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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Visit to "aura county" - next to Kharadi Jakat Naka - on Nagar Road, Pune

"Location, Location, Location":

Let me confess - "Radiant Living" - A 4 page supplement of "aura county (www.auracounty.com)" - A Times Of India Response Connect Initiative - of course (!) - compelled me to visit this residential real estate project.

Otherwise, when someone asks me about "Kharadi"
- my answer is, "Kharadi? Sorry! I write and speak about Pune real estate market!"
"But Kharadi is in Pune!," caller says.
"Really? I thought so. Let me remember. I think..i have heard this name when i was a kid...what about Kharadi?," i ask.
"I want to invest in it..," the caller says.
"Oh! You believe in bedtime stories ..," the caller, generally disconnects the phone before i complete my sentence.

Thanks to the conductor of PMPML for waking me up, - i got down exactly at "Weikfield IT City Info Park in Viman Nagar" on Nagar Road.

When i was waiting at the bus stop, looking at the speeding vehicles on wide, almost empty, Nagar road, i "realized" the drastic change happened in this part of the town - Viman Nagar.

"Realization" was not only about the width of Nagar Road and the commercialization of a residential area - not about IT Parks and Hotels.

My "realization" was about the changing relationship between the resident and the city - Pune.

Though, Viman Nagar was never my home - it has a place in my heart - because for many years i was involved in promoting Viman Nagar for Lunkad Realty.

In those days, - in reality, - "green - cozy - comfortable - sophisticated - cosmopolitan" Viman Nagar was more important and prominent. The neighborhood. The destination. Nagar Road - it was only connecting Viman Nagar to M G Road (!) - means Camp side of Pune City.

Now, Nagar Road has become predominant. Like Multiplex has become more important than the film.

Result is - i felt - now feelings of ownership - belonging to the particular neighborhood - have become less attractive.

Today, "Stay on Nagar Road" is more appealing than "Come Home to Viman Nagar"! Right?

More than the location - in ever expanding Pune city - major roads have not only become dominating influence in the home buying decision, but, - actually, - they are replacing "location.... location...location.." - the ultimate truth in real estate and rewriting it - "Road...Road...Road.." Right?

Just like local train routs in Mumbai - western - central - harbor line! Correct?


In a way - this is not a new phenomenon. It is happening in Pune real estate market for a while. Mostly, in the West part of Pune.

D. P. Road and Baner Road took the place of Aundh, Satara Road replaced Bibwewadi and Sahakar Nagar, Sinhagad Road took position of Anand Nagar, Paud Road took over Nav Sahyadri & Kothrud D. C. ( on the lines of Washington D. C. - Dahanukar Colony!). But impact was limited because it was only a nearby option.

More than the roads, "extension" and "annex" of the well known neighborhoods - Aundh annexe, Kalyani Nagar annexe, Kothrud annexe - became more popular. Because, promoting these extensions was more profitable for the builders - easy to justify the property rates - and more easy to accept for the middle aged, conservative, property buyers of those days!

As expected, today, when the new generation of property buyers - who were studying when the IT and real estate boom began in 2001 -2002 - book in these 'far and away' projects on these important roads, the property buyers who are living in the by gone era (Booking in Alliance Nisarg at Wakad is not a decision - but a destiny - not a thoughtful action - but an old fantasy - Joining Vastushodh's 2 BHK Flat for 20 lakhs all inclusive near Warje Google Group - is decision! Right?) and, of course, those whose vested interests are at danger are not ready to accept this phenomenal change!

For example, builders' commission agents who form group housing projects - insist on Sus, Veteran Members of Indian Real Estate Forum - insist on infrastructure and reject the bookings in Viva Sarovar Ambegaon as builders' lie, local politicians plan Metro only from Vanaz to Ramwadi - whereas it should be from Paud to Ranjangaon, international real estate consultant - talk about Wakad and Kharadi as the prime areas and investment destinations, builders who have given big amounts as a token and signed development agreements with the farmers and land owners in the boom time - insist only on merger of fringe villages - Undri - Fursungi - in PMC.

However, a few builders who have a vision and are in touch with the property buyers have accepted this and are reaping profits. For example, Shashank Paranjape who shocked everybody by launching Forest Trails, bungalow scheme in Bhugaon on Paud road, Sachin Kulkarni who has launched Anandgram Yavat - tomorrow's Goregaon - Boriwali of Pune - on Pune Solapur Highway, Sham Panchariya who launched Star City at Shirwal on Pune Bangalore Road, Subhash Goel who launched Ganga Vatika at Lonikand on Nagar Road, Rajesh Sakla who launched Vision City at Jambhulgaon on Mumbai Pune Highway, and Vijay Jalan who launched "aura county" on this weekend!

If you are not ready to accept this change - major connecting roads have taken place of the locations - along with road, obviously, comes the distance and travelling time - you will find it difficult to understand the actions and decisions of this generation of property buyers. You will find it difficult to believe that 400 flats were booked on a weekend in "aura county", next to Kharadi Jakat Naka on Nangar Road!

After visiting "aura county", i realized that TOI's supplement was only an invitation to visit the site. Nagar Road was the powerful motivation to book!

Have a look at this new generation of property buyers and their way of "investing" in Pune real estate market!

Would you like to share your experience of booking a flat in "aura county" on Nagar Road, Pune?

If you would like to share your experience, please, send a mail to ravikarandeekarsblogs@gmail.com with a proof of booking (image of check / receipt / allotment letter) and a permeation to publish it on Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog.

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  1. hi ravi
    i read your blog with keen interest and had a question on the aloma county project. how in your opinion will the proposed PMC water treatment plant situated north of the first development phase (irene towers) impact the project ? is it likely that a strong foul odour will be emitted by the treatment plant which will affect the residents in Irene towers ? will general wind direction play a part in mitigating the odour ? apart from this concern, i think the project is very good and largely agree with your point of view on the same.
    thanks and regards

  2. hi ravi
    was a pleasure speaking with you earlier this morning and thank you for the frank and unbiased perspective you provided me on the aloma county project
    with kind regards

  3. Ashutosh..pls write down ur communication on this forum so we all get to learn.

  4. Ravi,

    My understanding of Enlish language is a bit poor. I read a couple of times & coulnt understand whether u r supporting the buyers on Kharadi route or u r calling them a fool.
    But thats just me. Let me read again....n c...

  5. Initially, I was trying to understand the buyers on Nagar and all major Road but ended up supporting them!

  6. Ravi,
    Your twist from second to third paragraph is almost like a bollywood movie scene.
    You have good script writing skills, an alternative career...what else do u want in life..haha.haha...ok i will stop it.

    I also like, Multiplex is more important than the film dialogue. Its so true.
    Earlier we would go to Alankar or even Gunjan etc to see a particular film, focus was the film.
    Now its like, lets go to Adlabs or Esquare..some or the other film will be there.. we will see it.

    However, I disagree man..that road has taken over location. I dont think anybody will prefer Kharadi over Vimannagar.
    Vadgaonsheri over Kalyaninagar or Bhugaon over Kothrud. Firstly, if one cannot afford in VImannagar, then he has to go to
    Kharadi or even Wagholi. Nextly, if somebody doesnt have budget concerns & willing to spend 1 crore on a 3bhk flat.
    Why wont he go to Kharadi,instead of Vimannagar. Theres not a single good project in Vimannagar including Zircon, AmAZON, Mithila &
    Matchbox Sky Cruise that are anyway even close to Marvel or Yingyang or Panchsheel projects at Kharadi.
    Those projects are uncompromising luxury for some ppl
    who say i dont care..give me the luxury I will shell out more for travelling & monthly maintenance..but my house must be
    plush...Yes, there are many such ppl who want to return home to a resort. Most importantly there are many people now who want
    to spend money including hardcore marwaris..People have begun to realise..to spend & enjoy their money than live in compromising
    circumstances all their lives & leave a fortune for the next generation ?
    Why should I leave a crore for my child ? I am going to earn & blow it up this life. If he has the capacity to earn 100 crores
    let him earn & blow it up again. I dont care...hahahah sorry went a bit off beat..
    So todays location is Kharadi, which offers homes from 2250/- to 5500/- from simple ceramic tiles to VRV airconditioning.
    5-10 yrs later when Kharadi is THE location, a 30 lakh flat owner will say the same as the 3 crore one with equal pride..& that is
    " I live in Kharadi"...

    Ravi..thanks for your blog.

  7. hi,
    what is your opinion about Gera Emerald city kharadi.

  8. hi ravi, I have read ur blogs, justed wanted to know if u have any update on the riverside expressway (Proposed DP road) from Kharadi to the Pune bypass.

  9. Hi ravi, Do you have any idea about the status of river side expressway starting from Kharadi and ending on the bypass

  10. I too have a question as Manav, many people talk about the DP road along the riverside for last 3-4 years. Is that really coming? Specially it is told by the Kumar Primavera and Karah Rhea sales people.

  11. Read the news about Shivane (where Vastushodh's UrbanGram - 2 bhk flat for 20 lakhs project is located) to Kharadi - 100 feet wide - 22.5 kml long - 996 crore riverside road: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ravikaran/5002862587/

  12. Hello Mr. Karandeekar,Your comment :- "Thanks to the conductor of PMPML for waking me up, - i got down exactly at "Weikfield IT City Info Park in Viman Nagar" on Nagar Road."

    This Generally happens when people from fringe villages or ahmednager , Solapur, etc are coming to pune. Guess you stay really far from Pune. Today the best malls, IT parks, entertainment joints are in & around Viman Nagar. Wake up and smell the coffee Sirji.

  13. You are right, feby! I completely agree with you.

    Pune is expanding on Nagar Road and all other major roads.

    I live approx 16 kilometers from VimanNagar. On Paud Road. In Kothrud, Pune 411 038.

    So, i would like to add to your observation - not only people living in the fringe villages and nearby cities - but people living in the different parts of Pune city, also have 'different opinions' about other part of the Pune city.

  14. I m very much dissatified with Aura county . I had booked a flat today and the while I was happyily going home got a call that stating the flat which I booked was already sold. I still have the recepit for the booking , but I feel its of no use because they dont wirte flat number on the booking receipt. I cannot take much action but surely will complaint about the same in consumer court .I would strongly suggest people to not buy flats where the sales representative are so careless that they sell same flat . I beleive they have got good amount of booking and they dont need any more... I had thought that Jalan and Maple group are reputed builders , but after this incident I dont think they even care about their reputition..

    1. I booked one flat in aura city shikrapur. They are not showing legal papers. I have paid rs. 1 lac. as booking amount. They promised to show me the legal papers but now they are denying to show the papers.

      Please comment.

  15. We may see that the carpet area of any flat of "Aura County" is around 606
    Sq feet for 2BHKs where as the sellable area is around (878 -914) sq feet where as terrace is around (72 - 97 sq feet) 37 SQ feet dry balcony + & a 48 Sq feet extra terrace in few 2 BHKs), not sure if this is not a big difference moreover if you calculate the usable area of rooms & washrooms then it’s hardly 508 sq feet.

    Not sure how the simple moths been so complex over here & is the
    Currency notes getting minted in Pune ?

  16. Can any one tell me is it good to book the flat in Aura-county

    as they said only few flats are remaining

    1. Dear Sachin, wouldn't it better to book if you like the project?