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Thursday, May 22, 2008

City Corporation, promoters of Amanora Park Town, to build 50,000 houses in 5 townships for various income groups in and around Pune

Fully approved, 400 acres, Amanora Park Town at Hadapsar in Pune, is the first. All these townships will have common a data management center at Amanora Park Town and will benefit for Digital technology which they are developing along with CMC and NEC.

Digital Amanora Park Township:

You know that, NEC Corporation, world's leading provider of internet, broadband network and enterprise business solutions along with CMC, a global IT solutions and Services - Tata Group company, and City corporation Ltd., promoters of India's first futuristic and Digital 'Amanora Park Town', have signed an Understanding to collaborate in developing Digital Amanora Park Township.

CCL & CMC have chosen NEC to provide relevant technology and CMC will bring in it's support for integration of IT solutions.

Community living experience:

Mr.Tomohiro Yagi, Managing Director, NEC India Ltd., made a special visit to Amanora Park Town at Hadapsar. He was very impressed by the master plan and the technology savvy-ness of the project.

"We are happy to be associated with such an advanced digital township concept by City Corporation Ltd. We at NEC have been striving to provide total solutions to the various challenges faced by human lives, and are happy that our technology will form the backbone of such an ambitious real estate project for the citizens that would bring a community living experience in their lives." said Mr. Yagi.

Enriching the quality of life:

According to Mr. Prasad Rangnekar, Executive Vice President - Emerging Technologies, CMC Ltd., Amanora Park Town is an excellent model which showcases the technological applications being used for the extreme convenience, benefit and comfort of citizens of the townships.

"At CMC," Mr. Ranganekar said, "we are very happy to be catalysts in simplifying livelihood in a way that will enrich the quality of life of Amanora Citizens"

e-Commerce and e-Governance:

According to Dr. Arvind at puneScoop, Amanora would be a proof of concept for digital townships.

It will transcend the limits of access-control mechanism or video-cameras for safety to create an all-pervasive transaction system which will encompass e-commerce and e-governance.

"A single smart card based system will enable the residents to access different segments of the township, pay bills, or purchases items of daily needs online," he said.

The process will involve back-end integration with banks, retailers and government agencies, he added.

Rangnekar, of CMC, said the company has done similar integration for offices, hospitality, healthcare or scientific research organisations, though this was the first residential real estate project it would be doing.

Easy, Comfortable and Secure Living experience:

Mr. Aniruddha Deshpande, Managing Director, City Corporation Ltd. said, "Our customer, whom we call the citizen of Amanora is the focal point in the township for him we, will be offering ultra-modern technology to the service & support of the citizens ensuring an Easy, Comfortable and Secure Living experience."

CMC is our integrated partner in providing Integrated solutions, provided by CMC, will bring in convenience and comfort to the citizens. Highly advanced technology from NEC will enable making routine tasks and activities extremely simple, user friendly.

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  1. Some news for you Ravi,

    Maybe you can post it in ur blog so that the readers maybe aware of it .

    Dear Friends,

    We, the residents of Siddhivinayak Ginger society, a project by Siddhivinayak Group (Pune) & Namrata Developers (Talegaon Dabhade, Pune), are a hassled lot. Right from the day the first resident came to live, we have been facing hell lot of problems, like sub standard construction, use of substandard things all around, causing innumerable, repeated problems.

    · Within 2 years, the so called "concrete" roads have developed huge cracks.

    · There is no safety, since the society is open from 3 sides, security guards as good as not being there, resulting in 2 robberies, vehicle theft & regular incidents of petrol & small thefts.

    · Parking not allotted to many, in spite of charging money for that.

    · Substandard machinery like local lifts, pumps, electrical equipments, leading to regular breakdown / problems.

    · Water seepage everywhere

    · Builder has given wrong procession dates to corporation (PCMC) property tax department which has resulted into payment of huge amount of property tax over the years.

    · A project having 5 building each 7 storey having 84 flats and 20 row houses does not have a well qualified & experienced civil engineer.

    This all was topped by the incident of a lift falling down. 5 people were traveling & miraculously, nothing serious happened to them. Even after a month, the lift lies unrepaired, unattended.

    Frustrated by the builders inaction & apathy, the residents took to streets & carried a peaceful protest in front of "Dagdusheth Ganesh" temple in the city, to wish god to make him wise/wake-up , which received wide coverage in the press (TOI, Herald, DNA, Indian Express, etc). (Ganpati deva give some "Buddhi" to such builder)

    The clipping from Herald is attached. (or uploaded in file section Herald-31March08.BMP)

    Please spread the word & caution your family or friends, considering any project from any of these builders. Siddhivinayak groups has a track record of having lift accidents & poor sercive/maintenance at their project.


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