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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mont Vert Seville, Wakad launched - 2bhk flat starting at Rs.29 lakhs, 3 BHK flat starting at Rs.38 lakhs, plus other charges!

An honest attempt!

Mont Vert Seville will have about 450 flats with ten 12-storeyed towers, a podium garden throughout the scheme, making it a complete vehicle-free zone, with a sprawling two-level of parking below the podium to accommodate 1000 cars. In fact, there will be 100 amenities and specifications provided to the buyer.

An apartment + lifestyle at a very affordable price:

“What’s more – every buyer of Mont Vert Seville will get a free lifetime membership to Club 29. So we are providing an apartment + lifestyle at a very affordable price”, adds Manish Kaneria, Director, Mont Vert Homes.
- Indiapages

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  1. Hi ravi,
    First of all i would like to thank you for this site - which provides the infromation on real estate.
    My query is ;

    I am planning to buy a 2bhk flat at Mont Vert Seville, but i am unable to decide considering the price they are offering i.e 3000+/sq ft. I want to know what would be the prospect of wakad in next 3-4 years , what would be the rates after 3-4 years, what would be the rent i would fetch if i let it out after possession (after July 2010)- Do you think its worth investing in Wakad and in Mont Vert Seville at this rate. Or do you think of any other option to invest rather then wakad in different locations in & around pune.

    Pls guide - awaiting your reply.

  2. Thanks for the complement! 1) Wakad is so far popular because it is close to Hinjeawadi. 2) 3-4 years from now : difficult to answer, because nothing / not much has happened regarding civil infrastructure in Wakad in last 3-4 years. But when most of the projects are occupied some development should happen after say 5/6 years. 3) Henceforth "renting" is a must but there will be lot of options available. If close to Hinjewadi is the parameter then obviously small projects in "downtown" (Wakad!) will not be the choice of the smart (status conscious / quality of life / standard of living) IT professional. Obviously, rent would be less but it will not / may not remain vacant. Because, convenience and compromise is very popular among us. 4) All options have the same issues! If you consider Balewadi / Baner road as an option then better go for Wakad at least it is not over priced like B/B.

  3. Hi,
    Now a days we get to hear that there would be a possible down trend in the real estate prices. As you are aware on this real estate , how do you judge these news ? is it true that the prices shall go down? if yes , can you suggest to what extend this may go down ? how shall be the real estate growth in next 5 years.
    Need your advise. and to be more specific i am interested in and around wakad. Pls guide.


  4. prices shall go down? 1) inflation will prevent prices further going down. 2) medium size builders can hold on the prices 3) quality project can become more expensive because of the high raw material costs! 3) i do not see any point in waiting for prices to go down. 4) 200 -300 rupees makes a big difference but so is the choice!

  5. Hi Ravi,
    I am an NRI and invested in Mont Vert Seville in Oct 08, I was offered 3099+p/sq. I am told about the possesion in Jul 10. My question is what you think my investment would fetch end of 2010 considering the pune property market trend in the coming years.
    Is it advisable to quit from the investment at this stage.

  6. # ref: " My question is what you think my investment would fetch end of 2010 considering the pune property market trend in the coming years.
    Is it advisable to quit from the investment at this stage."
    1) Very good asset!
    2) Normal appreciation - 20%! Only because the project is good.
    3) Yes, if you were expecting 300%!
    Someone who wants a good home will be happy to take it!

  7. Thanks A lot Ravi for such a wonderfull blog, very comprehensive @ pune property market. (keep it up !)

    Please advice me, i am planning to buy 2BHK in wakad in project 'MAXIMA'
    by saarvi group.
    a) is wakad is good option to invest
    b) what @ ROI
    c)how this project is ?
    d) how good is this area for living down 2 yrs ?

  8. Dear Vedant, Bhagavan ke ghar me der hai, andher nahi! Plan of the area is good. Things will happen. 2years would be too optimistic. May be in 4 years. But things will improve for sure! Project is OK.

  9. Hi Ravi - what is your opinion about Karan Madhupushpa for a price of around 2500 ?

    Wakad is too far from Aundh (till now), what do you think the prospect of it in say 3-4 yrs from now ? Will the center of attention be Hinjewadi then with Megapolis, mall and hotels coming in Hinjewadi ?

    I has called you for Peony and I finally have moved out of it :)

  10. Hi we are planning to buy a flat in Maxima Wakad,,,,, would like to know ur views about this prjct,,

  11. Hi Namita,
    We are also trying to find out more about Maxima in Wakad. But the website is down.

  12. Hi Ravi,

    I am planning to book a flat in Elysium near pink city, wakad.
    Can you please comment on the prospect of this area. Is it good to book @ 2800 per sqft.


  13. Hi,

    we have bought a flat in Maxima Wakad Pune, can you tell me any information regarding the project as i am getting a bit anxious now.

  14. Hi Ravi,

    I am also planning to book flat on Maxiama phase 2, Could you please share your thoughts on this project?

  15. Hi Ravi,
    Thanks for your Enriching Comments . Your valuable inputs and insights are really helpful for newbies like us.

    I am planning to book a flat @Elysium Wakad.
    Can you give me little more details about the credibility of the project and the builders.

    Can you throw some light on the Project.

    They are quoting at a base price of 3100 upto 4th floor and thn a floor rise of rs 25/sq ft thereafter.

  16. Hi Ravi,

    Can you please comment on Maxima Wakad, I have booked a 2 BHK flat there in B wing at 3051/- p.s.f. on 10th floor...is the pricing okay? is the project worth the price? have u done any further research on the project. They are saying Dec 2010 possession, but currently i feel it could be delayed by atleast 3 months....

  17. Hi Anand , I am also planning to book a flat in maxima .Can you please tell me what rate they have quote you ,They are quoting me 3500 psf for 10th floor flat.

    If you don't mind can you give me your cell number,
    Thanks all for valueable information about the maxima.


  18. hi..we are planning to buy a flat in madhupushpa wakad.what do you think about the project?pl let me know your expert comments.How is the builder & we r planning to stay in wakad as it is close to hinjewadi.what about other infrastructures?


  19. I don't enjoy eating Maggi Noodles for lunch and dinner. I don't feed Kurkure to my child. More than icing, i like cake. I prefer fundamentally good projects. Superficially fancy real estate is not for me.

    PCMC has realized that it can earn property tax without spending much on infrastructural development.

    Local politicians have realized that most of the young citizens settling in their wards haven't studied civic science in the school.

    So, who is interested in the infrastructure development?
    Don't you know anything about "Dial an Infrastructure"?
    It's as easy as ordering a pizza! Try it!!

  20. Hi,
    am also planning to buy a flat in madhupushpa so can you please give your inputs about the project.

  21. Hi Ravi,
    I was going through your bolgs. Very useful information. Thanks for sharing these valuable details with us.
    I am looking for invest in Nandan Inspera. They are not cheap as you would know but I quite liked their taste and style. What are your thoughts on this project please.

  22. Nanadan Inspera is good. It's investment grade property. It would be a good home and a profitable investment.

  23. Please tell me about Maxima Project in Wakad. Pune. I had realize that their persons who booked there is not very happy but still tell that the construction is very nice and all why is it so...as they are dump or try to be. if a person not technically correct then whey they waste their time. I think no any builder is this feild can take your hand into their project when you and your mental not allowed. Sir i am confuse so i request you to please clarify.