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Saturday, May 10, 2008

What are your views on living in a gated community, townships like Amanora Park Town or Kumar Properties' Megapolis?

Recently, you know, Kumar Properties and Avinash Bhosale Group launched Megapolis, a 150 acre township in the 3rd phase of Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park. It is built under Special Township Act. But this is not the first gated community, a township totally cut off from the Pune City. Amanora Park Town and Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge are already launched. Very soon, Magarpatta City is launching 700 acres township "Nanded City" on Sinhagad road.

How is life..good?

You may know or may have lived in this kind of a township. It may be of a smaller size. It may belong to some industry - say sugar or fertilizer, institution - IIT Powai or a defense establishment. If you have lived in this type of a gated community, please, share your experience in the comments. Some of you may not have actually lived in this type of a township, but still you may have your views about life in the gated community. You can also express your view and opinion in the comments. Your views will help all those who are interested in investing in these townships.

It is in the Development Plan!

Besides the quality of life, before you book a flat you want to know about the infrastructure and conveniences. When you visit a project in Pune or Pimpri - Chinchwad Municipal Corporation and ask about a road, you get a pet answer "it is there in the development plan!".

But integrated township has to provide and manage the infrastructure. Obviously, the promoter of the township has to answer all your questions. Read what property buyers want to know about Kumar Properties' Megapolis and if can't find your question in the list, please, add it in the comments.


  1. I live in Magarpatta, walk to work.
    some aspects are good, like cleanliness, good inner roads, security, no hawkers, but in some aspects, it is boring.

    Like no nearby good locality(true for all townships as they are built quite far from city, as they need huge lands). lack of any good nearby shopping area.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Vipul! "Boring"! Only you, who lives in can tell this.

  3. I have seen life of company townships. But there is not necessarily a equivalence with what is being offered here.
    Company township residents have a lot in common. Education levels, family expectations, recreation needs. There is a lot commong in residents to glue with each other well. For open townships this may not be the case. Maitainance of the company township is owned by the company, not residents. They don't have a whole lot say and neither any responsibility in that.

  4. Thanks for the comment, Vishal! Your points are important - residents glue with each other well and the maintenance!

  5. What about Lavasa? Ravi, could you help shed some light on what are the investment opportunities, their timelines, infrastructure, etc (Besides whats already on their website?)

  6. Yes, sg! I will blog on Lavasa. Thanks for the suggestion.

  7. Gated township though sounds to be confined but I found communities living in these township more actively participating in social activities. With these social activities you don't really feel closed or living in confined space.

    With township I refer to a community with includes parks, school, office and a shopping complex big enough to provide daily needs though definition of daily needs changed a lot in last decades for example mobile refills, internet cafe and food bazaar are now more important than a small grocery shop. Anyway, These cities provide extra level of security to you and your families. It provides a lot of open space within the premises so that you don't have to be with your wife when she is out with your kids. You can relax when your parent are taking evening walk. In short it provides a safe environment for basic outdoor activities.

    Assuming that your workplace is inside the premises will cut-down your commute substantially and you can have some time for other things in your life, a morning jog may be (I am planning for that from last year).

    Ravi, I visit your blog almost daily for information about property in pune. Yes, you guessed right I am looking for a home in Pune and would prefer township like amanora magarpattacity.

  8. Hi Ravi,

    I would like to book a house in Pune in the coming townships. There are several in line for this, starting from Amanora, Megapolis, Magarpatta City (extension). Could you advice which one should I go for (I am thinking of staying IN from 4 years now). I just have information on Magarpatta City and it's not a failed township.
    Your advice will be helpful in my decision.

  9. My advice:Go for Magarpatts' Nanded City. If you do not want Magarpatta itself. Why:Integrated township is a new concept. Typical builders will need some time to learn the new skill set, train the team and develop the attitude of an infrastructure service provider. Except Magarpatta, all are going to learn at your cost!

  10. Hi Ravi,

    I have gone through your Nanded city blog and found good information, recently i have visited there and i found for long investement purpose this site is really good, as my office is in magarpatta city so i know how the construction and all the outer side development is so i m hoping that nanded city project should also build same like.

    As Now real estate rates are very high, as i have compared all area rates in pune and it seems to nanded city rate are low mean time are they ready for negoatation.

    I am thinking about to book the flat there, Could you please suggest your thoughts on this.