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Thursday, June 3, 2010

MHFC disburses the first installment of home loans to Anandgram Yavat

Yes, I can own a home!

Nachiket Shelgikar and Ramesh Ogale of Micro Housing Finance Corporation (MHFC) handed over the cheque of first installment of home loan disbursement to Sachin and Nitin Kulkarni of Vastushodh Projects, developers of Anandgram Yavat.

M/s Ogale, Shelgikar, Sachin & Nitin Kulkarni

Yes, my friends who are launching a 2 BHK Flat for Rs. 20 lakhs near Warje Pune!

Sakal, leading Marathi newspaper in Pune, calls this "Realization of a common man's dream of owning a home!"

Anandgram Yavat + MHFC = Home with a home loan for unorganized sector & self employed segment:

Launch Ad of Anandgram Yavat

Anthony Salve sharing experience of owning a home in Anandgram Yavat and a home loan from MHFC:

RaviKumar Utkar, home owner at Anandgram Yavat, on a home loan from MHFC

‘Anandgram’, the first ever Micro Township being setup by Vastushodh Projects Private Limited to provide a concrete solution to city’s need of housing for Urban Poor has added yet another first to its credit by showing the way microfinance can work in such projects.

Over 80 buyers from the unorganized sector & self employed segment, who generally face a problem in getting the home loan due to unavailability of required documents, have been able to fulfill their dream of having a home with support from the Micro Housing Finance Corporation (MHFC).

“With ’Anandgram’ we wanted to provide an effective yet affordable option to those who wish to live in better conditions, though slightly away from the city, rather than staying in the over crowded, uncomfortable, inconvenient, and expensive localities in the city”, said Sachin Kulkarni, MD, Vastushodh Projects.

Sachin Kulkarni, M D, Vastushodh Projects
Members of the Press

“Buyers from this segment often face a problem in getting home loan mainly due to lack of necessary documents pertaining to income proof. We are happy to share that MHFC has helped us in resolving this problem and has offered an helping hand to such buyers having profiles like roadside garage owner, butler, tailor, watchman, porter, and a rickshaw driver to name a few”, Mr. Kulkarni added.

Sachin Kulkarni gives interview to TV Channel

Anandgram Yavat + MHFC = 80 Loans, Rs.3.6 Crores and few more in the pipeline:

Mr. Nachiket Shelgikar, Director, MHFC

Nachiket Shelgikar, Director – MHFC said, “This is our first project in Maharashtra outside Mumbai and we are indeed very happy to have partnered with Vastudhodh in its endeavor to establish a new concept in affordable housing. So far, we have cleared over 80 cases with loan amount worth Rs.3.6 Crores and few more cases are in the pipeline”.

MHFC has offered lower interest rates to the genuine buyers, for those ones who will be staying at the flat and shall not rent it out to someone else after completion.

Anandgram Yavat: 70% flats booked within 2 months:

Nitin Kulkarni

Commenting on the overwhelming response to ‘Anandgram’ Nitin Kulkarni, Director, Vastushodh said that over 70% of the flats were booked within 2 months from the date of announcement and the work at the site is progressing fast with possession due in June 2011.

According to him it was interesting to note that target segment for whom this idea was conceived has responded very positively with over 60% flats been booked by the Pune based customers, who would probably be staying at ‘Anandgram’ and would be coming to Pune for work. From the remaining flats 30% bookings have been local and 10% from the nearby areas.

Anandgram Yavat: Home loans from Maharashtra Bank & Dewan Housing:

Anandgram Yavat

Bank of Maharashtra has approved the ‘Anandgram Yavat’ project for home loan. Dewan Housing Finance has also provided home loans to the flat buyers at ‘Anandgram Yavat’.

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