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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mont Vert to open bookings of 2 and 3 bhk flats, starting from Rs. 29 lakhs at Wakad, from 17th May 2008

Luxury homes at an affordable price!

According to the half page ad released in today's news papers, Mont Vert is shattering real estate price barrier in Pune! Ad says, "While the entire industry is fighting to keep a tight leash on the prices, Mont Vert has accomplished the impossible. The result of strategic planning and smart techniques. And all this without cutting corners or compromising quality in any way."

Mont_Vert_Wakad_2_3_bhk_flats (by Ravi Karandeekar)

2 bhk 'resort apartments' from Rs. 36 lakhs (+ other charges) at Wakad and Baner-Pashan link road:

On Gudi Padwa, you know, Mont Vert launched 2nd phases of Tropez (call 020 6410 6311) at Wakad and Biarritz (call 020 3241 3133) at Baner-Pashan Link Road. Head line of that ad said: "Why buy any flat when you can own a resort apartment?"

Discounts and Incentives:

Mont Vert is already offering discount of Rs.100 on the official property rate of these projects. “Whenever the price is needed to be hiked because of increase in prices of input materials, we offer small incentives so that the customers do not feel disheartened,” says Manish Kaneria, director of Mont Vert Homes. “We also have a scheme called ‘Mont Vert Customer Appreciation’ in which if one of our customers gets along another potential buyer then he is offered incentives,” he adds.

Launch Invitation:

Bookings for this new project will start on 17th May 2008. For the launch invitation you can send the mail to info@montverthomes.com or you can call 91 020 6510 5444 / 6410 2222. When you call, they take your name, address and email and tell you that they will email the info and invitation.

Pune real estate slow down:

Did i tell you about the free life time membership to Club 29 with an apartment? What a graceful way of reducing the real estate rate! For sure, many more in Pune real estate market are going to reduce the property prices. Subscribe to this blog and do not miss the single news! This is just the beginning of Pune real estate slowdown.

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  1. Another SILLY attempt to fool the serious buyers...!!!

    Guys, don't pay any heed to these offers, there are so amny loop holes and hidden costs.
    That will burn your soul.

    Ideal pricing in Wakad, Pune should be Rs. 1700 per sq. ft. and not a penny more than that.

    Good luck if any one is stepping further.

  2. This news proves that real estate in Pune is a absolute Hype. Less buyers and more sellers and almost all the offers are NO VALUE FOR MONEY as over all Pune is sick in infrastructure.

  3. Real estate in all major cities is having ill gotten money.An apartment for more than 25 Laks that too in Pune, inflation high, tax regime rigid, not much increase in earning, except by politicians/beauratcrats and NRI's have all the money which has led to the real estate price boom. Now that black money stinks, and the public have no such money to buy, real estate, now we see there in no scope to own except to lease, and people should resist, all such projects and schemes, and root out all these ill gotten money elements, they have become termites, most of the speculators also now days speak of our FM, and some sebi chief as great market players. What will the public do, when our leaders have become cronies, and left no place so that they can make money.

  4. My only comment to all those guys we expect that there is boom in real estate : How much redcution do you see in future in real estate?.........Even with the sub-prime in USA rate went down by 10-15% ........so serious buyers, do not delay ...

  5. I think there will be a correction of at least 50-60 % as prices have been jacked up by 400% of their real worth.

    After spending 8 years in IT, I still can not afford a home above 15-17 lakhs, which is much more than actual construction price of the flat.

    Remember, if builders are saying high input cost causes high price, tell them that 2 bhk are available under 10 lakhs everywhere other than Pune and Mumbai, the most garbage cities in the state.

  6. 40 to 60% correction? This guy must be on dope...No wonder he is working for 8 years in IT and still can't afford a flat in Pune. Or he must be the peon in IT company.

    Nevertheless....Wakad which is close to IT park and expressway should see atleast 20% appreciation in rates for next 10 years as this entire belt from talegaon to mulshi is getting developed as a prime area with all new industries and IT parks. So I think it should be good opportunity, though this is just a first claim of discount. may be another 10% correction can be anticipated but certainly not below that. In wakad and surrounding areas min price one should pay is 3k per sq. ft.

  7. How can Mont Vert afford to give life time membership free for the Gym. What is the advantage for the Gym , Mont Vert