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Friday, May 15, 2009

Service apartment - creche-like facility - for the senior citizens at Baner - Apple Assisted Service Apartments

Apple Hospitality Services introduces international Standard Assisted Living facility for elderly

Bookings for the service apartments to commence from June 1:
Apple Hospitality Services, Pune, has ventured into healthcare hospitality introducing an international standard assisted Living facility for the elderly.

Speaking to reporters the promoters of Apple Hospitality Mr. Gautam Dedhia and Mr. Chirag Naik said that Healthcare hospitality is a new concept be it medical tourism, old age care, pre and post operative care or just having to care for elderly in case children are abroad or out on work.
Apple team comprises of professionals is already established into Service Apartments business and this venture is in consulting collaboration with HE-Tech focusing on US healthcare outsourcing.

Assisted Living means:

Many definitions embrace a philosophy of assisted living that includes:
meeting a resident's scheduled and unscheduled needs; maximizing a resident's independence, privacy, autonomy, and dignity; minimizing the need for a resident to move when his or her needs change; and providing a homelike environment.

Assisted living residences or assisted living facilities (ALFs) provide
supervision or assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs);
coordination of services by outside healthcare providers;
and monitoring of resident activities to help to ensure their health, safety, and well-being.

Residents of assisted living facilities need not be concerned with daily meal preparation, because a central kitchen and dining facility typically provides three meals each day.

The central dining facility also allows for visiting with others without having to leave home. This greatly reduces the isolation that elderly, disabled people may suffer when living alone and who are afraid (usually for physical reasons) to leave their homes.

The first of its kind for elderly in form of Apple Assisted Service Apartments in will provide an opportunity for senior citizens living alone, a safe, sound and 24/7 help along with company of other senior citizens.

Mr. Naik added that, there is an immense need in market for such reasonably priced but yet very comfortable facilities for old people.

Working couples, NRIs, Traveling Professionals and Business persons can find appropriate solution to provide comfortable stay with total care for their parents.

Senior citizens living alone will also find it very appealing.

Hospitals Vs Apple Assisted Service Apartments:

According to survey done at leading hospitals in Pune, there is significant number of old age occupants. Most of them had no sickness, but their children are worried about them.

Old age, it seems, is the illness which is forcing them out of their homes and permanently into hospitals. So instead of occupying much needed hospital beds they can use such facilities.

Moreover at the leading Hospitals, private room charges are astronomical, so there is a need to provide facilities at the rates which are affordable for the children of these elderly patients. Most of these children stay abroad and are a worried lot, especially when their over elderly parents live on their own.

The fact that 71 million people, or 11% of the country's total population, are over 60 years, and a significant 0.3% are over 80 years, makes it all the more imperative to create an alternative (to the family) institutions to take care of this segment of the population. These figures are from the 2001 census, with the country's total population touching 1.02 billion.

Facilities at Apple Assisted Service Apartments:

The facilities are made up on international standards with 24/7 monitoring and help, on call facilities tie-up and modern communications.

Psychological counseling which is found the one needed most by US old age homes.

AC rooms with TV sets on sharing/non sharing basis,

Separate arrangement for ladies and Gents

24/7 nursing attention

Routine Medical checkup

Online upload of critical data for remote physicians /relatives.

Video conferencing/chat facility for remote physicians/relatives,

Advanced electronic security and 24/7 Guards

On Call Ambulance and tie up with leading Hospitals/physician for emergency care

Psychological Counseling

Hygienically Boarding Arrangements designed by nutritionist

Admission on Monthly/weekly/daily basis.

Individual storage

On call provisions, medicine, transport

Reading Room

Activity center for common interaction:
prayer room, TV, cultural program, Music and Old movies collection, Special sessions of yoga etc from experts.
Tie-up, soon, with Laughter clubs
and associations like NRIPO to have some innovative activities.

The staff: well trained by means of qualified nursing experience.
The entire show will be run by a qualified Doctor.
The staff has been trained on soft skills and old age psychology sessions by experts.

1 month camp for senior citizen from 1st June:

The company also has planned to conduct a one month camp for senior citizen from 1st June.

This camp is one of its unique kind . Normally one associates activity camps with children. But here senior citizens will enjoy ambiance of the facility, service while interacting with other senior citizens having common interest.

The activities include picnic, cultural program, yoga, counseling session, creative arts, quizzes etc.

Future plans: Kothrud, Koregaon Park and Medical Tourists form US!

Speaking on the future plans Mr. Dedhia said that the idea here is to grow from this single facility into at least 3 facilities in Pune like another one at Baner Rd, Kothrud, Koregaon Park.

"We are currently talking with several US-based agents to bring non-critical medical cases to India who can stay at our facility. Our next move is to promote medical tourism," Dedhia said.

Prices of the apartments:

Speaking more about the prices of the apartments, Gautam Dedhia, partner Apple Hospitality Services, added, “as of now a total of 35 such apartments will be available, which will be spread over two apartments in Baner. The area of the two properties will be 10000 sq ft and 3000 sq ft respectively.

As far as pricing goes, the range is Rs 600 for the normal apartments, and Rs 1000 for the exclusive apartments for a day.

The rates for them for a week are between Rs 3500-Rs 6000 and between Rs 13000-Rs 20000 a month.”

The area of the houses will be in between 250 sq ft to 500 sq ft. and a maximum of 75 people can stay at the two apartments at any given time. To read more, please, visit IndianExpress

For Bookings Contact:

Apple Assisted Living Apartments

Survey No 276, Sai park

Behind Seasons, Sanewadi

Baner. Pune


Tel : +91-20-66269900/99

Mr. Chirag Naik +91 98501 34444

Mr. Gautam Dedhia +91 98225 49530

Email: service@puneassistedliving.com

Website: www.puneassistedliving.com

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