possession with 2 or 3 years delay, it makes sense to book here

  27. I am a frustrated citizen who had booked a 2BHK flat in Amanora in Oct 2007. There is nothing futuristic about Amanora Park Town :
    # Delay to the tune of 1.5 years.
    # No compensation for delay.
    # Outdated models of electronic goods which are not available in the market anymore (AC, TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, Computer etc).
    # No definite date for flat handover.
    # No satellite television allowed.
    # Amenities only on paper not in reality.
    # The customer care doesn’t simply care for you and never reply to your mails.
    # No sign of car parking lot blueprint.
    # The township blueprint largely undecided. No wonder one fine day you might find constuction right in font of your apartment.

  28. HI Ravi sir,

    I have booked 2 BHK in Trendy apartment at Amanora. Initially I could not visualize the square feet area but after visiting under construction flat I feel 2 BHK is not enough specious (650 sqt.ft carpet). I want to upgrade it to 2.5 BHK (823 sqt.ft carpet) within same tower. They have added two floors on the top of 20 floors. 2.5 BHK will cost me approx 58 lacs. Now my question is as follows:-
    1> Is it worth to buy 2.5 BHK within same tower for 58 lacs on 21 or 22 floor?
    2> Should I go for resale flat with ready possession for 60 lacs (829 sqt.ft carpet) in near by tower?
    3> Is there any option for me with ready possession? I want to live in township only.
    4> I heard that upper story flats have some disadvantages like a) Heating b) Less oxygen
    Please advice