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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Launching of Nanded City, Pune - A farewell to India!

As i told you in my last post, i left the venue of the launch of Nanded City with a new perspective. 1st of June 2008, the day of the launch of Nanded City, will be the turning point in the life of farmers of Nanded Village.

It means, as per Vishwasrao, chief engineer of Magarpatta City, there is a huge difference between the launch of this 700 acre integrated township, Nanded City, and the launch of Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge or Kumar Properties and Avinash Bhosale Group's Megapolis at Hinjewadi. Ownership of the farmers of Nanded Village and the role of Satish Magar are the differentiating factors.

In the last week itself I had met Satish Magar, so i thought why not meet the farmers of Nanded village. This was not my first visit to Nanded Village. I have been here before. Do not know why, i had shot few photos of important places in Nanded Village. You can have a look at these photos. But do not ask me why i consider 'crematorium' as one of the important places. Because you can not understand it. For that you have to born in Shaniwar Peth of seventies Pune.

For me, Nanded Village is a typical 'fringe village' of Pune. Leave aside few occasions, like Ganapati Visarjan, as a typical Punekar, i never bothered much about these villages. True, in my college days, i had done social work in some of these villages, not because i believed in my professor's philosophy of considering these villagers as my poor distant relatives. But only because, i was more interested in developing relations with the maximum number of girls in over night camps.

I have also grown up looking at these villages as a romantic getaway from over crowded city life of Pune. As every Puneri young couple, i have tested the metal of my friends on Sinhagad road.

One day, at Khadakwasala dam, looking at children bathing in nude, my girl friend said, "Ravi, i wonder what life i would have had, if i had born in a family 10 kms away from my maternity home on Deccan Gymkhana."

I started unbuttoning my shirt and said, "Don't worry! Even now we can swim in our birthday suits!" It was disappointing to know that she was talking about social-economic divide created by the capitalistic society! I let her complete her lecture and told her that when she is with me she should shut her brains off, keep her heart open and enjoy the life. I always had a doubt, she was a socialist - communist type of a person.

But why a convent educated son of a rich farmer, Satish Magar bothers so much for these Nanded villagers? Magarpatta was a different story. It was his extended family. Here at Nanded, Satish Magar could have simply given a token amount and promising rest of the payment in installments, could have taken a possession of the land.

When i reached Nanded Phata, I said let me have a cup of tea and give few minutes of rest to my paining knee joint. While looking around for a tea stall, i saw the hoarding of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena which presented one more question.

How could you, the farmers in a fringe village of Nanded, come together, form a company, and plan to develop a township better than Pune?

Look, at the villagers of Shivane, Uttamnagar, Kondhave and Kopre, they request for the drinking water. Once in while they get angry, but for years these villages have accepted the privileges of Pune City.

These villagers know, we Punekars are kind people. Problem is with the system. Some call it political system, some say it's eco-system. Whatever may be the label, but for sure, problem is "system".

With this self sufficient township of yours, Nanded City, you villagers of Nanded, you are opting out from this system. Liberating yourself from this system. Living your distant relatives, Punekars to survive on their own. We don't even know how to play dhol and lezim!
How could you do this to us?

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