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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Magarpatta's Nanded City may be on Sinhagad Road but it is an extension of Warje, Kothrud annex!

Do you know anything about Nanded?

Yesterday evening, Sangita called me to ask about Nanded. When you search Google, it suggests Nanded City, Nanded University and Nanded Gurudwara, she said. But she found out my blogs on Nanded City, Magarpatta City's upcoming project on Sinhagad road and called me on my mobile 91 98600 44110.

I enjoyed talking to her. Yes, you know, i enjoy reading your comments and talking to you as much as writing this Pune real estate market news blog. You also know, i do not charge for first 15 minutes.

However recently, we are talking more than 15 minutes because current hot topics are Nanded City, Megapolis and Lavasa, big integrated townships of Pune.

Should i invest in Magarpatta's Nanded City?

Sangita wanted to know about Nanded because she was in two minds about investing in Nanded City. Actually, she was asking this question to a wrong person, me.

Because, i am associated with Pune real estate for more than 10 years and i am proud of it. You may have noticed, i never say do not invest in this project. For the simple reason, i know, sooner or later, some day every flat is booked. As a real estate salesman and blogger, i believe in presenting any real estate project in the right perspective. Result is you have a clear idea what you are getting into and you can make up your mind about booking a flat.

Before i asked, Sangita told me she stays in Kothurd, already has one flat in Magarpatta City and she has received a letter about Nanded City. This made my job very easy. When i told her how Nanded City is an extension of Warje; Warje - Kothrud annex as per SRK Developer's OvalNest or Warje - adjoining Kothrud as per Aditya's A Garden City , i do not have to talk much. She said, it means Nanded City is better than Blue Ridge and Megapolis!

View Larger Map

Bookings at Crossover County and OvalNest:

From the Google map you can immediately come to know two things.
1) A bridge in place of the causeway will make Nanded City just other side of Kothrud's Karve Nagar and Warje area.

Nanded Village - cause-way to Shivane, Kothrud (by Ravi Karandeekar)

2) When Kothrud along with the residents of Sinhagad road appreciate any project, you know what happens. Even in this Pune real estate slow down, Darode Jog's Crossover County and SRK Developers' OvalNest were booked faster and at a higher rate than any project in Baner and Wakad!

Where is Kivale?

Nanded City took only 5 minutes, in the rest of the 10 minutes we, Sangita and me, talked about her experience with Magarpatta, Pethkar Projects' Samrajya - Balwantapuram and my upcoming project based on 'swim to work' concept. She thinks Lavas will make hot air balloon, the most popular mode of transport.

But when Sangita asked me 'where is Kivale?' I said, first use "EMAIL THIS" link to forward this blog to your 10 friends, subscribe to my blog's Free RSS or get a free email in your mailbox and then i will tell you where is Kivale.

By the way, can anybody tell me, where is Kivale?


  1. Ravi
    Right now magarpatta is offering a rate of 2750 for the existing customers of magarpatta. They will be launching the phases after 1st Sep. do you think it will be good to invest in the project at this time or we should wait for the launching of the project?

  2. Kivale is near Dehu-Road railway station. Builders are already quoting 2200/sq. ft. in the vicinity.

  3. @pradeepkumar, thanks for the comment and the booking rate of Nanded City! Go ahead and book now. Do not wait for the launch. As builders start getting idea that people are comfortable with the rate, they increase it. Besides that if you see the current property rates on Sinhagad road this rate is only for the residents of Magarpatta. At the time of launching, i do not think it will remain same.

  4. @prashant, thanks for the comment and location of Kivale. Have you been to Shagun @ kivale? I find website quite impressive.

  5. Do you think recession will have any effect on the prices, if we wait for some time.


  6. @Reemas, thanks! Logically yes! But generally, real estate investment is not done in the recession! And if it is for the residence never!

  7. Hi Ravi,
    Rajyog--B.K Zhala project on Sinhgad Road are offering 3BHK flat at around 37 Lacs. Do you think this is good for investment?


  8. I am interested in buying the 1 bhk flat for investment in Magarpatta annex at rate 3250... is it a good investment ?????....