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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kalpataru Estate at Pimple Gurav, Pune, increases the property rates of 2 bhk and 2.5 bhk flats by 100 rupees and 3 bhk flats by 50 rupees!

New increased property rates of Kalpataru Estate, Pimple Gurav:

2 bhk flat: Rs.2,400 per sq.ft.

2.5 bhk flat: Rs. 2,300 per sq.ft.

3 bhk flat: Rs. 2,300 per sq.ft.

Increasing property rate works as a trigger!

You see an ad in today's newspaper. Call Amit 99701 65776. First, he refuses to talk about property rates over the phone. Then he tells you about the price rise. You panic. He tries to calm you down by saying,"Come to the site and we will see!" You rush to Kalpataru Estate at Pimple Gurav. Negotiate for the old property rates. Instantly book the flat. Right?

What an idea to motivate you to take a decision to book high budget flat. 2 bhk flat: 32 lakhs. 2.5 bhk flat: 36 lakhs. 3 bhk flat: 38 lakhs!

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  1. they think this trick is going to
    work but even a 10th pass champu can tell you ,this wont work.

  2. 10th pass champu? Even a panchvi fail pappu will tell that no one would buy RE unless the builders reduce the prices drastically. As far as I am concerned, almost all whom I know having interest in RE market have now stopped reading the ads of builders, let alone calling up their site office!

  3. I think this is common strategy adopted by builders to scare people into making a hasty decision. If you are investing for a home of your own, you can ignore such tactics and go for only the genuinely good properties. Even if it means to wait a little more. I think prices are due for a further correction as there is a lot of over capacity in Pune REAL ESTATE, and oh boy, I love this!! :)

  4. I am glad becuase I have recently booked my flat here couple of months back at much lower price that today's price.

    And now due to stable Govt. - Real Estate will get a stimulus package directly or indirectly which will enable builders not to sell their flats at the rate which they are offering currently

    Jitendra Inamdar

  5. The builders are now trying to make use of the rising sensex, but they need to understand that the real problem in areas like Mfg, IT etc is the salary cut, layoff etc! And its not at all improving on that front!
    So dont be in impression that everybody will make a decision in hurry!
    unless ppl have the job security, they wont buy property, definitely not at such unrealistic prices!

  6. I booked the flat here @ 2300 psft. not sure if this is a good deal or not but just went through the deal after giving a thought for almost 2 years.

  7. Rates revised again,
    2 bhk flat: Rs.2,500 per sq.ft.
    2.5 bhk flat: Rs. 2,400 per sq.ft.
    3 bhk flat: Rs. 2,500 per sq.ft.

  8. Hey ppl... this is Bhavesh here !!!i would like to say somethin about the kalpataru estate properties!!!!

    The property they are selling there is of good quality, i have seen other properties of Kalpataru in mumbai, even u can have a look at their parihar chowk property, they are speechless...

    The price part is always negotiable, anything between - 2200 to 2400 for that property is good buy!!!! i don think they will sell it below 2200 Rs ever.

  9. Hi Friends,
    Ravindra here... I need urgent help from you if possible.

    I am new to Pune. Can you please suggest me if this location (pimple Gurav)is good to stay ? I heard it is not much developed.

    Also if I have to buy this property how much builder can negotiate looking at current rate i.e. 2500 Rs psf and almost 60% booking is done.

    If possible please suggest me other good builders in good locality. My budget is 25-30 lacs for 2 BHK


  10. I was interested in KalpTaru some 6 months back. I visited the site 2-3 times. I didn't notice any movement in the buildings.
    One more dark side for this property is the proposed flyover and the adjoining road which will pass through the property. Will I be able to get good night sleep with loads of traffic passing by my windows.
    Also the rates are very unreal.

  11. Hi

    Whether anyone tell me when this people going to give the Possession for phase II & III, I think Phase II delayed 2-3 times from initial Jan-2009 to Aug-2010 +

    Is it worth if developer is not commited to Possession date & customer is in trouble in paying EMI+Rent.

  12. Rates Increased Again. This time you see a new trend.

    2 and 3 BHK- 2750
    2 and Half BHK- 2650

    Pro: good construction , Amenities
    Cons: Poorly developed Area, Poorly connected Area. I could not find an ATM even in 2 KM vinvity, No malls near by.

    Gimmick: Most of people would bank on the newly proposed wakad- Nashik highway. The same is being touted for last 6 Years. God knows when it comes up. Even it is constructed, its not gona help the local residents as there is no connectivity to the highway from the property. Adding to it is Huge noise and Air pollution.

    Final comments : If you have financial constraints, go for it- You wont find a better bet. But if you little flexible, its a big No.

  13. Well the delay of Phase II and Phase III has been crazy, each time they delay it further. Now that say that the possession of Phase II would be given in June 2010. I mean from 2008 to 2010 long wait for the possession. Also wired reasons for the delay. Hope they keep up to their words this time. Huh.

  14. Rates increased again

    2 and 3 BHk 3100
    2 and Half 3000

    Does property really deserve that much...though the wakad - nashik highway work has just begun..

    Shall i negociate it between 2200 - 2500..?
    Will that be a good justice..?

  15. these builders create shortage situation and we fall in their trap and increase the shortage. they make u feel that all good flats will b sold out and price will increase. estate agents(all housewives of pune and other unemployed youth having borrowed bikes and flying shirts) are unscrupulous. they just want easy living - one deal per week enough for maintainance-
    consumers need to network through such sites like yours to put things in perspective