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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thanks to Megapolis at Hinjewadi! Inspired by it's success, i am announcing my first integrated township based on "swim to work" concept!

Walk to work:

When i saw constant inquiries coming in the site office of Megapolis, i started wondering why these people are so much interested in this new real estate project in Pune?

If you see the location, it is far away from any point of Pune. Yes, but it is not exactly on the ranges of Sahyadri like Khandala.

But as per the tradition of Kumar Properties of naming their projects with "P", they could have easily called it Kumar Pirangut!

Then i looked outside the glass door and saw Tech Mahindra.

Oh! Secret of the success of Megapolis is the concept of "Walk To Work". Just like Parnajape Schemes' Blue Ridge!

Construction and BioTechnology:

Then i remember, while coming to the site, i have seen some horticulture plastic sheds on the hill slopes above the site office of Megapolis. Kumar Properties may have come here with the idea of starting biotechnology but Avinash Bhosale may have convinced them to start a real estate project. Result is Megapolis integrated township of 150 acres.

7Th Phase of Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park:

Now, i do not have any personal or business relationship with Avinash Bhosale. But i can learn a few things by observing him and try to follow on his path to success.

I am already negotiating with a farmer to buy a small plot of land on the other side of Mulshi Dam. I can buy few more acres in the next couple of years and make it a big land parcel of couple of hundred acres.

By that time, i have a vision, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park 's 7th phase would have touched the Mulshi Dam.

Swim to Work:

Exactly at that point of time, i will launch my project based on the concept of "Swim to Work". IT professionals, by that time, for sure, must have got tired of walking to work. So they will prefer to swim and cross the the Mulshi Dam and go to their IT parks from my project.

Thanks Megapolis for inspiring me. Avinash Bhosale, i want you to inaugurate my first real estate project with your very own hands. Because every thing you touch turns into "gold."

I have not told this grand idea to my wife. Because, first, i want to gift her a 8 sitter helicopter and then tell. Not to surprise her but, only because, she can not swim. But she likes to wear bikini. Sure, she will give her approval.

Special Offers and Property Rates:

You are the first ones whom i am telling about my dream project. You can also get a special pre-launch offer if you comment on each and every blog till the launch of the project. Till then, please, have a look at the views and discuss property rates of Megapolis.

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  1. I went to this site yesterday. As usual they have very good sample flat and sales persons doing nice presentaion. I was amused by the sales person who was quiet enthusiasic and explaing details like doors from spain, window frames from Italy and Wooden flooring from US :). Trying to sell at his best and proving the rate they are quoting. I was impressed by all that but I was only worried about the time and distance one has to travel. The place is far from any good destination in pune (nearest movie hall which is the chinchwad gold labs around 12 Km) that I felt its better as second home than first.

    Any way your idea of "Swim to work" is quiet funny.

  2. Most importantly, do they have Schools, Colleges near by?
    People need to buy clothes, grosery, fruits, veg.

    In a near future, IT will have work from home concept, so people wouldn't require to walk to the office..!!!

  3. Please tell me if this poperty is worth investing for next 5 years. Though this place is far away what will be the scenario after 5 years.

  4. is worth investing for next 5 years. Yes! 7 years is a good time frame. Because as per schedule project would be complete. what will be the scenario after 5 years. i wonder when some one says "away". Consider it as a small town. New. Not a part of Pune. New town. I do not see any change in the scenario, infrastructure wise, at Wakad, Rahatani, Baner in last 3 years. Because PMC is not a infrastructure developer. But conceptually, these are infrastructure projects. If Magarpatta can do it why not Kumar and Bhosale? I am ready to give them a chance.

  5. I have stayed in USA. There the nearest mall and supermarket were at least 10Km away from the house, still we didn't have any problem as we had a car and we would shop for everything once a week. That model works well. Any idead about expansion of road from pirangut to Hinjewadi. It is a very small road, but if it is widened it will open up lot of land for the real estate industry. Thanks.

  6. I am very much intersted in this site, but the issue is there are no schools and colleges near the project. Pune station is very far from this location. And the rates mentioned look more than required. Please suggest is it good deal to invest in this property?

  7. Dear Ravi,
    Thank you for all your effort on this blog. Do you think it is worth investing in this property? We want your honest reply. My friends (local to Pune) visited to this site and they said rates are very high and no public transport available unless you have your own car / bike. For kids no schools and colleges. Are these flats for only IT guys?

  8. @Radha, Thanks for the complements! 1) Your friend is right. No public transport at present because there is no Public! Of course, i went by tumtum from Hinjewadi chowk but last km? Thanks to the driver of water tanker! Only at present. 2) When the project is in remote area any rate will sound too much for a person who comes from a city. But now a days, around 3,000 is generally considered OK! 3) School - education is the next profitable business after construction. So school is there. College? You do not mind to go any corner of the world for the best college. So not viable and not 'must' like school. 4) IT? yes and no! 5) "worth investing?" 1) better than any part of the city 2) if you are not fond of a particular neighborhood of city 3) I liked the planning. I have a confidence in Kumar Properties. They were my client when i was into real estate advertising. But in Megapolis they have to do more than building, constructing. They are supposed to provide infrastructure and manage it. I do not mind taking a 'risk'! 4) Please, read comments on the other blog on Megapolis.

  9. Hi Ravi, thanks for all you advice on this blog. I am keen on making an investment, and am considering if it has to be Mumbai or Pune?...
    What do you personally feel? I also had interest in the Megapolis project but due to the limited availability i had to back out...the availability is either at low levels or higher than 15 level. Would appreciate your response.

  10. Which location is good for residential retirement home and investment purpose? a. a row house in Wagholi off Nagar Rd b. Hinjewadi. Do you expect the rates to dip in the near future in Wagholi as the place is just coming up @ Rs. 2600/sq ft? Places I have short listed are Ozone and Chrrysalis in Wagholi and Megapolis in Hinjewadi. Will the rates dip any further in these locations. Rates at Ekta World @ Hinjewadi phase 1 are Rs. 4100.

    I would appreciate your candid response.

  11. # ref: "Which location is good for residential retirement home and investment purpose?"

    You have to consider 3 things and may have to make 2 investments:
    1) Your age
    2) Generally now a days retirement life is around 40 years. From the age of 60 - 100 years. As long as working life 20 - 60. You have to divide these 40 years in to 2 parts and make 2 investments. For example for 2nd investment 80+ should be in " Athashri, Paranjape Schemes' initiative " type serviced facility.
    2)More than location infrastructure services, support and neighbors who care for you is more important.

    My personal experience tells me that it is better to be in the developed old part of the city than the upcoming area. In my single stand alone building on Paud road in Kothrud 25 % are above 80 years old. I find them more happy and safe than my friends in DSK Vishwa, on Sinhagad road, Pune

    But as a real estate salesman, i know we always sell far away places as suitable for retirement. Which is just a myth not a fact. Like price appreciation of the property - which only appreciates on the paper but you find very few buyers who are ready to pay that much!

  12. Major difference between Blue Ridge and Megapolis is Blue Ridge is on free hold land and Megapolis is on 95 years leased land. Who knows leased land concept may have adverse effect on appreciating a price at Megapolis. After 95 years MIDC can give that land to someone else and may not extend the lease period further... Then your next generation will come on Road...

  13. How is Chrrysalis project in Wagholi? What is the genuine rate per sq feet in Wagholi as it is not under PMC. Also there is load shedding from 1 to 5. Also no PMC water. Is this project good for investmen? If yes what should be the genuine rate for investment?

  14. # Ref: "How is Chrrysalis project in Wagholi? "

    I liked your question. It is more funny than my "swim to work" idea! Thanks!

  15. sandeep-9890001303

    r u looking out for land in lonavla or around mulshi dam????