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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Launch of Nanded City, Pune - visit to the venue of Magarpatta's upcoming mega township on Sinhagad road

Sharad Pawar's program:

My unfriendly co-passenger nearly slapped on my hand and woke me up. "Has Nanded phata come?" i asked him in Marathi and looked out of the window of the bus.

You know, i cycle2work. But for the last couple of days my knee joint is continuously paining. Forget about cycling, walking has become painful. That's why i was going to Nanded City by PMT. (Yes, thought i am pachvi pass se tez, i prefer to call it PMT.)

Without me asking anything, he pointed out of the window and said, "Big preparations for Sharad Pawar's company's program!" Without bothering whether he was sarcastic or proud, i got up to get down.

Nanded City, Pune - Larger than life:

Every thing about Nanded City is huge. They are expecting 2 lakh guests will attained the function. Out of that, 29 will be ministers. All arrangements are done as per the norms of the "z security". Of course, helipad will be there.

Keeping in mind it can rain, main fire proof pandal, where the main function will take place, is covered. I have seen such a huge pandal only at Savai Gandharva Music Festival.

From cutting trees, leveling the land, putting up compound, fixing 30' x 90' sign board to laying the roads all works is going on in full swing.

No wonder, every vehicle passing by stops to have a look.

Details of Nanded City:

I met chief engineer of Magarpatta City at the venue. I could not talk to him much because he was busy. But i have realized one thing, Mr. Vishwasrao knows the entire layout of 700 acre mega township as we know our flat. As comfortably we can move around in our home, even in the dark, he can describe the layout. After all, he is with Magarpatta City since it was a farm land. I wonder, how come so many key people are with Magarpatta for so long.

View Larger Map

Let me try to give you brief idea of Nanded City by referring to my Google map. Roughly, Expressway, Khadakwasala Dam, Sinhagad road and Mutha river are the four boundaries of Nanded City.

Of course, not exactly, roughly. For example, new 8 lane Pune ring road will come on the expressway side, plus there is a canal too.

Nanded City is divided into sectors. At present there are 3 sectors. The venue of this function, around 10 acres, is a small part of the SEZ sector of Nanded City. Yes, there will be more than one bridge on the river which will connect it to Kothrud side of Pune. Nanded City will have 125 acre landscaped garden. Residential towers will be high rise - 11 to 22 stories.

The agenda of the launching function:

I was curious to find out what is the exact program of the function. You must have understood what i mean by this. What will happen after the inauguration? Would booking open?!

"On 1 st of June, there will be a function. A family function. Celebration of Nanded village. This project, Nanded City is the turning point, moment of transformation, in the life of 400 families of Nanded Village." Mr. Vishwasrao did his best to explain how launching of Nanded City is not a commercial event but a historic moment. For few minutes, both of us remained in silence. I nodded him a good bye and left.

In a confused state, i started walking in the direction of the bus stop. This visit has taken an unexpected turn. I had come here to the see the preparation of the launch of a big residential and commercial development. I had not given much thought to this "people" aspect.

I know many types of people. There are property buyers, IT professionals, television viewers, cine goers, shoppers, credit card holders, income tax payers, voters and yes, NRIs. But Vishwasrao, chief engineer of Nanded City was talking about some different type of people. About which, i knew nothing. Once, someone was trying to tell me the difference between INDIA and BHARAT. May be he was talking about this type of people. Whatever!

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Magarpatta's Nanded City on Sinhagad Road will be launched on June 1, 2008


  1. hi ravi,
    i read your blog on nanded city, you have done a good research and spent a good time on it. R u representing Nanded or magarpatta.

    I have issued a cheque against a booking of a flat in nanded city but unfortunately it got returned because of signature difference. now magarpatta is not entertaining my request to represent the cheque with my valid signatures. they are saying your booking is cancelled. the way these guys are replying is not at all professional. will you please do something in this issue. my contact no is 9764434844. Nanded city peoples are not at all helping. disgusting.

    Now the booking s=rate they opened is rs 3250 which is bvery huge.


  2. cheque returned because of signature difference Sorry, Anonymous! Very unfortunate. I can not help you in this matter. I am not representing or employed by Magarpatta. Sorry.

  3. Hello Ravi,
    Could you please update all the readers with the latest status of Nanded city project. I see all your blogs are from 2008-09 time frame. Any specific reason for not having posted anything in 2010?

  4. Hi Ravi

    As mentioned in your blog above around 10 acres constitute the Nanded City SEZ. Just wanted to know about the authenticity of this information ..When I contacted NC sales guys and asked them whether there is a SEZ in NC , they declined ..Can you pls confirm about the SEZ ?